District 8

District 8 & 9

Licking County
DCM (District Committee Member):
Greg M.

District 8 & 9 Meetings

District 8 & 9 Meetings are held on the 1st Sunday of the month at 1:00 PM.


76 East Main Street

Newark, OH 43055


DistrictGroup (Service Num)Primary ContactCommunityLast UpdatedData Added
District-8/94th Dimension Group Of A.A. (662797)Barry B (GSR)Granville OH2008-Jun2004-Oct
District-8/9735 Post Office Group (139080)Mike BNewark OH2017-Mar1986-Feb
District-8/9A Design For Living Group (658061)Robert B (GSR)Newark OH2018-Mar2003-Dec
District-8/9As Bill Sees It Group (158033)Elke B (GSR)Newark OH2017-Nov1989-Aug
District-8/9Back To Basics Group (610994)Linda B (GSR)Newark OH2018-Sep1996-Mar
District-8/9Big Book Group (110847)Terrie L S (GSR)Newark OH2017-Mar1996-Mar
District-8/9Buckeye Lake Group (110930)Tully R (GSR)Buckeye Lake OH1977-Sep1977-Sep
District-8/9Buckeye Lake Study Group (605331)Tully R (GSR)Buckeye Lake OH1995-Apr1995-Apr
District-8/9Easy Does It Beginners Group (688296)Sara ESummit Station OH2017-Sep2009-Mar
District-8/9First Things First Group (652432)William G (GSR)Newark OH2017-Mar2002-Nov
District-8/9Friday Little Red Book Group (110842)Elizabet M (GSR)Newark OH2017-Mar1996-Mar
District-8/9Friday Midnight Group (166824)Michael CNewark OH2017-Mar1996-Mar
District-8/9Granville 12 Step Group (165536)Chrisse E (altGSR)Granville OH2010-May1991-Jan
District-8/9Granville Alpha Group (123845)Shiela PGranville OH1981-Jul1981-Jul
District-8/9Granville Eye Opener Group (668909)Sheila K (GSR)Granville OH2018-Sep2005-Dec
District-8/9Gratefully Dedicated Group (143127)Cindy G (GSR)Granville OH2010-May1987-Mar
District-8/9Heath 24 Hour Group (111205)Joe G (GSR)Heath OH2008-Nov1977-Sep
District-8/9Humpday Group (713730)Donna R (GSR)Pickerington OH2017-Apr2014-Oct
District-8/9It's In The Book Group (661870)Brandy G (GSR)Newark OH2017-Mar2004-Jul
District-8/9Johnstown Group (111217)Marcie CJohnstown OH2017-Sep1995-Oct
District-8/9Journey Home Group (669796)Robert K (GSR)Newark OH2008-Jan2006-Feb
District-8/9Learn To Listen Group (146915)David BNewark OH2010-May1996-Mar
District-8/9Living Sober Discussion Group (155983)Jeremiah P (GSR)Newark OH2018-Sep1989-Mar
District-8/9Marne Meeting On-The-Curves Gp (641672)Wayne S K (GSR)Newark OH2018-Mar2000-Dec
District-8/9Monday Meditation Group (718886)Tom E (GSR)Granville OH2016-May2016-May
District-8/9Monday Noon Group (148186)Mark Allen P (GSR)Newark OH1988-May1988-May
District-8/9Newark Circle Of Hope Group (614577)Hobie V (GSR)Newark OH2007-Apr1996-Oct
District-8/9Newark Early Morn Sunrise Grp (151267)Tim BNewark OH2013-Apr1989-Mar
District-8/9Newark Moundbuilders Group (111289)Tim H (GSR)Newark OH2008-Jan1942-Oct
District-8/9Newark Womens Sobriety & Serenity Meeting Group (714339)Donna A (GSR)Newark OH2017-Mar2015-Jan
District-8/9Newarks Westside Group (652488)Jolten P (GSR)Newark OH2016-Jun2002-Nov
District-8/9Pataskala Monday Group (121356)Mike L (GSR)Pataskala OH1980-Aug1980-Aug
District-8/9Pataskala Wednesday Evening Big Book Gp (677084)John S (GSR)Pataskala OH2014-Nov2007-Jul
District-8/9Saturday Mens Discussion Group (131111)Stephen E. H (GSR)Newark OH2013-Mar1996-Mar
District-8/9Saturday Midnite Group (607668)Michael CNewark OH2013-Aug1995-Sep
District-8/9Sunshine Group (130634)Andy N (GSR)Newark OH2014-May1983-Oct
District-8/9Thursday Just Say No Group (158482)John P (altGSR)Newark OH1989-Sep1989-Sep
District-8/9Thursday Noon Discussion Group (157793)Lacey H (GSR)Newark OH1989-Jul1989-Jul
District-8/9Try Gratitude It's Free (TGIF)Group (708982)Jodie WNewark OH2013-May2013-May
District-8/9Tuesday Moundbuilders Group (111288)Terrie L S (GSR)Newark OH2009-Jun1996-Mar
District-8/9Tuesday Night Closed Disc Gp (143131)Marcie C (GSR)Johnstown OH2017-Sep1987-Mar
District-8/9Tuesday Noon Group (171730)Thomas C (GSR)Newark OH2016-Jun1992-Apr
District-8/9Wednesday Noon Swing Shift & Friends Gp (159696)Hobie V (GSR)Newark OH1996-Mar1996-Mar
District-8/9Womens Saturday Morning Group (146836)Lori B (GSR)Newark OH1988-Feb1988-Feb