Group Services Committee

Group Services Committee

Serves new and existing districts and groups in Area 53 by sharing information and experience to strengthen the General Service Structure.


The Committee coordinates and cooperates with all DCM’s to organize all inactive districts.


Group Services provides materials and information to assist in registering groups and districts with all service entities.


The Committee maintains and helps to coordinate the GSR School.


Group Services Committee maintains and presents Conference Approved Literature for resale at all Area 53 General Service Functions.

Group Services Committee


Dan H.


Upcoming GSR Schools

Contact Dan H. to set up a GSR School in your District or Event.


DistrictGroup (Service Num)Primary ContactCommunityUpdated
District-271:00 P.M. K.I.S.S. Group (638940)Denise SColumbus OHJul-2004
District-1211th Step Group (614556)Terry S (GSR)Springfield OHJun-2014
District-11th Step Prayer & Meditation Group (726304)Chris HLancaster OHJan-2019
District-1812 & 12 Big Book Study Group (141112)Vikky R (GSR)Chillicothe OHMay-2017
District-0512 & 12 Discussion Group (148026)John TCoshocton OHSep-2013
District-2112 & 12 Group (111322)Chris B (GSR)Portsmouth OHMay-2017
District-0412 + 12 = 24 Group (122985)Al SMt. Vernon OHApr-2011
District-1812 Steps C Unit Fri 2 P.M. Gp (p) (156947)Lamont SOrient OHOct-2014
District-2812 Steps For Newcomers Group (705697)Stanley H (GSR)Columbus OHAug-2012
District-2012 Steps To A New Life Group (721959)Barry H (GSR)Waverly OHOct-2017
District-30164 Page Winners Group (616838)Joyce C (GSR)Columbus OHMay-2015
District-152 For 1 Group (166777)Evan D (GSR)Marietta OHMar-2019
District-3724/7 Group (721695)Kathy I P (GSR)Columbus OHOct-2017
District-34347 Group (126715)Charles BColumbus OHMar-2011
District-06417 Group (717216)Jenna P (GSR)Bergholz OHMar-2017
District-374th & Gates 12 X 12 Group (711106)Brian L E (GSR)Columbus OHMar-2017
District-08/094th Dimension Group Of A.A. (662797)Barry B (GSR)Granville OHJun-2008
District-33501 Step Group (165921)Bill M (GSR)Columbus OHMay-2019
District-235460 Group (724646)David A (GSR)Columbus OHJun-2018
District-08/09735 Post Office Group (139080)Mike BNewark OHMar-2017
District-18A Better Future Group (p) (155669)George TunknownOct-1987
District-08/09A Design For Living Group (658061)Robert B (GSR)Newark OHMar-2018
District-A Night At The Mediterranean Group (725872)Elizabeth YColumbus OHNov-2018
District-A Women's Way Group (728855)Erika E (GSR)Delaware OHJul-2019
District-07A.A. Gameday Group (722385)Nicholas L (GSR)Duncan Fall OHOct-2017
District-11A.A. Rise And Shine Group (657161)Cherie B (GSR)Marysville OHOct-2018
District-18A.A. Steps & Traditions Group (p) (157188)Lamont SOrient OHJun-1989
District-37Abundantly Free Group (712092)Tonie CColumbus OHMar-2017
District-01Acceptance Is The Key Group (695731)Jackie ESaint Paris OHMay-2010
District-28After Hours Group (110844)Mitch WColumbus OHFeb-2013
District-26After Work Group (134936)Juli M (GSR)Gahanna OHDec-2013
District-21Alcoholic Of Sorts Group (721676)Paul G (GSR)Portsmouth OHMay-2017
District-04Alive Again Group (135807)Spence B (GSR)Gambier OHFeb-2011
District-23All About Recovery In A.A. Group (704613)Abigail DColumbus OHMay-2012
District-34Alpha Group (p) (155525)unknownOct-2014
District-12Another Choice Group (658896)Ronald C (GSR)New Carlisle OHApr-2011
District-26As Bill Sees It East Group (705618)Cheryl D (GSR)Pickerington OHAug-2012
District-08/09As Bill Sees It Group (158033)Elke B (GSR)Newark OHNov-2017
District-04As Bill Sees It Group (615825)Pattie SMt. Vernon OHMay-2010
District-12As Bill Sees It Group (640539)Bill SSpringfield OHAug-2000
District-13/14As Bill Sees It Group (684771)Eric O (altGSR)Lancaster OHDec-2008
District-37As The Week Turns Group (686979)Anne PColumbus OHMar-2009
District-13/14As Women See It Group (674335)Pam LPickerington OHJan-2008
District-13/14Asbury 12 & 12 Study Group (129360)Connie DCanal Winchester OHOct-2014
District-10Ashley Welcome Home Group (684905)Julie LAshley OHSep-2008
District-18Ashville 3 Topic Open Discussion Group (644446)Jim W (GSR)Ashville OHMay-2017
District-18Ashville Tuesday 12 & 12 Big Book Group (644458)Jim W (GSR)Ashville OHMay-2017
District-16Athens Monday Big Book Group (159581)Aaron C (GSR)Athens OHJan-2019
District-16Attitude Adjustment Group (660604)Mary Lynn SAthens OHNov-2016
District-34B & D Group (629966)Paul T (GSR)Columbus OHFeb-2016
District-30B Women's Group (684264)Judy W (GSR)Columbus OHMar-2017
District-33B.Y.O.B. Grp (Bring Your Own Book) (173646)Reggie S (GSR)Columbus OHNov-2011
District-12B.Y.O.B.B. Group (655823)James C (GSR)Springfield OHDec-2017
District-13/14Back To Basic Group (721849)Lori S (GSR)Lancaster OHOct-2017
District-28Back To Basics Beginners Group (650502)John SColumbus OHJun-2002
District-08/09Back To Basics Group (610994)Linda B (GSR)Newark OHSep-2018
District-13/14Baltimore Monday Night Mens Group (717061)Steven C (altGSR)Baltimore OHMar-2017
District-13/14Baltimore Open Disc Group (125782)Larry SBaltimore OHSep-2008
District-13/14Bare Bones Study Group (672276)Kevin WReynoldsburg OHOct-2018
District-06Barnesville Group (110848)Paul F (GSR)Barnesville OHMay-2017
District-01Beautiful Women Group (717487)Alicia G (GSR)Bellefontaine OHMar-2017
District-23Because We Can Group (663790)Brian EColumbus OHFeb-2005
District-37Before During And After Group (130873)Charles OColumbus OHNov-2014
District-18Beginners Group (716773)Kelly H (GSR)Circleville OHMar-2017
District-34Begot Group (648326)Kevin P (GSR)Columbus OHSep-2013
District-01Bellefontaine Group (110916)Judith BBellefontaine OHApr-2010
District-01Bellefontaine Saturday Evening 12 Step Beginners Grp (724672)David D (GSR)Bellefontaine OHJun-2018
District-34Better Together Group Of AA (723697)David SGrove City OHMar-2018
District-15Beverly Sobriety Group (177833)Richard TBeverly OHApr-2012
District-26Bexley Disc And Beginners Grp (111080)Chris MColumbus OHJan-2019
District-10Big Bird Big Book Group (719772)Scott C (GSR)Ashley OHMar-2017
District-07Big Book Discussion Group (129588)Jeff V (GSR)Zanesville OHJan-2006
District-08/09Big Book Group (110847)Terrie L S (GSR)Newark OHMar-2017
District-34Big Book On Tapes Group (171892)Martin D (GSR)Columbus OHMar-2011
District-05Big Book Study Group (136262)Krystal N (GSR)Coshocton OHMay-1985
District-15Big Book Study Group (125556)Gary DMarietta OHApr-2012
District-28Boiled Owls Literature Group (665149)Ben O (GSR)Columbus OHMar-2011
District-Breakfast Club Group (727911)Chris W (GSR)Zanesville OHApr-2019
District-13/14Bremen Friday Night Group (125765)James E HBremen OHSep-2008
District-11Brighter Day Group (p) (607616)James CLondon OHJan-2019
District-01Broken But Mending Group (669271)Brett H (altGSR)Christiansburg OHJan-2008
District-30Brookside Discussion Group (126371)Sue B (GSR)Worthington OHMar-2017
District-37Brothers And Sisters In Sobriety Group (711114)Stephen K (GSR)Columbus OHMar-2017
District-11Brown Baggers Grp (179502)Richard M (GSR)Marysville OHDec-2009
District-08/09Buckeye Lake Group (110930)Tully R (GSR)Buckeye Lake OHSep-1977
District-08/09Buckeye Lake Study Group (605331)Tully R (GSR)Buckeye Lake OHApr-1995
District-03Bucyrus Group (110931)Dan C (GSR)Bucyrus OHJul-2015
District-01By Now We Know Very Little Group (675525)Nora H (GSR)Urbana OHDec-2013
District-30By The Book Group (716217)Dana F (GSR)Columbus OHMar-2017
District-15Byesville Bring Your Book Group (716665)James H (GSR)Byesville OHAug-2017
District-06Cadiz Group (127003)Richard BCadiz OHSep-1982
District-06Cambridge Big Book Group (136996)James D (GSR)Cambridge OHAug-1985
District-06Cambridge Group (110933)Donald TCambridge OHFeb-2004
District-12Came To Believe Group (680386)Frank G (GSR)Springfield OHJan-2008
District-37Camp Fire Group (716854)Betty A (GSR)Columbus OHMar-2017
District-30Campus Turning Point Group (119115)Joseph M (GSR)Columbus OHApr-2013
District-18Candlelight Group (161680)Bob H (GSR)Chillicothe OHMay-2017
District-33Capital Square Group (119092)June RColumbus OHNov-2011
District-41Carrying The Message Group (667872)Barbara M (GSR)Columbus OHJan-2008
District-28Ceased Fighting Group (709353)Kevin K (GSR)Columbus OHMar-2017
District-23Chapel Group (676621)Patrick M (GSR)Worthington OHNov-2014
District-28Children Of Chaos Group (721504)Kerry M (GSR)Columbus OHMay-2017
