District 37

District 37

East Columbus and southeast Franklin County


North: I-70

South: Franklin-Pickaway County line

East: Franklin-Licking County line

West: Scioto River

DCM (District Committee Member):
Oz M.


DistrictGroup (Service Num)Primary ContactCommunityLast UpdatedData Added
District-3724/7 Group (721695)Kathy I P (GSR)Columbus OH2017-Oct2017-Apr
District-374th & Gates 12 X 12 Group (711106)Brian L E (GSR)Columbus OH2017-Mar2014-Jan
District-37Abundantly Free Group (712092)Tonie CColumbus OH2017-Mar2014-Apr
District-37As The Week Turns Group (686979)Anne PColumbus OH2009-Mar2009-Jan
District-37Before During And After Group (130873)Charles OColumbus OH2014-Nov1983-Nov
District-37Brothers And Sisters In Sobriety Group (711114)Stephen K (GSR)Columbus OH2017-Mar2014-Jan
District-37Camp Fire Group (716854)Betty A (GSR)Columbus OH2017-Mar2015-Sep
District-37Columbus Southeast Side AA Group (705368)Lamont S (GSR)Columbus OH2017-Mar2012-Jul
District-37Columbus Workhouse Group (p) (154183)CFALSEunknown1977-Dec1977-Dec
District-37Dogs Without A Roof Group (677085)Mike P (GSR)Columbus OH2007-Jul2007-Jul
District-37Eastside 10am Group (708904)Eric A T (GSR)Columbus OH2017-Mar2013-May
District-37Environment Of Grace Group (725622)Kelley B (GSR)Columbus OH2018-Dec2018-Sep
District-37EZ Group (681914)Marty GColumbus OH2008-Jun2008-Mar
District-37Free And Independent Group (133764)Joe GColumbus OH2011-Mar1984-Sep
District-37Freedom For Today Group (p) (155600)FFALSEunknown1987-Apr1987-Apr
District-37Friends Of Bill W Group (719659)Jim H (GSR)Columbus OH2017-Mar2016-Sep
District-37From The Heart Discussion Grp (164715)Ken J (GSR)Columbus OH2011-Jun1990-Nov
District-37Groveport Sat. Open Discussion Group (111088)Steven SGroveport OH2011-Mar1977-Sep
District-37Higher Powered Group (716562)Steve W (GSR)Columbus OH2017-Mar2015-Sep
District-37Highland House Open Discussion Group (688052)Mark T (GSR)Columbus OH2009-May2009-Mar
District-37Home Of The Stars Group (712644)Irvin FColumbus OH2014-Jul2014-Jun
District-37Last Chance Group (126835)Shane mColumbus OH1982-Aug1982-Aug
District-37Livingston Group (722207)Johnny M (GSR)Columbus OH2017-Oct2017-Jul
District-37No Saints Allowed Group (707836)Shawn M LColumbus OH2017-Mar2013-Feb
District-37Ohio Pacific Group (643868)Jeffrey G (GSR)Columbus OH2001-May2001-May
District-37Parsons Ave Misfits Group Of AA (714150)Glenn FColumbus OH2017-Mar2015-Feb
District-37Principles Before Personalities Grp (616836)Marty G (GSR)Columbus OH1997-Mar1997-Mar
District-37Sober House Group (717134)Johnny M (GSR)Columbus OH2017-Mar2015-Dec
District-37Sobriety With Love Group (143770)Ralph A (GSR)Obetz OH2013-Apr1987-May
District-37South Ohio Speakers Group (677100)Chad M (GSR)Columbus OH2017-May2007-Jul
District-37Southside Breakfast Group (655946)Brittany NColumbus OH2013-Jul2003-Jun
District-37Southside Discussion Group (139879)Gordon S (GSR)Columbus OH2007-Aug1986-May
District-37Southside Sunday Morning Group (721121)Leslie MColumbus OH2017-Apr2017-Mar
District-37Spiritual Life Is Not A Theory Gp (637162)Andrew S. MPickerington OH2016-Jan2000-Jan
District-37Tag 5 Group (156437)Andy KObetz OH1989-Apr1989-Apr
District-37Thurman Avenue Step Group (156637)Becky T (altGSR)Columbus OH1994-Oct1994-Oct
District-37Unity In Recovery Group (674173)David H (GSR)Columbus OH2012-Jun2007-Jan
District-37Willing To Change AA Group (709125)Omer A JColumbus OH2017-Mar2013-Jun
District-37Winchester Freedom Group (717454)Heather I (GSR)Columbus OH2017-Mar2016-Feb