District 12

District 12

Clark County
DCM (District Committee Member):
Tom D.

District 12 Meetings

District 12 Meetings are held on the 3rd Sunday of the month at 4:00 PM.


1557 East Main Street

Springfield, OH 45503


DistrictGroup (Service Num)Primary ContactCommunityLast UpdatedData Added
District-1211th Step Group (614556)Terry S (GSR)Springfield OH2014-Jun1996-Oct
District-12AA For Today Group (725598)Zach RSpringfield OH2018-Dec2018-Oct
District-12Alano Beginners Group (111349)William S (GSR)Springfield OH2015-Jul1977-Sep
District-12Another Choice Group (658896)Ronald C (GSR)New Carlisle OH2011-Apr2004-Feb
District-12As Bill Sees It Group (640539)Bill SSpringfield OH2000-Aug2000-Aug
District-12B.Y.O.B.B. Group (655823)James C (GSR)Springfield OH2017-Dec2003-Jun
District-12Came To Believe Group (680386)Frank G (GSR)Springfield OH2008-Jan2008-Jan
District-12Community Group (119952)David G (GSR)Springfield OH2016-Aug1979-Dec
District-12Flimsy Reed Group (646961)Blake BSpringfield OH2011-May2001-Nov
District-12Friday Night Serenity Group (163822)Mike H (GSR)Springfield OH2011-May1990-Sep
District-12Friday Nite Live Group (172488)Tim SSpringfield OH2011-May2003-Dec
District-12Honey Creek Closed Disc Group (118899)Tom D (GSR)New Carlisle OH1979-Jun1979-Jun
District-12Into Action Group (609551)Beth R (GSR)Springfield OH2012-May1995-Dec
District-12Just Do It Open Discussion Group (638553)William S (GSR)Springfield OH2011-May2000-Apr
District-12Keep A.A. Alive Group (637823)Frank G (GSR)Springfield OH2012-Mar2000-Mar
District-12Mid Morning Recovery Group (680385)Richard D (GSR)Springfield OH2017-Jun2008-Jan
District-12NC 12 & 12 Group (714962)Tom D (GSR)New Carlisle OH2017-Mar2015-Feb
District-12Neal Temple Group (111352)David C (GSR)Springfield OH2010-Nov1977-Sep
District-12Northsiders Group (682872)Rocky R (GSR)Springfield OH2015-May2008-Apr
District-12Rule 62 Group (132134)Heather L (GSR)Springfield OH2012-May1984-Feb
District-12Serenity Box Group (149282)William SSpringfield OH2015-Jul1988-Sep
District-12Simply A.A. Group (177587)Alison FSpringfield OH2011-May1993-Oct
District-12SOA Group (600397)Kristy R (GSR)Springfield OH2006-Jul1994-Aug
District-12Spiritual Gangsters Group (724492)Emily S (GSR)Dublin OH2018-Jul2018-Apr
District-12St. John's Group (110829)Tony MSpringfield OH2015-May1977-Sep
District-12Stick And Stay Group (701453)Micah H (GSR)Springfield OH2011-Oct2011-Jul
District-12Sunday Evening Smoke-Free Grp (133489)Dwight M (GSR)Springfield OH2018-Nov1996-Mar
District-12Sunday Night Big Book Study Gp (171281)Linda A PSpringfield OH2015-Nov1992-Mar
District-12Tuesday Night 3rd Step Group (630039)Larry L (GSR)Springfield OH2011-May1998-Aug
District-12Tuesday Nooner Group (632662)John M (GSR)Springfield OH2011-May1999-Mar
District-12We Believe Group (715611)Mary CSpringfield OH2017-Mar2015-Apr