District 7

District 7

Muskingum County
DCM (District Committee Member):
Raymond C.

District 7 Meetings

District 7 Meetings are held on the 1st Saturday of the month at 10:30 AM.


554 Moxahala Avenue

Zanesville, OH 43701


DistrictGroup (Service Num)Primary ContactCommunityLast UpdatedData Added
District-07A.A. Gameday Group (722385)Nicholas L (GSR)Duncan Fall OH2017-Oct2017-Aug
District-07Big Book Discussion Group (129588)Jeff V (GSR)Zanesville OH2006-Jan1983-Jun
District-07Crazy In Sobriety Group (627435)Vincent WZanesville OH2011-May1998-Feb
District-07Early Birds Group (653203)Steve BZanesville OH2011-Jun2002-Dec
District-07Feelings In A Can Group (705175)Jimmy L S (GSR)Zanesville OH2012-Sep2012-Jun
District-07Frazeysburg Tuesday Night Sobriety Group (721022)Glenn E BFrazeysburg OH2017-Apr2017-Feb
District-07Friday Partiers Group (653202)Iva J (GSR)Zanesville OH2002-Dec2002-Dec
District-07Garage (Mens CD) Group (137998)Charles B (GSR)Zanesville OH2005-Jul1985-Nov
District-07High Noon Group (177750)JoAnn N (GSR)Zanesville OH2011-Sep1993-Nov
District-07How And Why 12 X 12 Group (650801)Glenn B (GSR)Zanesville OH2004-Jun2002-Jul
District-07Into Action Group (640936)IFALSEZanesville OH2004-Jun2000-Oct
District-07Jail House Recovery Group (p) (671229)Rick C LZanesville OH2006-May2006-May
District-07Ladies Butterfly Group (177741)Cindle S (GSR)Zanesville OH2016-Aug1993-Nov
District-07Ladies Sober Support Group (705598)Lisa DZanesville OH2012-Aug2012-Aug
District-07Learn To Listen Group (179658)Jo Ann N (GSR)Zanesville OH2011-May1994-May
District-07Learning About Sobriety Group (614869)Robert H (GSR)Zanesville OH2015-Jul1996-Nov
District-07New Life Direction Group (649951)Rusty MZanesville OH2010-May2002-May
District-07Roseville Candlelight Group (706083)Herold H (GSR)Roseville OH2017-Mar2012-Oct
District-07Roseville/Crooksville Unity Group (145411)Jaime W (GSR)Roseville OH2017-Jul1987-Oct
District-07Sober 'N' Crazy Breakfast Gp (177753)SFALSEZanesville OH2011-Jun1993-Nov
District-07Steps To Serenity Group (630911)VirginiaZanesville OH2005-Jun1998-Oct
District-07Sunday Get Together Group (p) (618660)Jean MZanesville OH2014-Dec1997-Jul
District-07Sunday Night Northside Group (111456)Ron BZanesville OH2011-May1977-Sep
District-07Tuesday Today Group (177754)TFALSEZanesville OH2011-Jun1993-Nov
District-07Wed Freedom Fighters Group (p) (625415)Jean MZanesville OH1997-Oct1997-Oct
District-07Y Bridge Group (111457)Vincent WZanesville OH2011-Mar1994-Dec
District-07Zane State Friday Night Group (110785)Mark SZanesville OH2004-Jun1977-Sep