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September 8th, 2024

DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Columbus - Worthington,

175 Hutchinson Ave, Columbus, OH 43235

This assembly will have Area 53 Panel 75 Officer Elections.

the Assembly

The Area 53 Assembly of Alcoholics Anonymous shall always be a service body and shall respect the autonomy and privilege of dissent of any or all AA Groups in the Area 53 General Service Conference Area.


In the course of its deliberations and discussions, the Area Assembly shall be ever mindful of the ideals expressed in the Twelve Traditions, Twelve Concepts, and The AA Service Manual and shall strive to be the true voice and group conscience of Area 53 AA Unity. In all of its proceedings, the Area 53 Assembly shall observe the spirit of the A.A. Traditions.


Service shall be the Area Assembly’s primary purpose. The Area Assembly shall encourage all Area 53 AA Groups to participate in the business of the Area Assembly and to support the Area Assembly in its efforts to cooperate with Alcoholics Anonymous at all levels.

Great care shall be taken:

  • That the Assembly never becomes the seat of perilous wealth or power;
  • That sufficiency of operating funds be its guiding financial principle;
  • That none of the Assembly members shall ever be placed in a position of unqualified authority over any of the others; and
  • That all important decisions be reached by discussion, vote and whenever possible, by substantial unanimity.

No Assembly action shall ever be personally punitive nor an incitement to public controversy. Though the assembly may act for the service of Alcoholics Anonymous, it shall never perform any acts of government. Like the fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous, which it serves, the Assembly itself shall always strive to maintain unity in thought and

About Elections


The Area Assembly is charged with electing a delegate to the General Service Conference, giving the delegate financial support so that he or she may serve the Area and assisting the delegate in their duties of the office.


The Area Assembly also elects an alternate delegate and area officers and alternates as outlined in Article V of the Guidelines.

Area elections occur at the September assembly in even-numbered years. The elected delegate and other officers assume their roles in the new panel that commences the following January in the odd-numbered year. The current Area 53 panel serving during 2023-2024 is "Panel 73." The next panel starting in January 2025 will be "Panel 75." Area 53 panel numbers are always odd numbers.


Chairperson: Marcia H.

Delegate: Ed A.

Recording Secretary: Joe M.

Registrar: Chris J.

Treasurer: Malcolm C.

Alternate Chairperson: Taffy J.

Alternate Delegate: Joel K.

Alternate Recording Secretary: Kari B

Alternate Registrar: Open

Alternate Treasurer: Brenda B.

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