AA Meeting App Available

November 2, 2018 We are pleased to announce that Alcoholics Anonymous World Services, Inc., has licensed the Meeting Guide technology. Meeting Guide was launched in November 2015 and provides a platform for local A.A. entities (Areas, Intergroup/Central Offices, Districts, etc.) to post their local A.A. meetings and currently provides information to more than 100,000 users, … Read moreAA Meeting App Available

Alcoholics Anonymous on YouTube

YouTube is becoming AA’s newest channel of love and service. The Alcoholics Anonymous’ General Service Office (GSO) has created a YouTube channel to convey the AA message through public service announcement videos. The Alcoholics Anonymous channel is located at: Alcoholics Anonymous World Services, Inc. The purpose of this AAWS outreach is simple. “It provides an … Read moreAlcoholics Anonymous on YouTube

Blue People

The following article appeared in the Box 459 Newsletter (Winter 2016).

A gathering of folks, silhouetted. In blue. A gathering of people, all sorts of people, that look just like us.

This graphic image is affectionately known as the “Blue People.” Originated in January 2006, the simple graphic has come to be regarded as a heartwarming representation of the inclusiveness of Alcoholics Anonymous, a powerful and much-adored depiction of our membership. A graphic image that has also come to be synonymous with G.S.O.’s A.A. website, aa.org.

The General Service Office receives many requests like the following: “Can we use the ‘blue people’ graphic from the home page of www.aa.org on our local A.A. website, or on stationery, business cards, banners, or other items?”

The “blue people” graphic is a copyrighted design and trademark of A.A.W.S., Inc., with all rights reserved for use exclusively by the A.A.W.S. Board, AA Grapevine Board, the General Service Board of U.S./Canada, and the General Service Office of U.S./Canada.

A.A. World Services, Inc., Board of Directors, June 17, 2016

Call for Stories from Young People

This article is from June 2016. It is shown as an example only of sharing requests from GSO to the fellowship. The chair of the trustees’ Literature Committee, Albin Zezula, is requesting stories to update the pamphlet “Young People in AA.” [su_quote cite=”Trustees’ Literature Committee”]In response to the 2016 General Service Conference recommendation that the … Read moreCall for Stories from Young People