GSR Reporting

GSR Report for Assemblies

Online GSR report form for assembly reporting (first used in September 2015 - Panel 65).
  • Information below is for the area secretary and does not have to be read at the microphone when you give your report at the assembly.
  • My Group Report

  • Let's Get Active in Service! Which of the following service postions is your group fulfilling? Check all that apply
  • Reflection for the GSR

    From "The AA Group - Where it All Begins (page 28)... The group conscience is the collective conscience of the group membership and thus represents substantial unanimity on an issue before definitive action is taken. This is achieved by the group members through the sharing of full information, individual points of view, and the practice of the A. A. principles. To be fully informed requires a willingness to listen to minority opinions with an open mind…The term “informed group conscience" implies that pertinent information has been studied and all views have been heard before the group votes.
    Describe your informed group conscience.
  • Describe one or two items you would like to present during your GSR report for experience, strength and hope from other GSRs or for other GSRs.
  • Would you like experience from other GSRs to help address a concern at your next group conscence? Explain...
  • Has your group conscience resolved a problem that you would like to share with other GSRs? Explain...
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