District-18Chillicothe Sunday Closed Big Book Study Group (695184)Kristin W (GSR)Chillicothe OHNov-2017
District-26Chosen Few Group (713018)L S LColumbus OHMar-2015
District-18Circleville Big Book Study Group (670021)Jim W (GSR)Circleville OHMay-2011
District-18Circleville Friday Night Group (110990)Roger P (GSR)Circleville OHMay-2017
District-18Circleville Grapevine Group (642656)Homam Y (GSR)Circleville OHMay-2017
District-18Circleville It Takes Two Group (644447)Mike M (GSR)Circleville OHJun-2011
District-18Circleville Living Sober Group (721907)Rob E (GSR)Circleville OHOct-2017
District-18Circleville Mens Group (658001)John L (GSR)Circleville OHMay-2017
District-18Circleville Monday Lunch Group (156212)Mike MCircleville OHMay-2017
District-18Circleville Roundtown Recovery Gp (644456)Rob E (GSR)Circleville OHMar-2007
District-18Circleville Step Group (110991)Joe R (GSR)Circleville OHMay-2017
District-18Circleville Tuesday Noon Group (644454)Mike MCircleville OHMay-2017
District-28Clean Air Group (126872)Jim CColumbus OHFeb-2013
District-30Cliffhangers Group (144269)Jackie MColumbus OHMar-2018
District-28Cliffside 12 and 12 Group (683749)Doug L (GSR)Columbus OHSep-2010
District-33Clifton Ave Group (132747)Mary HColumbus OHApr-2013
District-28Clintonville Big Book Group (147312)Chris J (GSR)Columbus OHMar-2014
District-28Clintonville Step Group (675660)Joe RColumbus OHMay-2007
District-15Colonial Group (111256)Michael F (GSR)Marietta OHApr-2012
District-33Columbus Central Group (120260)John YColumbus OHDec-2015
District-37Columbus Southeast Side AA Group (705368)Lamont S (GSR)Columbus OHMar-2017
District-37Columbus Workhouse Group (p) (154183)unknownDec-1977
District-30Common Solution Group (687245)Rob W (GSR)Columbus OHJun-2015
District-12Community Group (119952)David G (GSR)Springfield OHAug-2016
District-13/14Courage To Change Group (719371)Meredith H (GSR)New Lexington OHMar-2017
District-33Cowtown Daily Reflections Group (709096)Cindy CColumbus OHMar-2017
District-07Crazy In Sobriety Group (627435)Vincent WZanesville OHMay-2011
District-26Creekside Recovery Group (713894)Dominique M (GSR)Gahanna OHMar-2017
District-03Crestline Wednesday Night Grp (132577)Richard SCrestline OHJan-1995
District-13/14Crooksville Back To Basics Group (725537)Jon S (GSR)Crooksville OHOct-2018
District-26Crossties Group (110825)Mike M (GSR)Columbus OHMay-2015
District-06Daily Reflections Group (705210)James S (GSR)Steubenville OHFeb-2015
District-34Daily Reprieve Group (706338)Doug DGrove City OHNov-2012
District-03Day By Day Group (601637)Robert P (GSR)Bucyrus OHOct-1994
District-41Daytime Discussion Group (111081)Larry CColumbus OHSep-1977
District-10Del. Sunbury Sun Morn Bkfst Group (111152)Scott LSunbury OHMay-2018
District-10Delaware Dawn Group (673352)Scott D (GSR)Delaware OHJan-2008
District-10Delaware Square Foot Group (705578)Amber RDelaware OHAug-2012
District-10Delaware Sunrise Group (677199)Thomas B (GSR)Delaware OHNov-2013
District-10Delaware Trotters 12 & 12 Group (716071)Suzette PDelaware OHMar-2017
District-10Delaware Wednesday 12 & 12 Grp (111153)Cindy T (GSR)Delaware OHFeb-2017
District-26Diamonds In The Rough Group (127223)Joseph C (GSR)Gahanna OHFeb-2015
District-23Dirty Dozen 12 & 12 Group (651455)Lori L R (GSR)Worthington OHAug-2016
District-37Dogs Without A Roof Group (677085)Mike P (GSR)Columbus OHJul-2007
District-34Don't Drink Today Group (685365)James J (GSR)Columbus OHDec-2010
District-33Drexal Avenue A.A. Group (111084)Dave AColumbus OHNov-2011
District-33Drummers Gay & Lesbian Group (110839)Julie P (GSR)Columbus OHMay-2019
District-34Drunk On Hope Group (724303)Jeremy C. JColumbus OHJun-2018
District-22Dublin Big Book Group (690950)Charles LDublin OHSep-2009
District-22Dublin Downtown Group (127013)Tom B (GSR)Dublin OHSep-1982
District-22Dublin Hope for Hurting Group (721224)Ted C (GSR)Dublin OHApr-2017
District-22Dublin Miracle Group (676500)Amy H (GSR)Dublin OHNov-2014
District-18Each Day A New Beginning Group (146336)Marilyn G (GSR)Chillicothe OHJan-1988
District-23Early Bird Big Book Group (164603)Tommy O (GSR)Worthington OHNov-2005
District-41Early Bird Discussion Group (133402)Dockery WColumbus OHJun-2018
District-05Early Bird Tuesday Nite Group (122907)Carol RCoshocton OHSep-2018
District-07Early Birds Group (653203)Steve BZanesville OHJun-2011
District-28Early Evening Faith & Hope Grp (177834)Tim M (GSR)Columbus OHNov-2017
District-18Early Evening Good Fellowship Group (146333)Raymond H (GSR)Chillicothe OHMay-2017
District-01Early Group (724673)David D (GSR)Bellefontaine OHJun-2018
District-20East Jackson Group (150457)Wesley W (GSR)Beaver OHDec-1988
District-26East Side Big Book Study Group (640726)Judith L CColumbus OHJun-2011
District-26East Side Late Night Group (180065)Scott RColumbus OHMar-2011
District-28Easton Surrender Group (705743)Rebecca K (GSR)Columbus OHMar-2017
District-37Eastside 10am Group (708904)Eric A T (GSR)Columbus OHMar-2017
District-08/09Easy Does It Beginners Group (688296)Sara ESummit Station OHSep-2017
District-37Environment Of Grace Group (725622)Kelley B (GSR)Columbus OHDec-2018
District-34Eureka Avenue Group (674677)Tricia M (GSR)Columbus OHMar-2011
District-42Expect A Miracle Group (609292)Kasie AColumbus OHSep-2017
District-26Eyeopener Group (699036)Les HReynoldsburg OHJan-2011
District-37EZ Group (681914)Marty GColumbus OHJun-2008
District-26Fairway Group (110874)Dwight DColumbus OHMar-2013
District-26Faith Hope And Serenity Group (652694)Becky MBerwick OHJun-2012
District-28Faith, Hope And Love AA Group (710571)Beth TColumbus OHMar-2017
District-07Feelings In A Can Group (705175)Jimmy L S (GSR)Zanesville OHSep-2012
District-26Fellowship Hall Group (634482)Terri M (GSR)Whitehall OHMar-2016
District-Fieldhouse Sobriety Group (726489)Rudy S (GSR)Reynoldsburg OHJan-2019
District-02Finding Restoring Choices Group (718893)Peggy M (GSR)Marion OHMar-2017
District-26First 164 Step Group (163205)Rick RBlacklick OHMay-2015
District-18First Capital Group (110949)James C (GSR)Chillicothe OHMay-2017
District-08/09First Things First Group (652432)William G (GSR)Newark OHMar-2017
District-12Flimsy Reed Group (646961)Blake BSpringfield OHMay-2011
District-26Four Steppers Group (150544)Igor B (GSR)Gahanna OHJan-1989
District-15Fourth Dimension Group (726595)Laureen D (GSR)Caldwell OHFeb-2019
District-07Frazeysburg Tuesday Night Sobriety Group (721022)Glenn E BFrazeysburg OHApr-2017
District-37Free And Independent Group (133764)Joe GColumbus OHMar-2011
District-26Free At Last Group (708987)Alison B (GSR)Columbus OHMar-2017
District-26Free From Friday 164 Group (628128)Shawn DColumbus OHMar-2011
District-37Freedom For Today Group (p) (155600)unknownApr-1987
District-19Freedom Group (129002)Dave J (GSR)Greenfield OHJan-2013
District-34Freedom Thru Truth Group (684272)Janie B (GSR)Columbus OHDec-2008
District-23Freethinkers Group (716055)Ed S (GSR)Worthington OHJul-2017
District-13/14Fri Night Late Happy Hour Grp (151089)Maralynn MLancaster OHSep-2004
District-26Friday Acceptance Group (145687)Don H (GSR)Columbus OHJun-2012
District-04Friday Afternoon Drunkards Club Group (670305)Crystal G (GSR)Gambier OHFeb-2011
District-13/14Friday Happy Hour Group (702005)Sheri MPickerington OHNov-2011
District-08/09Friday Little Red Book Group (110842)Elizabet M (GSR)Newark OHMar-2017
District-28Friday Men's Discussion Group (707775)Chris S (GSR)Columbus OHMar-2017
District-08/09Friday Midnight Group (166824)Michael CNewark OHMar-2017
District-16Friday Night 12 And 12 Group (161416)Carol D (GSR)Athens OHJan-2008
District-26Friday Night Beginners Group (694696)James B (GSR)Westerville OHJun-2011
District-11Friday Night Closed Disc Grp (123597)Judy Y (GSR)Marysville OHDec-2015
District-03Friday Night Faith & Hope Group (720138)Ron FMt. Gilead OHMar-2017
District-04Friday Night Group (139617)David RMt. Vernon OHApr-2011
District-13/14Friday Night Pickerington Gp (134938)Steve FPickerington OHSep-2008
District-12Friday Night Serenity Group (163822)Ken L (GSR)Springfield OHMay-2011
District-12Friday Nite Live Group (172488)Tim SSpringfield OHMay-2011
District-02Friday Nite We Care Group (127807)Dustin M (GSR)Marion OHApr-2018
District-08Friday Noon 12 & 12 Group (141091)Lindsay C (GSR)Newark OHJul-2017
District-13/14Friday Noon Group (133153)Cherie S (GSR)Lancaster OHOct-1995
District-07Friday Partiers Group (653202)Iva J (GSR)Zanesville OHDec-2002
District-10Friend Of Bill & Bob Group (722815)Chuck W (GSR)Sunbury OHDec-2017
