District 10 (Delaware County)

District Committee Member (DCM)
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District Meeting
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Active Groups
DistrictGroup (Service Num)Primary ContactCommunityLast UpdatedData Added
District-10Ashley Welcome Home Group (684905)Julie LAshley OH2008-Sep2008-Sep
District-10Big Bird Big Book Group (719772)Scott C (GSR)Ashley OH2017-Mar2016-Sep
District-10Del. Sunbury Sun Morn Bkfst Group (111152)Scott LSunbury OH2018-May1977-Sep
District-10Delaware Dawn Group (673352)Scott D (GSR)Delaware OH2008-Jan2006-Nov
District-10Delaware Square Foot Group (705578)Amber RDelaware OH2012-Aug2012-Aug
District-10Delaware Sunrise Group (677199)Thomas B (GSR)Delaware OH2013-Nov2007-Aug
District-10Delaware Trotters 12 & 12 Group (716071)Suzette PDelaware OH2017-Mar2015-Jul
District-10Delaware Wednesday 12 & 12 Grp (111153)Cindy T (GSR)Delaware OH2017-Feb1977-Sep
District-10Friend Of Bill & Bob Group (722815)Chuck W (GSR)Sunbury OH2017-Dec2017-Oct
District-10Friendship Fellowship Group (130111)Terry A (GSR)Delaware OH2013-Nov1983-Aug
District-10Happy To Be Sober Group (618379)Melanie V (GSR)Delaware OH2013-Nov1997-Jun
District-10Liberty Fireside Group (703331)Annette NDelaware OH2017-Mar2012-Jan
District-10Monday Night Big Book Group (151321)Marsha LDelaware OH1989-Mar1989-Mar
District-10Monday Night Stairway To Heaven Group (662303)Ken F (GSR)Powell OH2008-Jan2004-Aug
District-10New Hope Group (725501)Dan K (GSR)Delawere OH2018-Oct2018-Sep
District-10Seeds Of Sobriety Group (p) (647054)Marsha LDelaware OH2001-Nov2001-Nov
District-10Serenity Inc. Group (712587)Verda E (GSR)Delaware OH2014-Jul2014-May
District-10Solution Group (641836)Cheryl SWesterville OH2015-Jun2001-Jan
District-10Sunbury Footprints Group (704739)Katrina CSunbury OH2017-Mar2012-Apr
District-10Sunbury Friends Living Sober Group (691837)Chuck WSunbury OH2010-Mar2009-Nov
District-10Sunbury Men Living Sober Group (704837)Larry HSunbury OH2012-May2012-May
District-10Sunbury Safe Haven Group (704601)John B (GSR)Sunbury OH2012-Apr2012-Apr
District-10Think Before You Drink Group (662305)Alex GSunbury OH2008-Jan2004-Aug
District-10Westerville Alcoholics Anonymous of A.A. Group (687877)Brian U (GSR)Westerville OH2009-Feb2009-Feb
District-10Westerville Friday Night H.O.W. Group (662701)Harold EWesterville OH2015-Mar2004-Sep
District-10Westerville Sat Morn Kiss Grp (149532)Art DWesterville OH2015-Feb1988-Oct
District-10Westerville Sunday Night Big Book In The Basement Group Of AA (711949)Karen S (GSR)Westerville OH2015-Feb2014-Mar
District-10Winter Street Group (111151)Dan D (GSR)Delaware OH2014-Jan1977-Sep
District-10Women's Freedom Group (725564)Emily B (GSR)Lewis Center OH2018-Oct2018-Sep
District-10Zoo Group (647492)Rod T (GSR)Powell OH2017-Mar2002-Jan
News about the District

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