District 34

District 34

West Columbus and southwest Franklin County


North: I-70/I-670

South: Franklin-Pickaway County line

East: Scioto River

West: Franklin-Madison County line

DCM (District Committee Member):
Kevin D.

District 34 Meetings

District 34 Meetings are held on the 4th Sunday of the month at 5:30 PM.


Hoge Memorial Presbyterian Church

2930 West Broad Street

Columbus, OH 43204


DistrictGroup (Service Num)Primary ContactCommunityLast UpdatedData Added
District-34347 Group (126715)Charles BColumbus OH2011-Mar1996-Mar
District-34Alpha Group (p) (155525)AFALSEunknown2014-Oct1986-Aug
District-34B & D Group (629966)David P WColumbus OH2016-Feb1998-Jul
District-34Begot Group (648326)Kevin P (GSR)Columbus OH2013-Sep2002-Feb
District-34Better Together Group Of AA (723697)David SGrove City OH2018-Mar2018-Jan
District-34Big Book On Tapes Group (171892)Martin D (GSR)Columbus OH2011-Mar1992-Apr
District-34Daily Reprieve Group (706338)Doug DGrove City OH2012-Nov2012-Nov
District-34Don't Drink Today Group (685365)James J (GSR)Columbus OH2010-Dec2008-Oct
District-34Drunk On Hope Group (724303)Jeremy C. JColumbus OH2018-Jun2018-Mar
District-34Eureka Avenue Group (674677)Tricia M (GSR)Columbus OH2011-Mar2007-Mar
District-34Freedom Thru Truth Group (684272)Janie B (GSR)Columbus OH2008-Dec2008-Jul
District-34German Village Sat Twilight Gp (149773)Vonnie L (GSR)Columbus OH2011-Mar1988-Oct
District-34German Village Sun Brunch Grp (124522)Steve BColumbus OH2011-Mar1996-Mar
District-34Glass 1/2 Full Group (713501)Greg RColumbus OH2017-Mar2014-Sep
District-34Grove City Discussion Group (124245)Heather MGrove City OH1996-Apr1996-Apr
District-34Grove City Serenity Group (676097)Mike M (GSR)Grove City OH2008-Jan2007-Jun
District-34Grupo Esperanza Hispana (638232)Jose R (GSR)Columbus OH2011-Mar2000-Apr
District-34Happy Hour Group (724610)John P PGalloway OH2018-Sep2018-May
District-34Harbor Lights Group (111089)Larry RColumbus OH2011-Mar1977-Sep
District-34Hilltop Group (111090)Jim SColumbus OH2013-Apr1977-Sep
District-34Just For Today Group (666576)Mike S (GSR)Grove City OH2008-Jan2005-Jun
District-34Leg Up Group (647744)Chris C (GSR)Columbus OH2013-Jun2002-Jan
District-34Life Line Group (117550)Georgianna N (GSR)Columbus OH2011-Mar1978-Sep
District-34Midland Ave Big Book Disc Grp (126231)Melissa L (GSR)Columbus OH2011-Mar1982-Jun
District-34Monday Night Big Book Study Gp (632513)Dave T (GSR)Grove City OH2014-Nov1999-Feb
District-34New Beginnings Group (724609)Carol L (GSR)Columbus OH2018-Jun2018-May
District-34New Life Group (117839)Renene P (GSR)Columbus OH2014-Nov1978-Nov
District-34No Dogs Allowed Group (722747)Nichole H (GSR)Columbus OH2017-Dec2017-Oct
District-34No Name Women's Group (725365)June NColumbus OH2018-Dec2018-Oct
District-34Noon Big Book Group (719807)Shirley HColumbus OH2017-Mar2016-Sep
District-34Old COTA Group (712141)Kimberly F (GSR)Columbus OH2017-Mar2014-Apr
District-34Olive Branch Group (111102)Jim N (GSR)Columbus OH2011-Mar1977-Sep
District-34One Step Closer 12 & 12 Group (144564)Kathy R (GSR)Columbus OH2013-Apr1987-Jul
District-34Our Last Chance Group (616925)Sam TColumbus OH2011-Mar1997-Mar
District-34Primary Purpose Group (630648)Rick H (GSR)Columbus OH2016-Oct1998-Sep
District-34Sober On Sunday Morning Group (712661)Yvette T (GSR)Columbus OH2017-Jun2014-Jun
District-34Straight Up A.A. 12 Steps Group (675806)Bernard K (GSR)Grove City OH2014-Dec2007-May
District-34Strong Women In Sobriety Group (714554)Susan M (GSR)Columbus OH2017-Mar2015-Jan
District-34Three Legacies Group (147227)Paul H (GSR)Columbus OH2015-Apr1988-Mar
District-34Veterans In Recovery Group (626092)Jim HColumbus OH2011-Mar1997-Nov
District-34Wave Three Group (129650)Dana JGrove City OH2017-May1983-Jun
District-34We Do Recover Group (709014)Tosha G (GSR)Columbus OH2017-Mar2013-May
District-34Westside Hope Dealers Group (719344)John G (GSR)Columbus OH2017-Mar2016-Sep
District-34Women Of McKinley Group (706999)WFALSEColumbus OH2017-Mar2012-Dec
District-34Womens New Hope Group (640696)Pam R (GSR)Columbus OH2014-Mar2000-Sep