District-37Friends Of Bill W Group (719659)Jim H (GSR)Columbus OHMar-2017
District-10Friendship Fellowship Group (130111)Terry A (GSR)Delaware OHNov-2013
District-26Friendship Group (111085)Rose AColumbus OHJun-2012
District-37From The Heart Discussion Grp (164715)Ken J (GSR)Columbus OHJun-2011
District-16G.I.R.L.S. Group (617756)Stephanie S (GSR)Athens OHMar-2011
District-15G.P.S.(Gods Plan For Serenity) Group (705217)Heather R (altGSR)Belpre OHJan-2015
District-26Gahanna Couples In Recovery Group (721277)Joe W (GSR)Gahanna OHDec-2017
District-26Gahanna Early Bird Group (684876)David H (GSR)Gahanna OHJun-2012
District-26Gahanna Gatehouse Group (128849)Thomas V (GSR)Gahanna OHMar-1983
District-07Garage (Mens CD) Group (137998)Andy B (GSR)Zanesville OHMay-2019
District-33Genesis Group (127388)Pam G (GSR)Columbus OHJun-2018
District-34German Village Sat Twilight Gp (149773)Vonnie L (GSR)Columbus OHMar-2011
District-34German Village Sun Brunch Grp (124522)Steve BColumbus OHMar-2011
District-33German Village Sunday Night Group (716072)Kenny S (GSR)Columbus OHJun-2015
District-26Get Back To Basics Group Of A.A. (662161)Ashleigh BReynoldsburg OHMar-2011
District-16Gift Of Lasting Fellowship Grp (611751)Andrew SAthens OHAug-2011
District-23Give It Away Group (717446)Tara M (GSR)Columbus OHMar-2017
District-34Glass 1/2 Full Group (713501)Greg RColumbus OHMar-2017
District-36Good Morning Breakfast Group (118743)Jim GColumbus OHMay-2011
District-13/14Good Morning Sunshine Group (703077)Samantha Dobrin R (GSR)Columbus OHDec-2011
District-26Good News Group (709980)Dominique MNew Albany OHDec-2017
District-41Good Samaritan Group (111087)Valerie C (GSR)Columbus OHAug-2015
District-16Good Shepard Group (161418)Jim C (GSR)Athens OHMar-1990
District-30Grandview High Steppers Group (138356)Della S (altGSR)Columbus OHNov-2011
District-28Grant Us The Laughter Group (695439)Kayla K (GSR)Columbus OHNov-2014
District-08/09Granville 12 Step Group (165536)Chrisse E (altGSR)Granville OHMay-2010
District-08/09Granville Alpha Group (123845)Shiela PGranville OHJul-1981
District-08/09Granville Eye Opener Group (668909)Sheila K (GSR)Granville OHSep-2018
District-13/14Grapevine Group (662835)Candace GLancaster OHAug-2017
District-18Grapevine Meeting Group (161683)Mark D (GSR)Chillicothe OHOct-2017
District-05Grapevine Meeting Open Discussion Gp (704919)John TCoshocton OHJul-2012
District-08/09Gratefully Dedicated Group (143127)Cindy G (GSR)Granville OHMay-2010
District-33Gratitude In Recovery Group (721361)Darryl M (GSR)Columbus OHApr-2017
District-19Greenfield Open Lead Group (638017)Gary S (GSR)Greenfield OHMay-2010
District-34Grove City Discussion Group (124245)Heather MGrove City OHApr-1996
District-34Grove City Serenity Group (676097)Mike M (GSR)Grove City OHJan-2008
District-37Groveport Sat. Open Discussion Group (111088)Steven SGroveport OHMar-2011
District-28Grupo Conecta At Stop And Grow Group (720549)Miles TColumbus OHMar-2017
District-34Grupo Esperanza Hispana (638232)Jose R (GSR)Columbus OHMar-2011
District-30Grupo Fe Y Accion De Columbus (676704)Omar SColumbus OHSep-2007
District-15H.O.W. Group (689673)Mike CMarietta OHMay-2011
District-06H.U.L.P. For The Sunrisers Grp (146417)Julie S (GSR)Steubenville OHSep-2014
District-15Hand In Hand Group (141507)Andrea H (GSR)Barlow OHMay-2011
District-34Happy Hour Group (724610)John P PGalloway OHSep-2018
District-18Happy Hour Group (699045)Lee M (GSR)Chillicothe OHMay-2017
District-02Happy Inner Peace H.I.P Group (704748)Peggy M (GSR)Marion OHApr-2012
District-10Happy To Be Sober Group (618379)Melanie V (GSR)Delaware OHNov-2013
District-34Harbor Lights Group (111089)Larry RColumbus OHMar-2011
District-16HCF Group (p) (155159)Marilyn FunknownJun-2005
District-33Heart Of AA Group (716207)Rozanne S (GSR)Columbus OHMar-2017
District-08/09Heath 24 Hour Group (111205)Joe G (GSR)Heath OHNov-2008
District-11Helping Hands Group (p) (154193)Jim GunknownApr-2012
District-09Here And Now Group (641396)Callie R (GSR)Granville OHMar-2019
District-07High Noon Group (177750)JoAnn N (GSR)Zanesville OHSep-2011
District-41High Noon Group (130982)Eric TColumbus OHNov-1983
District-37Higher Powered Group (716562)Steve W (GSR)Columbus OHMar-2017
District-37Highland House Open Discussion Group (688052)Mark T (GSR)Columbus OHMay-2009
District-22Hilliard Big Book Group (129974)James JHilliard OHSep-2018
District-22Hilliard Sobriety Group (631320)Steve C (GSR)Hilliard OHJul-2014
District-19Hillsboro Ohio Y. P. In A.A. Gp (164834)Steve DHillsboro OHMay-2010
District-19Hillsboro Tues Nite Closed Grp (129622)William S (GSR)Hillsboro OHJun-2013
District-34Hilltop Group (111090)Jim SColumbus OHApr-2013
District-13/14Hocking Hills Hope Group (643491)Laura LLogan OHJul-2012
District-13/14Hocking Hills Study Group (608438)Michael SLaurelville OHSep-2018
District-37Home Of The Stars Group (712644)Irvin FColumbus OHJul-2014
District-12Honey Creek Closed Disc Group (118899)Tom D (GSR)New Carlisle OHJun-1979
District-11Hope For All Group (p) (704616)Bill AMarysville OHMar-2017
District-28Hope Group (117411)John H (GSR)Columbus OHApr-2009
District-38Hope Is Found Here Group (162949)Kathleen SMarysville OHMar-2018
District-18Hopewell Moonlighters Group (146335)Dee P (GSR)Chillicothe OHMay-2017
District-33House Of Hope Group (111091)Mike BColumbus OHSep-1977
District-07How And Why 12 X 12 Group (650801)Glenn B (GSR)Zanesville OHJun-2004
District-30How It Works Group (127296)Ken FColumbus OHOct-1982
District-30Humble Beginnings Group (696801)Kip H (GSR)Columbus OHMar-2015
District-08/09Humpday Group (713730)Donna R (GSR)Pickerington OHApr-2017
District-30If We Work For Them Group (166878)Rick BColumbus OHMar-2017
District-01Indian Lake Care Group (703363)John G (GSR)Russells Point OHJan-2012
District-01Indian Lake Group (121610)Cyndi F (GSR)Russells Point OHMay-2013
District-01Indian Lake Pier Group (705434)David C (GSR)Russells Point OHJul-2012
District-28Indianola Ave B.B. Study Group (158484)Tim PColumbus OHSep-2010
District-13/14Inside Straights Group (p) (668812)Robert ONelsonville OHDec-2005
District-06Instrument Of Peace Group (610561)David C (GSR)Steubenville OHFeb-1996
District-04Intensive Care Group (136376)Bill LMt. Vernon OHMay-1985
District-12Into Action Group (609551)Michelle D (GSR)Springfield OHMay-2019
District-07Into Action Group (640936)Zanesville OHJun-2004
District-22Into Action Group (711738)Tyler G (GSR)Dublin OHJun-2019
District-22Into The Solution Group (683260)Greg G (GSR)Hilliard OHJul-2014
District-23Ironton Group (111214)Angie P (GSR)Ironton OHJan-2019
District-Ironton Powerless Group (726461)Dean W (GSR)Ironton OHJul-2019
District-06Island Creek Women's Group (724666)Julie M (GSR)Costonia OHJul-2019
District-13/14It's In The 12 & 12 Group (628132)Dave ELancaster OHJun-2012
District-41It's In The Book Group (687358)Gary BColumbus OHMar-2009
District-08/09It's In The Book Group (661870)Brandy G (GSR)Newark OHMar-2017
District-18Its In The Book Group (666640)Marilyn G (GSR)Chillicothe OHMay-2017
District-17Jackson Group (111215)Jeremy B (GSR)Jackson OHAug-2016
District-07Jail House Recovery Group (p) (671229)Rick C LZanesville OHMay-2006
District-23Jaywalkers Group (110834)Kitty C (GSR)Columbus OHSep-2014
District-08/09Johnstown Group (111217)Marcie CJohnstown OHSep-2017
District-08/09Journey Home Group (669796)Robert K (GSR)Newark OHJan-2008
District-26Journey To Sobriety Group (720330)Michael NNew Albany OHMar-2017
District-28Just As I Am Group (690919)Noah F F (GSR)Columbus OHOct-2009
District-12Just Do It Open Discussion Group (638553)William S (GSR)Springfield OHMay-2011
District-34Just For Today Group (666576)Mike S (GSR)Grove City OHJan-2008
District-06Just For Today Group (158942)Patti W (GSR)Wintersville OHJul-2019
District-13/14Just The Girls Group (723972)Loretta FPickerington OHJun-2018
District-18K.I.S.S. Group (616437)Rob C (GSR)Chillicothe OHMay-2017
District-12Keep A.A. Alive Group (637823)Frank G (GSR)Springfield OHMar-2012
District-23Keep It Simple Big Book Study Group (716763)Kris EWorthington OHMar-2017
District-01Kenton A.A. Groups (631558)Tim C (GSR)Kenton OHMar-2017
District-18Kingston As Bill Sees It Group (722042)Dee P (GSR)Kingston OHJun-2017
District-18Kingston Saturday Night Live Group (722044)Dee P (GSR)Kingston OHJun-2017
District-04Kokosing Valley Group (700045)Stan RHoward OHMay-2011
