District 23

District 23



North: Franklin-Delaware County line

South: Morse Road

East: Alum Creek

West: Olentangy River

District 23 does not currently have a DCM (District Committee Member). If you are interested in becoming active in this district, please contact the DCMC (District Committee Member Chairperson):
Marcia H.


DistrictGroup (Service Num)Primary ContactCommunityLast UpdatedData Added
District-235460 Group (724646)David A (GSR)Columbus OH2018-Jun2018-Apr
District-23All About Recovery In A.A. Group (704613)Abigail DColumbus OH2012-May2012-Apr
District-23Because We Can Group (663790)Brian EColumbus OH2005-Feb2004-Dec
District-23Chapel Group (676621)Patrick M (GSR)Worthington OH2014-Nov2007-Jun
District-23Dirty Dozen 12 & 12 Group (651455)Lori L R (GSR)Worthington OH2016-Aug2002-Aug
District-23Early Bird Big Book Group (164603)Tommy O (GSR)Worthington OH2005-Nov1990-Nov
District-23Freethinkers Group (716055)Ed S (GSR)Worthington OH2017-Jul2015-Jun
District-23Give It Away Group (717446)Tara M (GSR)Columbus OH2017-Mar2016-Mar
District-23Jaywalkers Group (110834)Kitty C (GSR)Columbus OH2014-Sep1977-Sep
District-23Keep It Simple Big Book Study Group (716763)Kris EWorthington OH2017-Mar2015-Sep
District-23Lucky 13 Group (696049)Brad S (GSR)Columbus OH2013-Aug2010-May
District-23Minerva Pk Group (170863)Rob S (GSR)Columbus OH2011-Mar1992-Feb
District-23No. Worthington Mid Week Open Disc Gp (135156)Eric LColumbus OH2018-Aug1985-Jan
District-23North Group (111096)Zach R (GSR)Columbus OH2013-Mar1977-Sep
District-23North Worthington Thursday Group (693456)Mike P (GSR)Worthington OH2010-Apr2010-Feb
District-23Open Door Group (110783)Penny S (GSR)Columbus OH2011-Mar1977-Sep
District-23Practice Makes Progress Group (630909)Jeremy WColumbus OH1998-Oct1998-Oct
District-23Re-Entry Group (137097)Patricia PWorthington OH2008-Jun1985-Aug
District-23Rebos Group (128886)Kay CColumbus OH2011-Mar1983-Mar
District-23Rebos II Group (664333)Dick O (GSR)Columbus OH2011-Mar2005-Feb
District-23Sat Night Big Book Disc Group (146019)Todd D (GSR)Westerville OH2011-Mar1987-Dec
District-23Saturday Night Welcome Group (179423)Jack L SColumbus OH2011-Mar1994-Apr
District-23Spiritual Awakening Group (637410)Ed CWorthington OH2000-Feb2000-Feb
District-23Step By Step Group (126693)Anne PWorthington OH2011-May1982-Aug
District-23Thursday Nite Welcome Group (134685)Terry W (GSR)Columbus OH2011-Mar1984-Dec
District-23Tuesday Mens Rope Holders Group (676304)Mark P (GSR)Columbus OH2014-Dec2007-Jun
District-23Tuesday Night Welcome Group (111094)Marc W (GSR)Columbus OH2011-Mar1977-Sep
District-23Westerville 12 Step Group (138787)John S (GSR)Westerville OH2011-Mar1986-Feb
District-23Westerville Group (111429)Mark G (GSR)Westerville OH2011-Mar1977-Sep
District-23Westerville Workshop Group (111430)Scott TWesterville OH2011-Mar1977-Sep
District-23Worthington Group (111441)Melanie P (GSR)Worthington OH2016-Aug1995-Jan
District-23Worthington Liberty Group (625316)Kimberly WWorthington OH2011-May1997-Sep