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[su_column size=”2/3″]Much of the public has not had the opportunity to find out how the AA Program works. There are many misconceptions about AA in the public eye. Unless we inform the public, many practicing alcoholics may never find us. A member of the CPC/PI committee is prepared to meet any group of individuals that would like information about what AA is and what it is not.[/su_column]

Resources at Cooperation with Professionals & Public Information

How We Do It
Our methods include letters, direct calls, panel discussions and presentations. The notion of “The Public” can include:
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  • Students
  • Senior Citizens
  • Church Groups
  • Neighborhood Organizations
  • Health Fair Organizations
  • Youth Groups/Organization


How You Can Help
There are many ways to get involved even if you do not wish to call on the public face to face. The behind-the-scenes work exhibits the same rewards, and is necessary if we are to carry the message.
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  • Be a Committee Member
  • Schedule Workshops
  • Presentations


Work behind the Scenes
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  • Write Letters
  • Do Typing / Mailings
  • Inventory Materials
  • Set-up / Clean-up


Work the Front Lines
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  • Deliver Literature
  • Make Presentations
  • Speak to Groups
  • Participate in Health Fairs


If you are interested in getting involved with the CPC/PI committee service work, contact the chairperson at cpcpichair [at] area53aa [dot] org.