District-11L.O.C.I. Tuesday Night Journey To Live Group (p) (704617)Nick BLondon OHMar-2017
District-07Ladies Butterfly Group (177741)Cindle S (GSR)Zanesville OHAug-2016
District-13/14Ladies In New Recovery Group (p) (672314)Maralyn MLancaster OHAug-2006
District-07Ladies Sober Support Group (705598)Lisa DZanesville OHAug-2012
District-13/14Lancaster Hilltop Group (133274)Michael HLancaster OHJun-1984
District-13/14Lancaster Thurs Night B/B Study Group Of A.A. (659829)Kim HLancaster OHAug-2006
District-13/14Lancaster Thursday Hilltop Grp (111231)Michael HLancaster OHSep-2008
District-28Language Of The Heart Group (600679)Jason BColumbus OHMar-2008
District-37Last Chance Group (126835)Shane mColumbus OHAug-1982
District-33Last House On The Block Group (687482)Kim K (GSR)Columbus OHMar-2009
District-07Learn To Listen Group (179658)Jo Ann N (GSR)Zanesville OHMay-2011
District-08/09Learn To Listen Group (146915)David BNewark OHMay-2010
District-07Learning About Sobriety Group (614869)Steve V (GSR)Zanesville OHJul-2015
District-34Leg Up Group (647744)Chris C (GSR)Columbus OHJun-2013
District-03Lexington 24 Hour Group (119678)Craig R (GSR)Lexington OHFeb-2008
District-01Liberation Lunch Bunch Group (666644)Bill WKenton OHJan-2008
District-10Liberty Fireside Group (703331)Annette NDelaware OHMar-2017
District-30Life Begins At Forty Group (150619)Cindy Z (GSR)Columbus OHJan-2015
District-34Life Line Group (117550)Georgianna N (GSR)Columbus OHMar-2011
District-11Light House Group (p) (636052)Marysville OHNov-2014
District-33Lincoln Literature Study Group (725640)Margie J (GSR)Columbus OHMar-2019
District-28Listening Post Group (110850)Sean E. OColumbus OHMay-2014
District-26Liv Laine Group (123279)Jim SColumbus OHJun-2011
District-18Live For Recovery Group (723728)Teresa C (GSR)Circleville OHMar-2018
District-08/09Living Sober Discussion Group (155983)Jeremiah P (GSR)Newark OHSep-2018
District-17Living Sober Group (721862)Bob O (GSR)Mc Arthur OHOct-2017
District-21Living Sober Group (712402)Kenneth P (GSR)Portsmouth OHFeb-2019
District-37Livingston Group (722207)Johnny M (GSR)Columbus OHOct-2017
District-28Lodestar Group (636628)Ian H (GSR)Columbus OHJun-2017
District-13/14Logan Study Group (662790)Laura LLogan OHMay-2018
District-13/14Logan Sunday Study Group (666650)Mark MLogan OHMar-2016
District-11London Fellowship Group (123859)Ron OLondon OHApr-2012
District-11London Surrender Group (130609)Ron OLondon OHApr-2012
District-11London Survival Group (127477)Ron OLondon OHApr-2012
District-Lost And Found Group (726073)Debbie H (GSR)Columbus OHNov-2018
District-23Lucky 13 Group (696049)Brad S (GSR)Columbus OHAug-2013
District-06Lunch Bunch Group (646515)Ron S (GSR)Cambridge OHOct-2001
District-01Mad River Group (150951)Brenda P (GSR)Urbana OHNov-2014
District-11Many Voices of Women Group (727508)Brenda BMarysville OHApr-2019
District-28Maple Grove Group (111092)Tom B (GSR)Columbus OHMar-2019
District-03Marengo Tuesday Night Step Group (662304)Alan D (GSR)Marengo OHJan-2008
District-02Marion Noon Groups (160203)Carol BMarion OHJan-1990
District-08/09Marne Meeting On-The-Curves Gp (641672)Wayne S K (GSR)Newark OHMar-2018
District-11Marysville 12 & 12 Group (644299)Adam SMarysville OHMay-2001
District-11Marysville Fellowship Group (606149)Joe HMarysville OHApr-2012
District-11Marysville Friday Noon 12 & 12 Group (711727)Barbara P (GSR)Marysville OHApr-2019
District-11Marysville Group (111264)Katie M (GSR)Marysville OHSep-2019
District-11Marysville Primary Purpose B/B Gp (646514)Carl M (GSR)Marysville OHOct-2018
District-11Marysville Women's Hope Is Found Here Gp (704621)Vanessa G (GSR)Marysville OHMar-2018
District-15McConnelsville Ladies Group (708640)Renee LMcConnelsville OHMar-2017
District-01Mechanicsburg Wednesday Hope Group (715710)Robert N (GSR)Mechanicsburg OHMar-2017
District-28Meditating Peacocks Group (664807)Mark H (GSR)Columbus OHMay-2019
District-23Mediterranean Group (725871)Elizabeth YColumbus OHDec-2018
District-13/14Men In Jail Group (P) (682286)Don OLancaster OHDec-2008
District-22Men In Recovery Group (717506)Kent P (GSR)Hilliard OHMar-2017
District-04Mens Closed Discussion Group (171477)Ron FMt. Vernon OHNov-2014
District-12Mid Morning Recovery Group (680385)Richard D (GSR)Springfield OHJun-2017
District-34Midland Ave Big Book Disc Grp (126231)Melissa L (GSR)Columbus OHMar-2011
District-11Milford Center Group Of A.A. Group (653376)Tony DMilford Center OHApr-2014
District-13/14Millersport Tuesday Night BB Group (690769)Susan K, B (GSR)Millersport OHMar-2017
District-23Minerva Pk Group (170863)Rob S (GSR)Columbus OHMar-2011
District-21Minford Hope Group (666061)P. J. G (GSR)Minford OHApr-2011
District-13/14Miracles Happen Group (653890)Ann KLancaster OHJan-2008
District-21Mon-Fri Nooners Group (150456)Don C (GSR)Portsmouth OHDec-2016
District-08/09Monday Meditation Group (718886)Tom E (GSR)Granville OHMay-2016
District-26Monday Midday Group (110845)Patti HWhitehall OHAug-2016
District-01Monday Night Beginner's Group (143219)Thurman FUrbana OHApr-2011
District-10Monday Night Big Book Group (151321)Marsha LDelaware OHMar-1989
District-34Monday Night Big Book Study Gp (632513)Dave T (GSR)Grove City OHNov-2014
District-16Monday Night Buckeye Group (127693)Peggy F (GSR)Nelsonville OHSep-2011
District-15Monday Night Group (618050)Bob R (GSR)Caldwell OHNov-2014
District-06Monday Night Group (646459)Joe MCambridge OHOct-2001
District-10Monday Night Stairway To Heaven Group (662303)Ken F (GSR)Powell OHJan-2008
District-01Monday Night Womens A.A. Group (624840)Janet S SUrbana OHJan-2008
District-05Monday Nite Non Smokers Group (144581)Ray HCoshocton OHJul-1987
District-30Monday Nite Steps and Traditions Group (613598)Jeff B (GSR)Columbus OHMar-2016
District-08/09Monday Noon Group (148186)Mark Allen P (GSR)Newark OHMay-1988
District-11Monday Noon Second Shifters Group (682496)Dolly JMarysville OHApr-2012
District-16Monday Twilight Group (161419)Paul LAthens OHJun-2004
District-04Moody Blues Group (625331)Philip K (GSR)Mt. Vernon OHApr-2011
District-11Mount Sterling Sunday Night Group Of A.A. (704618)Al FMount Sterling OHJun-2012
District-11Mount Sterling Tuesday Night Group Of A.A. (704620)Ron VMount Sterling OHJun-2012
District-03Mt. Gilead Noon Group (678403)John MMt. Gilead OHJan-2008
District-03Mt. Gilead Wed Night A.A. Grp (179499)Alan D (GSR)Mt. Gilead OHJan-1995
District-11Mt. Sterling Big Book Study Group (720136)Brett B (GSR)Mount Sterling OHMar-2017
District-04Mt. Vernon Expect A Miracle Group (614215)Linda KMt. Vernon OHMar-2013
District-04Mt. Vernon Saturday Night Grp (111286)Gary BMt. Vernon OHMar-2009
District-33Mustard Seed Group (625776)Tina B (GSR)Columbus OHNov-2011
District-12NC 12 & 12 Group (714962)Tom D (GSR)New Carlisle OHMar-2017
District-12Neal Temple Group (111352)David C (GSR)Springfield OHNov-2010
District-26New Albany O.K To Feel Group (145861)Larry B (GSR)New Albany OHMay-2014
District-26New Albany Sobriety Society Gp (138392)David j R (GSR)New Albany OHFeb-2019
District-22New Beginners Group (674837)Matthew ADublin OHJul-2018
District-18New Beginners Group (161682)Ken M (GSR)Chillicothe OHMay-2017
District-11New Beginnings For Y/P Group (157097)James G (GSR)Marysville OHApr-2012
District-34New Beginnings Group (724609)Carol L (GSR)Columbus OHJun-2018
District-11New Beginnings Group Of A.A. (p) (704614)Lindsey AMarysville OHMar-2017
District-22New Freedom Group (666971)Diane A (GSR)Dublin OHNov-2014
District-13/14New Freedom Group (p) (164097)Jim GunknownOct-1990
District-10New Hope Group (725501)Dan K (GSR)Delawere OHOct-2018
District-33New Inner City Group (664953)Wesley F (GSR)Columbus OHNov-2011
District-13/14New Lexington Group (719742)Mark A F (GSR)New Lexington OHMar-2017
District-07New Life Direction Group (649951)Rusty MZanesville OHMay-2010
District-34New Life Group (117839)Renene P (GSR)Columbus OHNov-2014
District-03New Washington Monday Nite Grp (110793)Jim KNew Washington OHFeb-2007
District-01New Way New Beginning Group (712752)Lisa M (GSR)Bellefontaine OHJul-2014
District-08/09Newark Circle Of Hope Group (614577)Hobie V (GSR)Newark OHApr-2007
District-08/09Newark Early Morn Sunrise Grp (151267)Tim BNewark OHApr-2013
District-08/09Newark Moundbuilders Group (111289)Tim H (GSR)Newark OHJan-2008
District-08/09Newark Womens Sobriety & Serenity Meeting Group (714339)Donna A (GSR)Newark OHMar-2017
District-08/09Newarks Westside Group (652488)Jolten P (GSR)Newark OHJun-2016
