Area 53 Group Data Updated – Nov 4

The group data on the website was updated with Fellowship New Vision (FNV) records as of September 11, 2018.

Group data includes the name and service number, the primary contact name for the group, the city or community where the group meets and the date the FNV record was last updated.

All groups are shown on the Contributions page.

If you notice errors in your group data, send an email to the Area 53 Registrar at registrar[at]area53aa[dot].org.

Area Website Administrator

Thanksgiving Day Gratitude Meeting – Nov 22

Join us in Marietta (320 2nd St, Marietta, Ohio) for food and fellowship 7:00am to 8:00am followed by Gratitude Meeting 8:00am to 9:15am. This is an Open Meeting and all in recovery are welcome.

Everyone will be given a ticket, if your number is drawn you may share for 2 minutes about what gratitude means to you. All speakers will be given a door prize.

Food provided includes donuts, coffee and orange juice. Feel free to bring a breakfast food to share between 7:00am and 8:00am.

Door prizes: If you or your home group would like to donate door prizes, bring them along. This might be recovery literature, hand-made crafts, food or any appropriate seasonal do-hickey.

Event4th Annual Thanksgiving Day Gratitude Meeting
Location320 2nd St, Marietta, Ohio
Starting07:00 am
Ending09:15 am
DetailsFood & Fellowship 7am to 8am. Gratitude Meeting 8-9:15am. Open Meeting. All in Recovery are welcome. Everyone will be given a ticket, if your number is drawn you may share for 2 minutes about what gratitude means to you. All speakers will be given a door prize.

District 15 Winter Dinner – Dec 1

Please join us for our Winter Dinner on Dec. 1, 2018 at Goodfellows Park on Route 550 in Fleming.

Dinner is at 6:00 pm followed by a lead at 7:30pm. Speaker is Tracey C. from Pomeroy, Ohio.

A dance will follow the meeting. No District or 7th Tradition monies are being used for the dance. There will be a 30/10/10 raffle.

EventDistrict 15 Winter Dinner
LocationGoodfellows Park
Starting06:00 pm
Ending11:00 pm
DetailsDinner at 6pm followed by a Lead at 7:30. Speaker is Tracey C from Pomeroy, Ohio. A dance will follow the meeting. No District or 7th Tradition monies are being used for the dance. 30/10/10 raffle. Goodfellows Park on Route 550 in Fleming. Follow signs.

District 30 Bakeoff and Safety Workshop

Calling all Bakers and Dessert-Lovers,

Dust off your BEST homemade recipe and compete in the District 30 Annual Bakeoff! Judged by all attendees, who get to sample every treat and vote for their favorite. Prizes for crowd favorites! Fun and fellowship guaranteed

In between bites, we’ll have a presentation and interactive discussion of safety in our AA meetings. You’ll have an opportunity to share your own thoughts and ideas, and to learn from your fellow members.

EventDistrict 30 Bakeoff and Safety Workshop
LocationMeadowPark Church 2425 Bethel Rd Columbus 43220
Starting07:00 pm
Ending09:00 pm

Introducing Panel 69 (2019-20) Area 53 Officers

At the Area 53 Assembly on September 9, the following people were elected as Area officiers:

Stephen S., Delegate
Donna K., Alternate Delegate

Ed A., Area Chairperson
Nita S., Alternate Chairperson

Diann N., Treasurer
Tom D., Alternate Treasurer

Martha C., Secretary
Bruce W., Alternate Secretary

James C., Registrar
Joe M., Alternate Registrar

Ann B., Web Administrator
Dan S., Alternate Web Admin

Over the next month, contact information for these new trusted servants will be published on the contact card and their email addresses will be created.

AA Sponsorship Workshop – Marysville Ohio

District 11 is very excisted to share our first event since “lighting up” this past January 2018.

We are presenting an experienced panel of both women and men to share how they chose their sponsors; how they themselves sponsor plus what a sponsor does and does not do.

Contact for additional details.

EventSponsorship Workshop
LocationMarysville, OH
Starting01:00 pm
Ending04:00 pm
DetailsSponsorship Panel Speakers sharing their experience, strength and hope on: 1- How to choose a Sponsor 2- Am I ready to be a Sponsor? 3- Do's and Don'ts of Sponsorship

Grapevine Writing Workshop

Become a part of AA’s living history! Join the fun as we dive into the how-to’s of, and actually writing and submitting your own story to the Grapevine.

Saturday, October 27, 2018, 10am to 1pm at COGF, 651 West Broad Street, Columbus Ohio.

