The Area 53 Grapevine Committee assists groups in Area 53 with the distribution and introduction of the Grapevine magazine. All GSRs are encouraged to attend the committee meeting. If you are interested in finding out more about the committee, use the email below.

Chairperson: Ann B. (614–589–7625)
Email: grapevinechair[at]area53aa[dot]org
Committee Meeting
Second Saturday of the month, noon to 1:00 pm
COGF Meeting Room
645 W Broad St, Columbus OH 43215
Committee News

Area Committee Highlights

Here are highlights reported by Area 53 committees at the December assembly:

Correctional Facilities Committee – Paul H.

  • On line requests for literature now work with any browser or email (
  • We still need a Recording Secretary for Panel 67.
  • Liz M. will stay on as alternate chairperson until a replacement is found.
  • If you attended the DRC volunteer workshop in September, call the volunteer coordinator at the institution that you applied for to see if your application was approved.
  • The first ever national corrections conference will be held in St. Louis November 10-12, 2017.
  • The annual CFC workshop will be held on April 22nd or 29th at Maple Grove Church.
  • $8500 was approved for literature purchases for the next quarter.

Grapevine Committee – Larry B.

  • Beginning in July of 2016 we began holding our meetings on a quarterly basis. Meetings are still on the second Saturday in Jan., Apr., July, and Oct.
  • The attendance averages between 3 to 6.
  • The treasury stands at $284.95
  • As I have held the chairman position for two years, it is my sincere hope that someone with greater leadership skills will be willing to take the reins of the Grapevine committee come January 2017. I suggest this in the interest of the Spirit of Rotation.

Mini-Conference – Stephen S.

  • Registration is now open for the Mini-Conference at Salt Fork State Lodge on March 10-12, 2017. On-line registration is also available at
  • Registration is $23. Scholarships will be available. A meal plan is available that includes dinner on Friday and Saturday and lunch on Saturday and Sunday. Prices are on the registration form. Alternatively, our Hospitality Room will be open for all meals at no cost.
  • There is a phone number on the Registration Form to call for room reservations before February 9. Lodge rooms are $95. On the registration form, there is a check box if you want to consider sharing your room as a way of saving money. Another cost saving alternative is to rent a cabin that sleeps up to six for $141. The cabins have a full kitchen.
  • There will be workshops on Friday afternoon from 4 to 5.
  • The Area 53 Special Needs/Accessibility Committee has offered to provide child care while the meetings are in session. The Mini-Conference Committee is working with them to see if it is feasible.
  • The Committee meets on the first Monday of the month in Gahanna. We also will need volunteers to help us at the Mini-Conference itself. If you are interested in this service opportunity, see one of the Committee members. Please raise you hand committee members.

Grapevine Committee Meeting Report

The monthly meeting of the Grapevine Committee was held on Dec. 12th at 12 noon. In attendance were Rick K., Treasurer, James B., Secretary, and Larry B., Chairperson. The treasurer reported an amount of $284.95. The Secretary read the minutes of the last meeting. Old Business was to inform the GV reps. of the monthly … Continue reading Grapevine Committee Meeting Report


Grapevine Committee Meeting – Chili November

All Group Grapevine Representatives for Area 53 Welcome. Chili, cornbread, pasta and refreshments will be served during the meeting. Please share your passion for Our Journal.


Grapevine Committee Meeting Change

The meeting time for the Area 53 Grapevine Committee has been changed to 12:00 noon on the Second Saturday of the month. The next meeting will be July 12, 2014 at COFG. Visit the committee page for more details.


AA Grapevine Seeking Special Needs Stories

AAGrapevine is looking for stories of experience by special needs AA members or people involved in special needs-accessibilities service. They are looking for stories by members who are wheel-chair bound, blind, deaf, ill or with any kind of special need. Share stories about your own personal journey or your group’s. Stories due by December 1. … Continue reading AA Grapevine Seeking Special Needs Stories