District-05Newcomerstown Group (111293)Jeff DNewcomerstown OHSep-1977
District-30Nitty Gritty Group (121467)Amy JColumbus OHOct-2015
District-33No Change No Gain Women's Group (694487)Jackie MColumbus OHNov-2011
District-34No Dogs Allowed Group (722747)Nichole H (GSR)Columbus OHDec-2017
District-26No Name Group (Mens) (719764)Jason AGahanna OHMar-2017
District-37No Saints Allowed Group (707836)Shawn M LColumbus OHMar-2017
District-23No. Worthington Mid Week Open Disc Gp (135156)Eric LColumbus OHAug-2018
District-33Noon 12 Step Group (695157)Gary B (GSR)Columbus OHFeb-2018
District-34Noon Big Book Group (719807)Shirley HColumbus OHMar-2017
District-01Noon Open Discussion Group (670641)Tony K (GSR)Urbana OHMar-2008
District-26North American Sunday Group (111098)Laura R (GSR)Blacklick OHJul-2015
District-23North Group (111096)Zach R (GSR)Columbus OHMar-2013
District-23North Worthington Thursday Group (693456)Mike P (GSR)Worthington OHApr-2010
District-26Northeast Discussion Group (705639)Marcia H (GSR)Columbus OHOct-2018
District-12Northsiders Group (682872)Rocky R (GSR)Springfield OHMay-2015
District-04Nothing Else Worked B.B. Study Group (727588)Mark GMt. Vernon OHApr-2019
District-21Ohio Furnace Group (701290)John Lee B (GSR)Ironton OHApr-2019
District-37Ohio Pacific Group (643868)Jeffrey G (GSR)Columbus OHMay-2001
District-34Old COTA Group (712141)Kimberly F (GSR)Columbus OHMar-2017
District-34Olive Branch Group (111102)Jim N (GSR)Columbus OHMar-2011
District-26On The Way Home Group (630908)Ed AWhitehall OHMar-2017
District-21One Day At A Time Group (717420)Lillie Darlene B (GSR)Portsmouth OHJun-2016
District-20One Step At A Time Group (721841)Gerri P (GSR)Waverly OHOct-2017
District-34One Step Closer 12 & 12 Group (144564)Kathy R (GSR)Columbus OHApr-2013
District-30Open Big Book Group (664351)Jenny SColumbus OHJan-2008
District-23Open Door Group (110783)Penny S (GSR)Columbus OHMar-2011
District-34Our Last Chance Group (616925)Sam TColumbus OHMar-2011
District-26Out Of Towners Group (625318)Julie W (GSR)Columbus OHMay-2015
District-17Out To Lunch Bunch Group (648749)Marilyn D (GSR)Point Pleasant WVMay-2010
District-37Parsons Ave Misfits Group Of AA (714150)Glenn FColumbus OHMar-2017
District-08/09Pataskala Monday Group (121356)Mike L (GSR)Pataskala OHAug-1980
District-08/09Pataskala Wednesday Evening Big Book Gp (677084)John S (GSR)Pataskala OHNov-2014
District-06Pathway To Serenity Group (716073)Lorna WCadiz OHJun-2015
District-19Peace And Serenity Group (701909)Steve DHillsboro OHJun-2012
District-33Peace At Last Group (698776)Ray M (GSR)Columbus OHNov-2011
District-21Peace Found Here Group (703065)Dennis O (GSR)Lucasville OHJan-2012
District-33Peace Serenity And Hope Group (664334)Joseph C (GSR)Columbus OHNov-2011
District-26Perfectly Broken Group (721263)Greg H (GSR)Columbus OHOct-2017
District-13/14Pickerington Study Group of A.A. (702004)Tiffany FPickerington OHNov-2011
District-13/14Pickerington Thur Night Recovery Group (609635)Alan F (GSR)Pickerington OHAug-2010
District-20Pike County Group (111428)Barry H (GSR)Waverly OHOct-2004
District-33Pioneer Group (111103)Eric NColumbus OHNov-2014
District-11Plain City Group (643191)Charley P (GSR)Plain City OHNov-2018
District-17Pleasant Valley Group (120291)Ryan C (GSR)Point Pleasant WVSep-2017
District-28Plug-In-The-Jug Group (150113)Kelly C (GSR)Columbus OHDec-2012
District-33Poindexter Group (111104)Gary B (GSR)Columbus OHNov-2011
District-17Pomeroy Serenity Group (138270)Dave M (GSR)Pomeroy OHAug-2016
District-21Portsmouth Men's Group (727814)Andrew W (GSR)Portsmouth OHApr-2019
District-30Post Office Group (111105)Lorna W (GSR)Columbus OHNov-2011
District-23Practice Makes Progress Group (630909)Jeremy WColumbus OHOct-1998
District-34Primary Purpose Group (630648)Rick H (GSR)Columbus OHOct-2016
District-13/14Primary Purpose Gruop (161058)Roger LLancaster OHSep-2008
District-37Principles Before Personalities Grp (616836)Marty G (GSR)Columbus OHMar-1997
District-02Prospect Group (123917)Megan G (GSR)Prospect OHAug-1981
District-19Put It Together Keep It Together Group (111439)Patrick B (GSR)Wilmington OHApr-2019
District-13/14Putnam Prayer Group (725315)Jonathan S (GSR)Zanesville OHOct-2018
District-19Rainsboro Recovery Group (706808)Tony SGreenfield OHJan-2019
District-23Re-Entry Group (137097)Patricia PWorthington OHJun-2008
District-19Reaching Hands Group (130657)John W (GSR)Washington Ct House OHOct-1983
District-33Read & Glow Group (678220)Blanche R (GSR)Columbus OHNov-2011
District-33Real Women Are Heard Group (697081)Deborah SColumbus OHNov-2011
District-23Rebos Group (128886)Kay CColumbus OHMar-2011
District-23Rebos II Group (664333)Dick O (GSR)Columbus OHMar-2011
District-06Recovery Is Our Task (RIOT) Group (681652)Brett H (altGSR)Wintersville OHApr-2016
District-19Recovery On Friday Group (695858)Jimmy S (GSR)Blanchester OHMay-2010
District-26Recovery Road Group (133110)Ross J (GSR)Westerville OHJun-2011
District-28Red Carpet Group (111107)Paul HColumbus OHSep-1977
District-16Reflections Group (633842)Bob S (GSR)Athens OHApr-2015
District-33Restoration Group (156439)Steven D (GSR)Columbus OHMar-2019
District-26Rey AA For Thought Group (714157)Angela BReynoldsburg OHMar-2017
District-26Reynoldsburg Saturday Night Group (723251)Tom B (GSR)Columbus OHMar-2018
District-26Reynoldsburg Womens 12 & 12 Group (681345)Cassandra D (GSR)Reynoldsburg OHJun-2012
District-11Richwood Group (710452)Richard MRichwood OHMar-2017
District-26Rise And Shine Group (699639)Blair C (GSR)Gahanna OHMar-2011
District-06Riverside A.A. Group (150950)Tameka E (GSR)Toronto OHApr-2019
District-22Road To Happy Destiny Group (712660)Mark K (GSR)Hilliard OHAug-2016
District-26Rock Bottom 12 & 12 Group (716713)Michael S (GSR)Reynoldsburg OHMar-2017
District-18Rock Bottom Group (p) (607485)Lamont SOrient OHMar-2008
District-13/14Rock Solid Group (p) (672958)Mark R (GSR)Lancaster OHJan-2018
District-07Roseville Candlelight Group (706083)Herold H (GSR)Roseville OHMar-2017
District-07Roseville/Crooksville Unity Group (145411)Jaime W (GSR)Roseville OHJul-2017
District-01Rosewood Noon Group (667771)Kimala CRosewood OHJan-2008
District-28Round Table Discussion Group (119186)Alec C (GSR)Columbus OHMar-2019
District-12Rule 62 Group (132134)Heather L (GSR)Springfield OHMay-2012
District-28Rule 62 Group (718662)Marty D (GSR)Columbus OHMar-2017
District-13/14S.I.S. (Sister In Sobriety) Gp (648794)Kim S (GSR)Lancaster OHMay-2017
District-05S.O.S. Save Our Sobriety Group (149276)John TCoshocton OHJun-2008
District-19Sabina Group (145848)Gordon B (GSR)Sabina OHJun-2012
District-33Safe Haven Group (647914)Satoshi D (GSR)Columbus OHMar-2019
District-01Sat Morn Breakfast Disc Group (125349)Doug M (GSR)Urbana OHFeb-1982
District-23Sat Night Big Book Disc Group (146019)Todd D (GSR)Westerville OHMar-2011
District-01Sat Nite Mad River #i Group (110872)Lin C (GSR)Urbana OHApr-1978
District-30Saturday Afternoon Live Group (630307)Geese AColumbus OHDec-2017
District-26Saturday Men's Discussion Group (111110)King SColumbus OHMay-2015
District-08/09Saturday Mens Discussion Group (131111)Stephen E. H (GSR)Newark OHMar-2013
District-08/09Saturday Midnite Group (607668)Michael CNewark OHAug-2013
District-28Saturday Morning Seminar Group (719236)Terence J W (GSR)Columbus OHMar-2017
District-16Saturday Night Knucklehead Grp (161410)Gordon S. F (GSR)Athens OHMar-1990
District-30Saturday Night Linworth Group (137360)Linda D (GSR)Columbus OHMar-2017
District-06Saturday Night Live Group (654721)Carmine L (GSR)Steubenville OHMar-2003
District-19Saturday Night Live Group (617159)Karla B (GSR)Washington Ct House OHJul-2019
District-18Saturday Night Live Group (721895)James C (GSR)Chillicothe OHOct-2017
District-02Saturday Night Special Group (111262)John BMarion OHSep-1977
District-23Saturday Night Welcome Group (179423)Jack L SColumbus OHMar-2011
District-06Saturday Nite Live A.A. Group (119790)Shawn TCambridge OHNov-2016
District-16Saturday Serenity Group (647526)Doug B (GSR)Athens OHSep-2011
District-30Scioto View Serenity Group (148461)Tom B (GSR)Columbus OHMar-2017
District-22Secular Sobriety AA Group (699693)Ed S (GSR)Dublin OHSep-2016
District-10Seeds Of Sobriety Group (p) (647054)Marsha LDelaware OHNov-2001
District-06Seekers Group (111358)Tammy M (GSR)Steubenville OHOct-2013
District-12Serenity Box Group (149282)William SSpringfield OHJul-2015
District-15Serenity Group (133799)Tim S (GSR)Marietta OHNov-2018