Area 53 Grapevine Committee will provide chicken. Please bring a side dish.


The Family Afterwards

Come join District 17 to explore the “Family Afterwards” towards full and meaningful Sobriety on Saturday, November 10, 2018. Workshop and panel with Food, Fun and Fellowship.

EventThe Family Afterwards
LocationSacred Heart Church, 151 Mulberry Avenue, Pomeroy Ohio, 45769
Starting09:30 am
Ending03:00 pm
DetailsExplore the Family Afterwards with an experienced panel of AA members who have reconciled with their families through the Power found within the 12 steps and the Program of Alcoholics Anonymous. Full and Meaningful Sobriety Join us in the Fellowship of the Spirit for an afternoon of fun food and fellowship. Panel Members- Stan and Carol B., Point Pleasant WV, Ty and Tia D. Byesville OH, Brian and Kelly M. Waterford Ohio, and Dhanesh P. Gallipolis Ohio Lunch provided by District 17 (hot dogs sauce and sides), Please bring a covered dish,------- but more importantly please come! This is an Open AA event and is handicap accessible *please print and circulate flier within your AA groups and AA contacts - We are saving you all a seat!

When We Know Better, We Do Better!

On Saturday, July 14, Districts 26, 28 & 30 held a GSR School and Safety in AA Workshop.

Dan S. expertly facilitated the GSR School using “the three R’s” Records, Reporting and Resources. He provided lots of timely and updated GSR information and tips for success, including the recent Conference Action to consider changes to the GSR pamphlet. The participation and questions from attendees illustrated the importance of having Dan provide this service to Area 53.

Bill Y. led an interactive and stimulating work session about Safety In AA. Attendees broke into three workgroups and had an opportunity to use their critical thinking skills. Each workgroup discussed and developed suggestions that other groups and meetings can use for understanding safety, taking a group safety inventory, and how to be responsible when a safety issue arises.

An impromptu “Lunch & Learn” sharing session happened during a delicious lunch of fried chicken, side dishes and desserts,

Erica C., the Franklin County Bridging The Gap Coordinator for the Area 53 Treatment Facilities Committee gave an overview of their mission and the need for AA members to become points of contact for people who leave treatment facilities.

Zach R., GSR for the North Group & a member of the Central Ohio Young People In AA (COYPAA) described upcoming events and what COYPAA strives to attain by staying focused on the primary purpose of AA.

The whole event was a tremendous success. Each attendee now has a better foundation to step up equally and care relentlessly. Without a doubt, everyone left this amazing learning experience with the thought that, “When we know better, we do better!

Thanks to all of the GSR’s, interested AA’s & Area 53 representatives who attended and contributed to the success!

In service,
Marcia H., DCM District 26, Taffy J., DCM District 28, & Martha C., DCM District 30

The Family Afterward – September 22

Come join us for food, fun and fellowship at Buckeye Park in Marietta. Featuring guest speakers Allison and Ryan C. on what life is like for the family afterward in AA and sobriety.

EventThe Family Afterward
LocationBuckeye Park, Marietta, Ohio
Starting12:00 pm
Ending04:00 pm
DetailsPicnic. Rain or shine. Playground and pond. Bring the kids. Hotdogs, Hamburgers, Chips, Coffee and Soda provided. Please bring a covered dish. Contact Bruce W at 614-301-825 for more information.

Pomeroy Serenity Group Picnic – September 15

The Pomeroy Serenity Group is having their annual picnic at the on September 15, 2018.

Fellowship is 2:00pm until 3:00pm. Picnic food starts at 3:00pm with speaker at 4:00pm. For more details, call Dave at 740-742-2312.

EventPomeroy Serenity Group 2018 Picnic
Location2244 Seventh St,Syracuse, Ohio 457779
Starting02:00 pm
Ending06:00 pm
DetailsThis is a family-friendly picnic with an AA speaker. Bring a friend and a favorite dish. Picnic will happend rain or shine.

Principle of Rotation – Elections

Pamphlet The AA Group … where it all begins (P-16). Conference Approved Literature. New York: Alcoholics Anonymous World Services, Inc., 2005, page 26.

Traditionally, rotation ensures that group tasks, like nearly everything else in AA, are passed around for all to share. Many groups have alternates to each trusted servant who can step into the service positions if needed.

To step out of an AA office you love can be hard. If you have been doing a good job, if you honestly don’t see anyone else around willing, qualified, or with the time to do it, and if your friends agree, it’s especially tough. But it can be a real step forward in growth — a step into humility that is, for some people, the spiritual essence of rotation.
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