Panel 55 Archives

Panel 55 (2005-06)

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Elected Area Officers
Delegate: Madeline H.
Alternate Delegate: Sharon F.

Chairperson: Dave C.
Alternate Chairperson: Brad S.

Recording Secretary: Mary R.
Alternate Secretary: Julia G.

Registrar: Bill L.
Alternate Registrar: Peggy A.

Treasurer: Paul H.
Alternate Treasurer: Kristi K.

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Area Committees
Archives: Tom V., Area Archivist

Cooperation with Professionals: Steve R., Chair (2006)

Corrections: Chris J., Chair

Grapevine: Pat R., Chair

Group Services: Andy T., Chair

Intergroup Liaison: Larry G. (2005), Julz D. (*2006)

Public Information: Larry M., Chair

Treatment: Roy M. (2006)

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Districts and DCMs
DCM Committee:
Toi I, Chair (2005), William T., Chair (2006)
Alt Chair: Carl D (2006)
Secretary: Glen P (2006)

District 7: Ron B. (2006)
District 15: Josh G.
District 16: Kay H. (2005), Tom C. (2006)
District 17: Dave K.
District 18: Glen P.
District 19: Gary C.
District 22/23: John F.
District 26/27: Loretta F. (2005), Frank H. (2006)
District 28/29: Mary S. (2005)
District 30: Carl D.
District 36: Donna F.
District 40: Ben H. (2005)