District 26

District 26

Gahanna, New Albany, Reynoldsburg, Westerville and Whitehall


North: Franklin-Delaware County line

South: I-70

East: Franklin-Licking County line

West: Alum Creek to Morse Road and Stelzer Road to I-70

DCM (District Committee Member):
Steven B.

District 26 Meetings

District 26 Meetings are held on the 3rd Saturday of the month at 9:30 AM.


New Life Church

3690 Stygler Road

Gahanna, OH 43230


DistrictGroup (Service Num)Primary ContactCommunityLast UpdatedData Added
District-26After Work Group (134936)Dave C (altGSR)Gahanna OH2013-Dec1985-Jan
District-26As Bill Sees It East Group (705618)Cheryl D (GSR)Pickerington OH2012-Aug2012-Aug
District-26Bexley Disc And Beginners Grp (111080)Annie P (GSR)Columbus OH2011-Jun1977-Sep
District-26Chosen Few Group (713018)L S LColumbus OH2015-Mar2014-Jul
District-26Creekside Recovery Group (713894)Dominique M (GSR)Gahanna OH2017-Mar2014-Nov
District-26Crossties Group (110825)Mike M (GSR)Columbus OH2015-May1994-Aug
District-26Diamonds In The Rough Group (127223)Joseph C (GSR)Gahanna OH2015-Feb1982-Oct
District-26East Side Big Book Study Group (640726)Judith L CColumbus OH2011-Jun2000-Sep
District-26East Side Late Night Group (180065)Scott RColumbus OH2011-Mar1994-Jun
District-26Eyeopener Group (699036)Les HReynoldsburg OH2011-Jan2011-Jan
District-26Fairway Group (110874)Dwight DColumbus OH2013-Mar1978-Apr
District-26Faith Hope And Serenity Group (652694)Becky MBerwick OH2012-Jun2002-Nov
District-26Fellowship Hall Group (634482)Steven B (GSR)Whitehall OH2016-Mar1999-Jun
District-26First 164 Step Group (163205)Rick RBlacklick OH2015-May1990-Jul
District-26Four Steppers Group (150544)Igor B (GSR)Gahanna OH1989-Jan1989-Jan
District-26Free At Last Group (708987)Alison B (GSR)Columbus OH2017-Mar2013-May
District-26Free From Friday 164 Group (628128)Shawn DColumbus OH2011-Mar1998-Mar
District-26Friday Acceptance Group (145687)Don H (GSR)Columbus OH2012-Jun1987-Nov
District-26Friday Night Beginners Group (694696)James B (GSR)Westerville OH2011-Jun2010-Mar
District-26Friendship Group (111085)Rose AColumbus OH2012-Jun1977-Sep
District-26Gahanna Couples In Recovery Group (721277)Joe W (GSR)Gahanna OH2017-Dec2017-Mar
District-26Gahanna Early Bird Group (684876)David H (GSR)Gahanna OH2012-Jun2008-Sep
District-26Gahanna Gatehouse Group (128849)Thomas V (GSR)Gahanna OH1983-Mar1983-Mar
District-26Get Back To Basics Group Of A.A. (662161)Ashleigh BReynoldsburg OH2011-Mar2004-Aug
District-26Good News Group (709980)Dominique MNew Albany OH2017-Dec2013-Sep
District-26How It Works Group (674172)Hannah M (GSR)Reynoldsburg OH2011-Aug2007-Jan
District-26Journey To Sobriety Group (720330)Michael NNew Albany OH2017-Mar2017-Jan
District-26Liv Laine Group (123279)Jim SColumbus OH2011-Jun1994-Sep
District-26Monday Midday Group (110845)Patti HWhitehall OH2016-Aug1977-Sep
District-26New Albany O.K To Feel Group (145861)Larry B (GSR)New Albany OH2014-May1987-Nov
District-26New Albany Sobriety Society Gp (138392)Joan K (GSR)New Albany OH2012-Jun1986-Jan
District-26No Name Group (Mens) (719764)Jason AGahanna OH2017-Mar2016-Oct
District-26North American Sunday Group (111098)Laura R (GSR)Blacklick OH2015-Jul1995-Mar
District-26Northeast Discussion Group (705639)Marcia H (GSR)Columbus OH2018-Oct2012-Aug
District-26On The Way Home Group (630908)Ed AWhitehall OH2017-Mar1998-Oct
District-26Out Of Towners Group (625318)Julie W (GSR)Columbus OH2015-May1997-Sep
District-26Perfectly Broken Group (721263)Greg H (GSR)Columbus OH2017-Oct2017-May
District-26Recovery Road Group (133110)Ross J (GSR)Westerville OH2011-Jun1995-Jul
District-26Rey AA For Thought Group (714157)Angela BReynoldsburg OH2017-Mar2015-Jan
District-26Reynoldsburg Saturday Night Group (723251)Tom B (GSR)Columbus OH2018-Mar2017-Dec
District-26Reynoldsburg Womens 12 & 12 Group (681345)Cassandra D (GSR)Reynoldsburg OH2012-Jun2008-Feb
District-26Rise And Shine Group (699639)Blair C (GSR)Gahanna OH2011-Mar2011-Mar
District-26Rock Bottom 12 & 12 Group (716713)Michael S (GSR)Reynoldsburg OH2017-Mar2015-Sep
District-26Saturday Men's Discussion Group (111110)King SColumbus OH2015-May1977-Sep
District-26Singleness Of Purpose Group (632500)Scott R (GSR)Columbus OH2017-Sep1999-Feb
District-26Southeast Breakfast Group (654097)Don B (GSR)Columbus OH2014-Nov2003-Feb
District-26Spring Into Sobriety Group (723916)Jay G (GSR)Columbus OH2018-Jun2018-Feb
District-26Stepping Stone Group (111114)Lily LColumbus OH2012-Jun1977-Sep
District-26Sunny Side Of Sobriety Group (725100)Donn RColumbus OH2018-Sep2018-Jun
District-26Under New Management Group (139512)Amy A (GSR)Westerville OH2012-Jun1986-Mar
District-26Unity Group (669049)Jamilah S (GSR)Whitehall OH2015-May2005-Dec
District-26Wake Up Into Action Group (713093)Jason S (GSR)Westerville OH2014-Aug2014-Aug
District-26Westerville Women's Recovery Group (613251)Candace R (GSR)Westerville OH2017-Sep1996-Jul
District-26Women's Soberity & Serenity Group (667764)deboral pReynoldsburg OH2011-Jun2005-Sep
District-26Womens Sobriety & Serenity Grp (618047)Jayme C (GSR)Columbus OH2016-Mar1997-Jun
District-26You Are My Sunshine Group (725099)Donn RColumbus OH2018-Sep2018-Jun