District 19

District 19

Clinton, Fayette and Highland Counties
DCM (District Committee Member):
Terry U.

District 19 Meetings

District 19 Meetings are held every other month on the 3rd Sunday of the month. 


Sabina Municipal Building

55 North Howard Street

Sabina, OH 45169


DistrictGroup (Service Num)Primary ContactCommunityUpdated
District-19Freedom Group (129002)Dave J (GSR)Greenfield OHJan-2013
District-19Greenfield Open Lead Group (638017)Gary S (GSR)Greenfield OHMay-2010
District-19Hillsboro Ohio Y. P. In A.A. Gp (164834)Steve DHillsboro OHMay-2010
District-19Hillsboro Tues Nite Closed Grp (129622)William S (GSR)Hillsboro OHJun-2013
District-19Peace And Serenity Group (701909)Steve DHillsboro OHJun-2012
District-19Put It Together Keep It Together Group (111439)Patrick B (GSR)Wilmington OHApr-2019
District-19Rainsboro Recovery Group (706808)Tony SGreenfield OHJan-2019
District-19Reaching Hands Group (130657)John W (GSR)Washington Ct House OHOct-1983
District-19Recovery On Friday Group (695858)Jimmy S (GSR)Blanchester OHMay-2010
District-19Sabina Group (145848)Gordon B (GSR)Sabina OHJun-2012
District-19Saturday Night Live Group (617159)Karla B (GSR)Washington Ct House OHJul-2019
District-19Serenity Group (171493)Steve DHillsboro OHDec-2004
District-19Sisters In Sobriety Group (693253)Joanne l L (GSR)Hillsboro OHJan-2010
District-19Sometimes Quickly Sometimes Slowly Group (720315)Linda T (GSR)Blanchester OHSep-2018
District-19Sunlight Of The Spirit Women's Group (695857)Nan LWilmington OHJun-2012
District-19Sunshine Group (171265)Charles S (GSR)Hillsboro OHJul-2005
District-19Thursday Night Jail House Group (p) (668863)Brian MWilmington OHJun-2011
District-19Thursday Night Miracles Open Discussion Group (669795)Jamie P (GSR)Wilmington OHNov-2011
District-19Washington Court House Group (111426)Karla B (GSR)Washington Ct House OHJun-2011
District-19Washington Court House Noon Group (687982)Hilda B (GSR)Washington Ct House OHMay-2010
District-19Wednesday Night Open Lead Group (725663)Paula JWilmington OHSep-2018
District-19Wednesday Nite Live Group (146170)Daniel B (GSR)Washington Ct House OHApr-2019
District-19Wilmington Just Be There Group (614416)Tim F (GSR)Wilmington OHMay-2019
District-19Wilmington Out To Lunch Bunch Group (705429)Mike M (GSR)Wilmington OHJul-2012
District-19Wilmington Tuesday Night Group (617270)Brian M (GSR)Wilmington OHSep-2011
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