District 19

District 19

Clinton, Fayette and Highland Counties
DCM (District Committee Member):
Bob S.

District 19 Meetings

District 19 Meetings are held on the 3rd Sunday of the month at 6:00 PM.


Sabina Municipal Building

55 North Howard Street

Sabina, OH 45169


Group IDNameDistrictCityLast Updated
000105351Freedom GroupDistrict 19Greenfield9/9/21 10:34
000108312Greenfield Open Lead GroupDistrict 19Greenfield9/9/21 10:34
000110506Hillsboro Ohio Y. P. In A.A. GpDistrict 19Hillsboro9/9/21 10:34
000110510Hillsboro Tues Nite Closed GrpDistrict 19Hillsboro9/9/21 10:34
000048032Peace And Serenity GroupDistrict 19Hillsboro9/9/21 10:34
000239544Put It Together Keep It Together GroupDistrict 19Wilmington9/9/21 10:34
000054422Rainsboro Recovery GroupDistrict 19Greenfield9/9/21 10:34
000054904Reaching Hands GroupDistrict 19Washington Ct House10/28/21 10:47
000055752Recovery On Friday GroupDistrict 19Blanchester9/9/21 10:34
000060439Sabina GroupDistrict 19Sabina9/9/21 10:34
000063992Saturday Night Live GroupDistrict 19Washington Ct House9/9/21 10:34
000067345Serenity GroupDistrict 19Hillsboro9/9/21 10:34
000071119Sisters In Sobriety GroupDistrict 19Hillsboro9/9/21 10:34
000074967Sometimes Quickly Sometimes Slowly GroupDistrict 19Blanchester9/9/21 10:34
000085388Sunlight Of The Spirit Women's GroupDistrict 19Wilmington9/9/21 10:34
000085914Sunshine GroupDistrict 19Hillsboro9/9/21 10:34
000007658Thursday Night Jail House Group (p)District 19Wilmington9/9/21 10:34
000007832Thursday Night Miracles Open Discussion GroupDistrict 19Wilmington9/9/21 10:34
000021411Washington Court House GroupDistrict 19Washington Ct House9/9/21 10:34
000021418Washington Court House Noon GroupDistrict 19Washington Ct House9/9/21 10:34
000028334Wednesday Night Open Lead GroupDistrict 19Wilmington9/9/21 10:34
000021501Wednesday Nite Live GroupDistrict 19Washington Ct House9/9/21 10:34
000033953Wilmington Just Be There GroupDistrict 19Wilmington9/9/21 10:34
000033956Wilmington Out To Lunch Bunch GroupDistrict 19Wilmington9/9/21 10:34
000033964Wilmington Tuesday Night GroupDistrict 19Wilmington9/9/21 10:34


DCMs can update their district's information, including DCM contact information, district meeting location and time, and other activity taking place in their district.

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