District-19Serenity Group (171493)Steve DHillsboro OHDec-2004
District-11Serenity Group Of A.A. (p) (704615)Tina GMarysville OHMar-2017
District-10Serenity Inc. Group (712587)Verda E (GSR)Delaware OHJul-2014
District-18Serenity On Saturday Group (633229)Bill M (GSR)Chillicothe OHMay-2017
District-41Serenity On Saturday Group (639199)Tyrone KColumbus OHNov-2014
District-22Serenity On Sunday Group (684281)Don SDublin OHDec-2008
District-18Serenity On Sunday Group (721842)Barbara M (GSR)Chillicothe OHSep-2017
District-21Shawnee Group (111291)Todd E (GSR)New Boston OHMay-2017
District-28Shivering Denizens Mens Group Of AA (710388)Adam DColumbus OHMar-2017
District-12Simply A.A. Group (177587)Alison FSpringfield OHMay-2011
District-30Simply Sober Group (693703)Don L (GSR)Columbus OHDec-2015
District-26Singleness Of Purpose Group (632500)Scott R (GSR)Columbus OHSep-2017
District-33Sisters In Serenity Group (657168)Stacy C (GSR)Columbus OHNov-2011
District-19Sisters In Sobriety Group (693253)Joanne l L (GSR)Hillsboro OHJan-2010
District-Sisters In sobriety Group (726117)Kristina SLondon OHNov-2018
District-30Six O'Clock News Group (626096)Debra R (GSR)Columbus OHNov-2014
District-28Smiling Sallies Group (710686)Jennifer WColumbus OHOct-2015
District-12SOA Group (600397)Kristy R (GSR)Springfield OHJul-2006
District-07Sober 'N' Crazy Breakfast Gp (177753)Zanesville OHJun-2011
District-37Sober House Group (717134)Johnny M (GSR)Columbus OHMar-2017
District-17Sober On Sunday Group (640876)Robert OMc Arthur OHOct-2000
District-34Sober On Sunday Morning Group (712661)Yvette T (GSR)Columbus OHJun-2017
District-34Sober Sisters Group (725365)June NColumbus OHJan-2019
District-13/14Sober Voices Group (676235)Tricia ONew Lexington OHAug-2007
District-37Sobriety With Love Group (143770)Ralph A (GSR)Obetz OHApr-2013
District-30Sobrietys Lifeline & 11 Step Gp (136573)Mark T (GSR)Columbus OHJun-2012
District-10Solution Group (641836)Cheryl SWesterville OHJun-2015
District-13/14Somerset Open End Lead Group (629967)Roy M (GSR)Somerset OHJul-1998
District-13/14Somerset Rule 62 Group (672427)William O (GSR)Somerset OHJan-2008
District-19Sometimes Quickly Sometimes Slowly Group (720315)Linda T (GSR)Blanchester OHSep-2018
District-37South Ohio Speakers Group (677100)Chad M (GSR)Columbus OHMay-2017
District-18South Side Serenity Group (674632)Barbara M (GSR)Chillicothe OHOct-2017
District-26Southeast Breakfast Group (654097)Dion M (GSR)Columbus OHSep-2019
District-37Southside Breakfast Group (655946)Brittany NColumbus OHJul-2013
District-37Southside Discussion Group (139879)Gordon S (GSR)Columbus OHAug-2007
District-37Southside Sunday Morning Group (721121)Leslie MColumbus OHApr-2017
District-18Spiritual Awakening Breakfast Group (718392)Lynn M (GSR)Chillicothe OHMay-2017
District-23Spiritual Awakening Group (637410)Ed CWorthington OHFeb-2000
District-12Spiritual Gangsters Group (724492)Emily S (GSR)Dublin OHJul-2018
District-37Spiritual Life Is Not A Theory Gp (637162)Andrew S. MPickerington OHJan-2016
District-21Spiritually Fit Group (725267)Raymond D (GSR)Otway OHOct-2018
District-26Spring Into Sobriety Group (723916)Jay G (GSR)Columbus OHJun-2018
District-03St. Bernard Big Book Group (656670)Janet TSaint Bernard OHJun-2007
District-12St. John's Group (110829)Tony MSpringfield OHMay-2015
District-11Starting Over Group (p) (610427)Kk FunknownFeb-1996
District-23Step By Step Group (126693)Anne PWorthington OHMay-2011
District-13/14Stepping Out Group (p) (668413)Charles JNelsonville OHNov-2005
District-26Stepping Stone Group (111114)Lily LColumbus OHJun-2012
District-11Stepping Up Group (716156)Jean PLondon OHMar-2017
District-16Steps Of Sobriety Group (690429)Jerry B (GSR)Athens OHAug-2009
District-07Steps To Serenity Group (630911)VirginiaZanesville OHJun-2005
District-11Stepsisters Women's Candelight Group (704619)Karen TLondon OHJun-2012
District-06Steubenville West End Group (130475)Stu C (GSR)Steubenville OHSep-1983
District-12Stick And Stay Group (701453)Micah H (GSR)Springfield OHOct-2011
District-13/14Stone City Sobriety Group (716848)Deb R (GSR)Lithopolis OHMar-2017
District-28Stop 'N' Grow Midday Group (136913)Ian B (GSR)Columbus OHMay-2014
District-28Stop And Stay Stopped Group (161882)Julie J (GSR)Columbus OHJul-2015
District-28Storytime Group (722206)Annette PColumbus OHOct-2017
District-34Straight Up A.A. 12 Steps Group (675806)Hugh G (GSR)Grove City OHJan-2019
District-30Straight Up A.A. North Group (722384)T. L. VColumbus OHOct-2017
District-Strong Recovering Women Group (729027)Kathy D (GSR)Marion OHJul-2019
District-34Strong Women In Sobriety Group (714554)Susan M (GSR)Columbus OHMar-2017
District-10Sunbury Footprints Group (704739)Katrina CSunbury OHMar-2017
District-10Sunbury Friends Living Sober Group (691837)Chuck WSunbury OHMar-2010
District-10Sunbury Men Living Sober Group (704837)Larry HSunbury OHMay-2012
District-10Sunbury Safe Haven Group (704601)John B (GSR)Sunbury OHApr-2012
District-30Sunday Breakfast Group (111115)Zac F (GSR)Columbus OHJul-2015
District-08/08Sunday Breakfast Group (142286)Shawn F (GSR)Newark OHJul-2019
District-12Sunday Evening Smoke-Free Grp (133489)Dwight M (GSR)Springfield OHNov-2018
District-07Sunday Get Together Group (p) (618660)Jean MZanesville OHDec-2014
District-06Sunday Morning Awareness Group (140366)AJ C (GSR)Steubenville OHNov-2003
District-13/14Sunday Morning Breakfast Group (121634)Jim GLancaster OHAug-2006
District-01Sunday Night 12 & 12 Group (142825)Ryan E (GSR)Urbana OHAug-2016
District-12Sunday Night Big Book Study Gp (171281)Linda A PSpringfield OHNov-2015
District-06Sunday Night Celebration Group (179776)Darrell B (GSR)Steubenville OHSep-2016
District-02Sunday Night Clean Air Group (127901)Larry HMarion OHDec-1982
District-30Sunday Night Closed Group (137903)Jim L (GSR)Columbus OHNov-1985
District-06Sunday Night Group (721024)Jim R (GSR)Steubenville OHApr-2017
District-16Sunday Night Lead Group (161420)Janalee S (GSR)Athens OHFeb-2012
District-07Sunday Night Northside Group (111456)Courtney W (altGSR)Zanesville OHJan-2019
District-13/14Sunday Prestige Group (678632)Tom C (GSR)Lancaster OHMay-2008
District-30Sunday Reflections Group (175429)Matthew G C (GSR)Columbus OHApr-2019
District-30Sunday Riverside Disc Group (132926)Alberta J A (GSR)Columbus OHJan-2014
District-06Sunday Sunrise Group (649950)David M (GSR)Cambridge OHMay-2002
District-15Sunday Variety Group (110828)Jack AMarietta OHSep-1977
District-19Sunlight Of The Spirit Women's Group (695857)Nan LWilmington OHJun-2012
District-26Sunny Side Of Sobriety Group (725100)Donn RColumbus OHSep-2018
District-33Sunshine Group (709068)John W (GSR)Columbus OHMar-2017
District-19Sunshine Group (171265)Charles S (GSR)Hillsboro OHJul-2005
District-08/09Sunshine Group (130634)Andy N (GSR)Newark OHMay-2014
District-22T.G.I.F (Thank God I'm Free) Group (714397)Mike CHilliard OHMar-2017
District-30T.G.I.F. Serenity Group (606500)Jim GColumbus OHDec-2014
District-37Tag 5 Group (156437)Andy KObetz OHApr-1989
District-06Tell It Like It Is Group (163105)Pat A (GSR)Steubenville OHDec-2017
District-22The Dog Pound Group (139183)Mark SHillaird OHNov-2008
District-10Think Before You Drink Group (662305)Alex GSunbury OHJan-2008
District-13/14Thornville Fri Night A.A. Grp (163937)Jashua N (GSR)Thornville OHSep-1990
District-34Three Legacies Group (147227)R. Paul S (GSR)Columbus OHApr-2015
District-37Thurman Avenue Step Group (156637)Becky T (altGSR)Columbus OHOct-1994
District-30Thurs Noon Men Living Sober Gp (645209)Merrill MColumbus OHNov-2011
District-04Thursday Brown Bag Group (135682)Belinda R (GSR)Mt. Vernon OHApr-2012
District-13/14Thursday Choice Group (658032)Jeffery RLancaster OHApr-2016
District-06Thursday Hilltop A.A. Group (657464)Steve WBelmont OHJan-2008
District-08/09Thursday Just Say No Group (158482)John P (altGSR)Newark OHSep-1989
District-28Thursday Morning As Bill Sees It Group (723699)John MColumbus OHJun-2018
District-05Thursday Night A.A. Group (111128)Loran F (GSR)Coshocton OHMar-2011
District-19Thursday Night Jail House Group (p) (668863)Brian MWilmington OHJun-2011
District-02Thursday Night Marion A.A. Grp (111260)Devina BMarion OHFeb-2004
District-19Thursday Night Miracles Open Discussion Group (669795)Jamie P (GSR)Wilmington OHNov-2011
District-16Thursday Night Serenity Group (613687)Sam KNelsonville OHAug-1996
