District 23

District 23

District 2 does not currently have a DCM (District Committee Member). If you are interested in becoming active in this district, please contact the DCMC (District Committee Member Chairperson):
Marcia H.

DistrictGroup (Service Num)Primary ContactCommunityLast UpdatedData Added
District-235460 Group (724646)David A (GSR)Columbus OH2018-Jun2018-Apr
District-23All About Recovery In A.A. Group (704613)Abigail DColumbus OH2012-May2012-Apr
District-23Because We Can Group (663790)Brian EColumbus OH2005-Feb2004-Dec
District-23Chapel Group (676621)Patrick M (GSR)Worthington OH2014-Nov2007-Jun
District-23Dirty Dozen 12 & 12 Group (651455)Lori L R (GSR)Worthington OH2016-Aug2002-Aug
District-23Early Bird Big Book Group (164603)Tommy O (GSR)Worthington OH2005-Nov1990-Nov
District-23Freethinkers Group (716055)Ed S (GSR)Worthington OH2017-Jul2015-Jun
District-23Give It Away Group (717446)Tara M (GSR)Columbus OH2017-Mar2016-Mar
District-23Jaywalkers Group (110834)Kitty C (GSR)Columbus OH2014-Sep1977-Sep
District-23Keep It Simple Big Book Study Group (716763)Kris EWorthington OH2017-Mar2015-Sep
District-23Lucky 13 Group (696049)Brad S (GSR)Columbus OH2013-Aug2010-May
District-23Minerva Pk Group (170863)Rob S (GSR)Columbus OH2011-Mar1992-Feb
District-23No. Worthington Mid Week Open Disc Gp (135156)Eric LColumbus OH2018-Aug1985-Jan
District-23North Group (111096)Zach R (GSR)Columbus OH2013-Mar1977-Sep
District-23North Worthington Thursday Group (693456)Mike P (GSR)Worthington OH2010-Apr2010-Feb
District-23Open Door Group (110783)Penny S (GSR)Columbus OH2011-Mar1977-Sep
District-23Practice Makes Progress Group (630909)Jeremy WColumbus OH1998-Oct1998-Oct
District-23Re-Entry Group (137097)Patricia PWorthington OH2008-Jun1985-Aug
District-23Rebos Group (128886)Kay CColumbus OH2011-Mar1983-Mar
District-23Rebos II Group (664333)Dick O (GSR)Columbus OH2011-Mar2005-Feb
District-23Sat Night Big Book Disc Group (146019)Todd D (GSR)Westerville OH2011-Mar1987-Dec
District-23Saturday Night Welcome Group (179423)Jack L SColumbus OH2011-Mar1994-Apr
District-23Spiritual Awakening Group (637410)Ed CWorthington OH2000-Feb2000-Feb
District-23Step By Step Group (126693)Anne PWorthington OH2011-May1982-Aug
District-23Thursday Nite Welcome Group (134685)Terry W (GSR)Columbus OH2011-Mar1984-Dec
District-23Tuesday Mens Rope Holders Group (676304)Mark P (GSR)Columbus OH2014-Dec2007-Jun
District-23Tuesday Night Welcome Group (111094)Marc W (GSR)Columbus OH2011-Mar1977-Sep
District-23Westerville 12 Step Group (138787)John S (GSR)Westerville OH2011-Mar1986-Feb
District-23Westerville Group (111429)Mark G (GSR)Westerville OH2011-Mar1977-Sep
District-23Westerville Workshop Group (111430)Scott TWesterville OH2011-Mar1977-Sep
District-23Worthington Group (111441)Melanie P (GSR)Worthington OH2016-Aug1995-Jan
District-23Worthington Liberty Group (625316)Kimberly WWorthington OH2011-May1997-Sep


Blue People

By Administrator | December 23, 2016 | Comments Off on Blue People

The following article appeared in the Box 459 Newsletter (Winter 2016).

A gathering of folks, silhouetted. In blue. A gathering of people, all sorts of people, that look just like us.

This graphic image is affectionately known as the “Blue People.” Originated in January 2006, the simple graphic has come to be regarded as a heartwarming representation of the inclusiveness of Alcoholics Anonymous, a powerful and much-adored depiction of our membership. A graphic image that has also come to be synonymous with G.S.O.’s A.A. website, aa.org.

The General Service Office receives many requests like the following: “Can we use the ‘blue people’ graphic from the home page of www.aa.org on our local A.A. website, or on stationery, business cards, banners, or other items?”

The “blue people” graphic is a copyrighted design and trademark of A.A.W.S., Inc., with all rights reserved for use exclusively by the A.A.W.S. Board, AA Grapevine Board, the General Service Board of U.S./Canada, and the General Service Office of U.S./Canada.

A.A. World Services, Inc., Board of Directors, June 17, 2016