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DistrictGroup (Service Num)Primary ContactCommunityUpdated
District-271:00 P.M. K.I.S.S. Group (638940)Denise SColumbus OHJul-04
District-1211th Step Group (614556)Terry S (GSR)Springfield OHJun-14
District-11th Step Prayer & Meditation Group (726304)Chris HLancaster OHJan-19
District-1812 & 12 Big Book Study Group (141112)Vikky R (GSR)Chillicothe OHMay-17
District-0512 & 12 Discussion Group (148026)John TCoshocton OHSep-13
District-2112 & 12 Group (111322)Chris B (GSR)Portsmouth OHMay-17
District-0412 + 12 = 24 Group (122985)Al SMt. Vernon OHApr-11
District-1812 Steps C Unit Fri 2 P.M. Gp (p) (156947)Lamont SOrient OHOct-14
District-2812 Steps For Newcomers Group (705697)Stanley H (GSR)Columbus OHAug-12
District-2012 Steps To A New Life Group (721959)Barry H (GSR)Waverly OHOct-17
District-30164 Page Winners Group (616838)Joyce C (GSR)Columbus OHMay-15
District-152 For 1 Group (166777)Evan D (GSR)Marietta OHMar-19
District-3724/7 Group (721695)Kathy I P (GSR)Columbus OHOct-17
District-34347 Group (126715)Charles BColumbus OHMar-11
District-06417 Group (717216)Jenna P (GSR)Bergholz OHMar-17
District-374th & Gates 12 X 12 Group (711106)Brian L E (GSR)Columbus OHMar-17
District-08/094th Dimension Group Of A.A. (662797)Barry B (GSR)Granville OHJun-08
District-33501 Step Group (165921)Bill M (GSR)Columbus OHMay-19
District-235460 Group (724646)David A (GSR)Columbus OHJun-18
District-08/09735 Post Office Group (139080)Mike BNewark OHMar-17
District-18A Better Future Group (p) (155669)George TunknownOct-87
District-08/09A Design For Living Group (658061)Robert B (GSR)Newark OHMar-18
District-A Night At The Mediterranean Group (725872)Elizabeth YColumbus OHNov-18
District-A Women's Way Group (728855)Erika E (GSR)Delaware OHJul-19
District-07A.A. Gameday Group (722385)Nicholas L (GSR)Duncan Fall OHOct-17
District-11A.A. Rise And Shine Group (657161)Cherie B (GSR)Marysville OHOct-18
District-18A.A. Steps & Traditions Group (p) (157188)Lamont SOrient OHJun-89
District-37Abundantly Free Group (712092)Tonie CColumbus OHMar-17
District-01Acceptance Is The Key Group (695731)Jackie ESaint Paris OHMay-10
District-28After Hours Group (110844)Mitch WColumbus OHFeb-13
District-26After Work Group (134936)Juli M (GSR)Gahanna OHDec-13
District-21Alcoholic Of Sorts Group (721676)Paul G (GSR)Portsmouth OHMay-17
District-04Alive Again Group (135807)Spence B (GSR)Gambier OHFeb-11
District-23All About Recovery In A.A. Group (704613)Abigail DColumbus OHMay-12
District-34Alpha Group (p) (155525)unknownOct-14
District-12Another Choice Group (658896)Ronald C (GSR)New Carlisle OHApr-11
District-26As Bill Sees It East Group (705618)Cheryl D (GSR)Pickerington OHAug-12
District-08/09As Bill Sees It Group (158033)Elke B (GSR)Newark OHNov-17
District-04As Bill Sees It Group (615825)Pattie SMt. Vernon OHMay-10
District-12As Bill Sees It Group (640539)Bill SSpringfield OHAug-00
District-13/14As Bill Sees It Group (684771)Eric O (altGSR)Lancaster OHDec-08
District-37As The Week Turns Group (686979)Anne PColumbus OHMar-09
District-13/14As Women See It Group (674335)Pam LPickerington OHJan-08
District-13/14Asbury 12 & 12 Study Group (129360)Connie DCanal Winchester OHOct-14
District-10Ashley Welcome Home Group (684905)Julie LAshley OHSep-08
District-18Ashville 3 Topic Open Discussion Group (644446)Jim W (GSR)Ashville OHMay-17
District-18Ashville Tuesday 12 & 12 Big Book Group (644458)Jim W (GSR)Ashville OHMay-17
District-16Athens Monday Big Book Group (159581)Aaron C (GSR)Athens OHJan-19
District-16Attitude Adjustment Group (660604)Mary Lynn SAthens OHNov-16
District-34B & D Group (629966)Paul T (GSR)Columbus OHFeb-16
District-30B Women's Group (684264)Judy W (GSR)Columbus OHMar-17
District-33B.Y.O.B. Grp (Bring Your Own Book) (173646)Reggie S (GSR)Columbus OHNov-11
District-12B.Y.O.B.B. Group (655823)James C (GSR)Springfield OHDec-17
District-13/14Back To Basic Group (721849)Lori S (GSR)Lancaster OHOct-17
District-28Back To Basics Beginners Group (650502)John SColumbus OHJun-02
District-08/09Back To Basics Group (610994)Linda B (GSR)Newark OHSep-18
District-13/14Baltimore Monday Night Mens Group (717061)Steven C (altGSR)Baltimore OHMar-17
District-13/14Baltimore Open Disc Group (125782)Larry SBaltimore OHSep-08
District-13/14Bare Bones Study Group (672276)Kevin WReynoldsburg OHOct-18
District-06Barnesville Group (110848)Paul F (GSR)Barnesville OHMay-17
