Group Change Forms

There are two standard group forms: one for registering a new group with AA World Services (AAWS) in New York and one for submitting GSR and group changes to the Area 53 Registrar.

GSR and Group Changes

The standard group change form is located here: Group Change Form (opens in new window)

This is a PDF form and you must have Adobe Reader to view, complete and print this form. It can also be printed blank and completed by hand.

When completing the form, you should know your Group Service Number (six digits) which was assigned by AAWS when the group was registered. You might get your Group Service Number from your home group treasurer, your DCM or the Area Registrar. The form has space for entered the existing information about a GSR (OLD INFORMATION) if it is known; this is helpful to verify the changes.

NOTE: The Area 53 Registrar is responsible for maintaining group information records for existing groups in Central and Southeastern Ohio. Therefore, disregard the instructions at the bottom of the form about sending the completed form to AA World Services. The completed form should be sent to:

Print, Sign and Mail to:
Area 53 General Service
ATTN: Area Registrar
P. O. Box 2131
Columbus, Ohio 43216

Email to:
registrar [at] area53aa [dot] org

A completed and printed form can also be given to the Area Registrar at any of the quarterly assemblies in March, June, September and December. If necessary, the Registrar will contact the person submitting the form for clarifications.

New Groups

The standard new group form suggested by AAWS is located here: New Group Form (opens in new window)

This is a PDF form which can be completed by typing the information or printed and completed by hand. You must have Adobe Reader to use this form. After the form is completed, print it, sign it and mail or fax it to AAWS. The mailing and faxing information is on the form. The form can also be completed, scanned and emailed to records [at] aa [dot] org.