District-13/14Thursday Nite Open Lead Group (133924)Rosalynn OLancaster OHSep-2008
District-23Thursday Nite Welcome Group (134685)Terry W (GSR)Columbus OHMar-2011
District-08/09Thursday Noon Discussion Group (157793)Lacey H (GSR)Newark OHJul-1989
District-06Towers Big Book Study Group (701693)Kasey M (altGSR)Steubenville OHOct-2013
District-30Tradition Three Happy Hour Gp (625321)Kirk P (GSR)Columbus OHMay-2014
District-17Tri-County Group (111192)Joe P (GSR)Gallipolis OHMay-2017
District-30Trinity Noon Meeting Group (121071)Kalen C (GSR)Columbus OHNov-2011
District-30True Partnership Group (707130)Ed G (GSR)Columbus OHMar-2017
District-08/09Try Gratitude It's Free (TGIF)Group (708982)Jodie WNewark OHMay-2013
District-06Tues Night Open Disc Group (137524)Larry DCambridge OHFeb-2012
District-22Tuesday Closed Discussion Group (138869)Michael V (GSR)Dublin OHFeb-2005
District-30Tuesday Mens Group (645218)Jeff L (GSR)Columbus OHNov-2011
District-23Tuesday Mens Rope Holders Group (676304)Mark P (GSR)Columbus OHDec-2014
District-08/09Tuesday Moundbuilders Group (111288)Terrie L S (GSR)Newark OHJun-2009
District-06Tuesday Night (Seekers Of Sobriety) Group (696854)John J V (GSR)Steubenville OHSep-2018
District-12Tuesday Night 3rd Step Group (630039)Larry L (GSR)Springfield OHMay-2011
District-06Tuesday Night Beginners Group (157344)Jason DSteubenville OHApr-2004
District-01Tuesday Night Big Book Group (143716)David W (GSR)Urbana OHJul-2019
District-08/09Tuesday Night Closed Disc Gp (143131)Marcie C (GSR)Johnstown OHSep-2017
District-23Tuesday Night Welcome Group (111094)Marc W (GSR)Columbus OHMar-2011
District-02Tuesday Nite Big Book Group (132569)Tim DMarion OHMar-2012
District-03Tuesday Nite Keep It Simple Gp (627713)Dan C (GSR)Bucyrus OHDec-2014
District-08/09Tuesday Noon Group (171730)Thomas C (GSR)Newark OHJun-2016
District-12Tuesday Nooner Group (632662)John M (GSR)Springfield OHMay-2011
District-13/14Tuesday Open Lead Group (111230)Shirley Monk MLancaster OHSep-2008
District-07Tuesday Today Group (177754)Zanesville OHJun-2011
District-33Turn Key Group (p) (179922)unknownNov-2011
District-22Turning Point Group (706106)Todd W (GSR)Dublin OHJan-2013
District-15Twin City Group (131569)Steve G (GSR)Mcconnelsville OHApr-2012
District-02Two Doors Down Open Discussion Group (700461)Gene HMarion OHApr-2011
District-26Under New Management Group (139512)Amy A (GSR)Westerville OHJun-2012
District-26Unity Group (669049)Jamilah S (GSR)Whitehall OHMay-2015
District-Upper Arlington As Bill Sees It Group (727404)Jessica L (GSR)Columbus OHMar-2019
District-30Upper Arlington Lytham Road Gp (111118)Joseph O (GSR)Columbus OHMay-2019
District-33Upper Room Group (118451)Travis CColumbus OHMar-2014
District-01Urbana Friday Noon As Bill Sees It Group (709086)Paula M P (GSR)Urbana OHMay-2013
District-01Urbana Mens Ratskeller Group (659728)Thurman FUrbana OHApr-2011
District-28Variety In Sobriety Group (674833)Eric UWesterville OHSep-2010
District-33Volunteer Group (147690)Bob H (GSR)Columbus OHNov-2011
District-26Wake Up Into Action Group (713093)Jason S (GSR)Westerville OHAug-2014
District-28Walking Through The 12&12 Grp (169879)Roger MColumbus OHOct-1994
District-19Washington Court House Group (111426)Karla B (GSR)Washington Ct House OHJun-2011
District-19Washington Court House Noon Group (687982)Hilda B (GSR)Washington Ct House OHMay-2010
District-34Wave Three Group (129650)Dana JGrove City OHMay-2017
District-11Way Out Group (709405)Julie R (GSR)Marysville OHJul-2013
District-12We Believe Group (715611)Mary CSpringfield OHMar-2017
District-16We Came To Live Sober Group (616171)Phil M (GSR)Athens OHJul-2009
District-34We Do Recover Group (709014)Tosha G (GSR)Columbus OHMar-2017
District-13/14We Shall Be Free Group (648419)Cherl ALancaster OHJun-2017
District-05We Think Not Group (681344)David G (GSR)Coshocton OHJun-2008
District-07Wed Freedom Fighters Group (p) (625415)Jean MZanesville OHOct-1997
District-06Wed Night Open Discussion Grp (145587)Tom M (GSR)Cambridge OHNov-1987
District-07Wednesday Downtown A.A. Group (111455)Ashley R (GSR)Zanesville OHJun-2019
District-03Wednesday Night Discussion Grp (121611)Mel S (GSR)Bucyrus OHSep-1980
District-19Wednesday Night Open Lead Group (725663)Paula JWilmington OHSep-2018
District-16Wednesday Night Women's Group (710492)Nancy R (GSR)Athens OHMay-2018
District-19Wednesday Nite Live Group (146170)Daniel B (GSR)Washington Ct House OHApr-2019
District-08/09Wednesday Noon Swing Shift & Friends Gp (159696)Hobie V (GSR)Newark OHMar-1996
District-28Wednesday Promises Group (657395)Peg S (GSR)Columbus OHMar-2011
District-18Weekday Noon Group (136985)Nancy D (GSR)Chillicothe OHFeb-2013
District-21Weekend Winners Group (128760)Jesse M (GSR)Portsmouth OHFeb-2019
District-02Welcome Home Group (629963)Carol B (GSR)Marion OHApr-2019
District-30West Fifth Avenue Group (111120)Matt W (GSR)Columbus OHNov-2011
District-05West Lafayette Group Of Alcoholics Anonymous (714016)Rick T (GSR)West Lafayette OHApr-2015
District-01West Liberty Group (143545)Diana DWest Liberty OHApr-1987
District-16West Side Beginners Group (687121)David D (GSR)Athens OHOct-2018
District-23Westerville 12 Step Group (138787)John S (GSR)Westerville OHMar-2011
District-10Westerville Alcoholics Anonymous of A.A. Group (687877)Brian U (GSR)Westerville OHFeb-2009
District-10Westerville Friday Night H.O.W. Group (662701)Harold EWesterville OHMar-2015
District-23Westerville Group (111429)Mark G (GSR)Westerville OHMar-2011
District-10Westerville Sat Morn Kiss Grp (149532)Art DWesterville OHFeb-2015
District-10Westerville Sunday Night Big Book In The Basement Group Of AA (711949)Karen S (GSR)Westerville OHFeb-2015
District-26Westerville Women's Recovery Group (613251)Candace R (GSR)Westerville OHSep-2017
District-23Westerville Workshop Group (111430)Scott TWesterville OHMar-2011
District-34Westside Hope Dealers Group (719344)John G (GSR)Columbus OHMar-2017
District-37Willing To Change AA Group (709125)Omer A JColumbus OHMar-2017
District-30Willingness Group (179265)Tom KColumbus OHMar-2017
District-19Wilmington Just Be There Group (614416)Tim F (GSR)Wilmington OHMay-2019
District-19Wilmington Out To Lunch Bunch Group (705429)Mike M (GSR)Wilmington OHJul-2012
District-19Wilmington Tuesday Night Group (617270)Brian M (GSR)Wilmington OHSep-2011
District-37Winchester Freedom Group (717454)Heather I (GSR)Columbus OHMar-2017
District-33Winner Group (161965)Kimberly BColumbus OHNov-2011
District-10Winter Street Group (111151)Dan D (GSR)Delaware OHJan-2014
District-15Women In The Solution Group (673188)Kathy S (GSR)Caldwell OHJan-2008
District-33Women Living Sober Group (715172)Cynthia RColumbus OHMar-2017
District-34Women Of McKinley Group (706999)Columbus OHMar-2017
District-18Women's Candlelight Group (721909)Ginny M (GSR)Chillicothe OHOct-2017
District-10Women's Freedom Group (725564)Emily B (GSR)Lewis Center OHOct-2018
District-28Women's Work In Progress Group (719361)Louisa A CColumbus OHMar-2017
District-04Womens Big Book Step Study Gp (171478)Rosie UMt. Vernon OHJul-2015
District-28Womens Early Birds Gp (136293)Amy J (GSR)Columbus OHNov-2013
District-21Womens Freedom Group (144233)Amanda C (GSR)Portsmouth OHMar-2014
District-28Womens H.O.W. Group (140172)Pud BColumbus OHJan-2016
District-22Womens Hope Is In The Book Group (713818)Kellie S (GSR)Dublin OHAug-2017
District-34Womens New Hope Group (640696)Pam R (GSR)Columbus OHMar-2014
District-08/09Womens Saturday Morning Group (146836)Dawn W (GSR)Newark OHJun-2019
District-30Womens Serenity Group (147313)Liz L (GSR)Columbus OHAug-2007
District-26Womens Sobriety & Serenity Grp (618047)Andrea J (GSR)Columbus OHMar-2016
District-30Womens Sunset Group (628038)Jo Ann B (GSR)Columbus OHMar-1998
District-15Woodsfield Group (126156)Jonathon C (GSR)Woodsfield OHJun-2015
District-23Worthington Group (111441)Melanie P (GSR)Worthington OHAug-2016
District-23Worthington Liberty Group (625316)Kimberly WWorthington OHMay-2011
District-07Y Bridge Group (111457)Vincent WZanesville OHMar-2011
District-13/14Ya Gotta Want It Group (684602)Connie D (GSR)Lancaster OHDec-2008
District-26You Are My Sunshine Group (725099)Donn RColumbus OHSep-2018
District-18You Gotta Want It Group (173648)Jim B (GSR)Chillicothe OHMay-2017
District-13/14Young & Sober Group (703430)Roger LLancaster OHJun-2013
District-07Zane State Friday Night Group (110785)Mark SZanesville OHJun-2004
District-10Zoo Group (647492)Rod T (GSR)Powell OHMar-2017

