District 16 (Athens County)

District Committee Member (DCM)
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District Meeting
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Active Groups
DistrictGroup (Service Num)Primary ContactCommunityLast UpdatedData Added
District-16Athens Monday Big Book Group (159581)Melinda G (GSR)Athens OH2014-Oct1995-Jan
District-16Attitude Adjustment Group (660604)Mary Lynn SAthens OH2016-Nov2004-May
District-16Friday Night 12 And 12 Group (161416)Carol D (GSR)Athens OH2008-Jan1990-Mar
District-16G.I.R.L.S. Group (617756)Stephanie S (GSR)Athens OH2011-Mar1997-May
District-16Gift Of Lasting Fellowship Grp (611751)Andrew SAthens OH2011-Aug1996-Apr
District-16Good Shepard Group (161418)Jim C (GSR)Athens OH1990-Mar1990-Mar
District-16HCF Group (p) (155159)Marilyn Funknown2005-Jun1983-Oct
District-16Monday Night Buckeye Group (127693)Peggy F (GSR)Nelsonville OH2011-Sep1982-Nov
District-16Monday Twilight Group (161419)Paul LAthens OH2004-Jun1990-Mar
District-16Reflections Group (633842)Bob S (GSR)Athens OH2015-Apr1999-May
District-16Saturday Night Knucklehead Grp (161410)Gordon S. F (GSR)Athens OH1990-Mar1990-Mar
District-16Saturday Serenity Group (647526)Doug B (GSR)Athens OH2011-Sep2002-Jan
District-16Steps Of Sobriety Group (690429)Jerry B (GSR)Athens OH2009-Aug2009-Aug
District-16Sunday Night Lead Group (161420)Janalee S (GSR)Athens OH2012-Feb1990-Mar
District-16Thursday Night Serenity Group (613687)Sam KNelsonville OH1996-Aug1996-Aug
District-16We Came To Live Sober Group (616171)Jerry B (GSR)Athens OH2009-Jul1997-Feb
District-16Wednesday Night Women's Group (710492)Nancy R (GSR)Athens OH2018-May2013-Nov
District-16West Side Beginners Group (687121)David D (GSR)Athens OH2018-Oct2009-Jan
News about the District

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Map to District Meeting

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