Group Services

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Group Services
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6) Group Services Committee
a) Shall serve new and existing districts and groups in Area 53 by sharing information and experience to strengthen the General Service Structure.
b) Shall coordinate and cooperate with all DCM’s to organize all inactive districts.
c) Shall provide materials and information to assist in registering groups and districts with all service entities.
d) Shall maintain and help to coordinate the GSR School.
e) Shall maintain and present Conference Approved Literature for resale at all Area 53 General Service Functions.

From the Area 53 Guidelines (as of March 2017)

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The Area 53 Group Services Committee helps GSRs and DCMs with information, literature and Service Manuals, and assistance they may need. The committee maintains the online content for GSR School. New GSRs can review the online GSR School materials.

2017-18 Chair: Dan S.
Email: groupservices[at]area53aa[dot]org

Committee News

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