Group Services Committee News

Three Legacies Group & District 34 Workshop | September 28, 2019

How to Arrive at an Informed Group Conscience and Sponsorship District 34 Workshop Hosted by the Three Legacies Group 2930 W. Broad Street Columbus, OH 43204 Hoge Memorial Presbyterian Church September 28, 2019 10 A.M. to 2 P.M. 10 A.M. How to arrive at an informed group conscience panel 10:45 A.M. Sponsorship panel discussion 11:15 … Read more Three Legacies Group & District 34 Workshop | September 28, 2019

Sponsorship in Alcoholics Anonymous

Over the years sponsorship has evolved into an important part of Alcoholics Anonymous.  Sponsorship can be defined as one alcoholic who has made some progress in recovery and/or performance in service, sharing this experience with another alcoholic who is just starting the journey.  The need to help one another is as important today as it … Read more Sponsorship in Alcoholics Anonymous

69th General Service Highlights | February 27, 2019

Stephen S., Area 53 Central and Southeastern Ohio   The Area Highlights are two-minute presentations made by the Delegates from the various Areas at the General Service Conference. They provide basic facts about each of the Areas for the other Delegates. Below is the presentation that our Delegate will present this year.   “Area 53 … Read more 69th General Service Highlights | February 27, 2019

Area 53 GSR School – District 21 – Portsmouth, Ohio

District 21 is hosting a GSR School at the Evangelical Church of Christ, 701 5th St., Portsmouth, OH 45662, on Saturday, May 26, 2018 from 10 AM – 2 PM. This event will be presented by Dan S., Area 53 Group Service Chairperson, and Marcia H., Area 53, District 26, District Committee Member. All materials … Read more Area 53 GSR School – District 21 – Portsmouth, Ohio

GSR School – Portsmouth – May 26, 2018

G.S.R. School in Marysville, OH

If you would like to discover the many resources available to the General Service Representative, please attend the G.S.R. School hosted by Districts 11 Saturday, November 4, 2017 (1:00 – 3:00 PM), Vineyard Church, 913 W. 5th St., Marysville, OH, 43040.

Dan S., Chairperson, Area 53 Group Services Committee

The GSR Kit – The Details

Have you ever heard somebody refer to a GSR Kit? What is in a GSR Kit? Once you’re listed with the General Service Office (GSO) as a new GSR, GSO staff will automatically send you a GSR Kit to help you get started in your service position. These materials are sent to new trusted servants … Read more The GSR Kit – The Details

Who me? Be a G.S.R?

A Note from Your Delegate: The journey to service, beyond the important chores of making coffee, chairing and cleaning table, is experiencing how other groups operate. One great way, is to contemplate, “What is a “General Service Representative?” What are the requirements? Lets think. “Am I sober? Am I willing and am I breathing?” If … Read more Who me? Be a G.S.R?

Group Services Committee Meetings

The Area 53 Group Services Committee will meet on September 9 and September 23 at the COGF Meeting Room,645 W Broad St, Columbus, OH 43215. The committee will meet 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm on both dates – please come to either or both! The purpose of the meeting is to planning the upcoming GSR School hosted by District 15 & 16 on October 15, 2017 in Athens Ohio.

Ohio State Convention Workshops

At the June 4th assembly information will be available on the program and registering for the Ohio State Convention coming up on July 28-30 at the DoubleTree in Columbus Ohio. On Friday, July 28, there are two workshops starting at 4:00pm (see below). The convention program, registration flier, online registration, and other details are available … Read more Ohio State Convention Workshops

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