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The Next 3 Months

October 2014
18th – District 21 Workshop (Portsmouth OH) – 1:30pm
18th – District 16 Workshop – Home Groups & Diversity in the 3rd Tradition – 10am-2pm
25th – Treatment Committee Meeting (COGF OFFICE) – 11am
26th – District 10 – Delaware County Meeting – 1pm
31st – 54th Annual Tri-State Convention (Evansville IN)

November 2014
2nd – CFC Steering Committee (Oakland Park UMC) – 10am
2nd – CPC-PI Committee – ELECTIONS (Maple Grove UMC) – 2pm
2nd – District 28 GSR Meeting (Oakland Park UMC) – 5pm
8th – Grapevine Committee Meeting (COGF OFFICE) – noon
22nd – Treatment Committee Meeting (COGF OFFICE) – 11am

December 2014
6th – CFC Committee Quarterly Meeting – 10am
7th – District 28 GSR Meeting (Oakland Park UMC) – 5pm
14th – Area 53 Assembly – 9:30am
27th – Treatment Committee Meeting (COGF OFFICE) – 11am

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CPC-PI TIP: Understanding Anonymity

Questions surrounding anonymity abound in Alcoholics Anonymous. Many of those questions are answered in pamphlet P-47 Understanding Anonymity.

Such questions include:

  • What should we tell individuals outside the rooms of A.A. about our membership in the fellowship?
  • How should we safeguard the anonymity of our friends in A.A.?
  • Is posting on the Internet considered to be “at the level of press, radio, and film?”
  • What happens to our anonymity when we die?
  • Why is anonymity referred to as “The spiritual foundation of all our traditions?”

You are free to download and print one copy of this pamphlet for your use. Multiple copies are available for purchase from or at Central Ohio Group Fellowship.

CPC-PI Elections

To all interested AA’s

All positions on Area 53 CPC-PI committee are up for election. The new committee member positions will begin January 1st, 2015. Elections for positions will be on Sunday, November 2nd at 2pm at Maple Grove United Methodist Church.

The current members will help transition new members into the committee positions. Below are the suggested requirements for service positions. HOWEVER, each individual case will be assessed so please do not hesitate to voice your desire to serve! At the November voting meeting, please bring your AA resume (written or verbal). This can be as simple as sobriety date and you have worked the 12 steps. Please do not be discouraged if you have minimal service experience. WE ALL START SOMEWHERE! More importantly, we care about your willingness to serve!

Suggested Requirements for Committee Positions

  1. 2 year commitment for all positions
  2. Attend monthly meeting (1st Sunday of the month at 2 pm)
  3. Chair position-2 years of sobriety
  4. Treasurer position-2 years of sobriety
  5. Secretary position- 1 year of sobriety

Please see attachment for Description of CPC-PI Positions doc icon