AA in a Time of Change

March 12-14, 2021 on Zoom
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About the 2021 Area 53 Mini-Conference

There are many issues facing AA today. Our world has changed and we AAs have adapted around it. Our Fellowship as a whole faces similar challenges, and many decisions need to be made for the good of AA in its entirety.


Our First Concept for World Service tells us that “final responsibility and ultimate authority for A.A. World Services should always reside in the collective conscience of our entire fellowship” (from the A.A. Service Manual.)


The Area 53 Mini-Conference is an annual event that provides an opportunity for the trusted servants in our Service Triangle (GSRs, DCMs and DCMC, Standing Committee Chairs, Area Officers, and Past Delegates) to participate and vote on the matters affecting AA as a whole. Interested AAs are encouraged to attend to observe the process.


This voting is essential to the operations of AA World Services because it informs our delegate of the conscience of our groups. Our Panel 71 Delegate will then carry the collective conscience of our groups to the General Service Conference in New York (to be held virtually in 2021). Many decisions impacting AA will be made at the General Service Conference.


The Area 53 Mini-Conference normally occurs over a weekend at an outside venue, like a state park. Due to COVID concerns and the potential risk to our members, our Mini-Conference will be held virtually this year. 


We will use the Zoom platform for our meeting and the Poll Everywhere app for our voting process. Participants may use a computer, tablet or smartphone to log in. Those without these devices may attend via phone and dial in to the meetings. Any AA with the willingness to contribute will have a portal of entry to the Mini-Conference, regardless of method or device.


The Mini-Conference offers all of us the ability to project the voices of our AA Groups. But the group cannot speak if its representative is not present.


Online registration opens February 1, 2021 at www.area53aa.org. Those without devices for computer access may contact Diann N., Mini-Conference Chair, at 614-595-3546.


Please mark the date and plan to attend. Your participation is an important part of how we get things done in AA!

2021 Mini-Conference Program

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Online Registration is Live for the Area 53 Mini-Conference!

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