District-01Beautiful Women Group (717487)Alicia G (GSR)Bellefontaine OHMar-17
District-23Because We Can Group (663790)Brian EColumbus OHFeb-05
District-37Before During And After Group (130873)Charles OColumbus OHNov-14
District-18Beginners Group (716773)Kelly H (GSR)Circleville OHMar-17
District-34Begot Group (648326)Kevin P (GSR)Columbus OHSep-13
District-01Bellefontaine Group (110916)Judith BBellefontaine OHApr-10
District-01Bellefontaine Saturday Evening 12 Step Beginners Grp (724672)David D (GSR)Bellefontaine OHJun-18
District-34Better Together Group Of AA (723697)David SGrove City OHMar-18
District-15Beverly Sobriety Group (177833)Richard TBeverly OHApr-12
District-26Bexley Disc And Beginners Grp (111080)Chris MColumbus OHJan-19
District-10Big Bird Big Book Group (719772)Scott C (GSR)Ashley OHMar-17
District-07Big Book Discussion Group (129588)Jeff V (GSR)Zanesville OHJan-06
District-08/09Big Book Group (110847)Terrie L S (GSR)Newark OHMar-17
District-34Big Book On Tapes Group (171892)Martin D (GSR)Columbus OHMar-11
District-05Big Book Study Group (136262)Krystal N (GSR)Coshocton OHMay-85
District-15Big Book Study Group (125556)Gary DMarietta OHApr-12
District-28Boiled Owls Literature Group (665149)Ben O (GSR)Columbus OHMar-11
District-Breakfast Club Group (727911)Chris W (GSR)Zanesville OHApr-19
District-13/14Bremen Friday Night Group (125765)James E HBremen OHSep-08
District-11Brighter Day Group (p) (607616)James CLondon OHJan-19
District-01Broken But Mending Group (669271)Brett H (altGSR)Christiansburg OHJan-08
District-30Brookside Discussion Group (126371)Sue B (GSR)Worthington OHMar-17
District-37Brothers And Sisters In Sobriety Group (711114)Stephen K (GSR)Columbus OHMar-17
District-11Brown Baggers Grp (179502)Richard M (GSR)Marysville OHDec-09
District-08/09Buckeye Lake Group (110930)Tully R (GSR)Buckeye Lake OHSep-77
District-08/09Buckeye Lake Study Group (605331)Tully R (GSR)Buckeye Lake OHApr-95
District-03Bucyrus Group (110931)Dan C (GSR)Bucyrus OHJul-15
District-01By Now We Know Very Little Group (675525)Nora H (GSR)Urbana OHDec-13
District-30By The Book Group (716217)Dana F (GSR)Columbus OHMar-17
District-15Byesville Bring Your Book Group (716665)James H (GSR)Byesville OHAug-17
District-06Cadiz Group (127003)Richard BCadiz OHSep-82
District-06Cambridge Big Book Group (136996)James D (GSR)Cambridge OHAug-85
District-06Cambridge Group (110933)Donald TCambridge OHFeb-04
District-12Came To Believe Group (680386)Frank G (GSR)Springfield OHJan-08
District-37Camp Fire Group (716854)Betty A (GSR)Columbus OHMar-17
District-30Campus Turning Point Group (119115)Joseph M (GSR)Columbus OHApr-13
District-18Candlelight Group (161680)Bob H (GSR)Chillicothe OHMay-17
District-33Capital Square Group (119092)June RColumbus OHNov-11
District-41Carrying The Message Group (667872)Barbara M (GSR)Columbus OHJan-08
District-28Ceased Fighting Group (709353)Kevin K (GSR)Columbus OHMar-17
District-23Chapel Group (676621)Patrick M (GSR)Worthington OHNov-14
District-28Children Of Chaos Group (721504)Kerry M (GSR)Columbus OHMay-17
District-18Chillicothe Sunday Closed Big Book Study Group (695184)Kristin W (GSR)Chillicothe OHNov-17
District-26Chosen Few Group (713018)L S LColumbus OHMar-15
District-18Circleville Big Book Study Group (670021)Jim W (GSR)Circleville OHMay-11
District-18Circleville Friday Night Group (110990)Roger P (GSR)Circleville OHMay-17
District-18Circleville Grapevine Group (642656)Homam Y (GSR)Circleville OHMay-17
District-18Circleville It Takes Two Group (644447)Mike M (GSR)Circleville OHJun-11
District-18Circleville Living Sober Group (721907)Rob E (GSR)Circleville OHOct-17
District-18Circleville Mens Group (658001)John L (GSR)Circleville OHMay-17
District-18Circleville Monday Lunch Group (156212)Mike MCircleville OHMay-17
District-18Circleville Roundtown Recovery Gp (644456)Rob E (GSR)Circleville OHMar-07
District-18Circleville Step Group (110991)Joe R (GSR)Circleville OHMay-17
District-18Circleville Tuesday Noon Group (644454)Mike MCircleville OHMay-17
District-28Clean Air Group (126872)Jim CColumbus OHFeb-13
District-30Cliffhangers Group (144269)Jackie MColumbus OHMar-18
District-28Cliffside 12 and 12 Group (683749)Doug L (GSR)Columbus OHSep-10
District-33Clifton Ave Group (132747)Mary HColumbus OHApr-13
District-28Clintonville Big Book Group (147312)Chris J (GSR)Columbus OHMar-14
District-28Clintonville Step Group (675660)Joe RColumbus OHMay-07
District-15Colonial Group (111256)Michael F (GSR)Marietta OHApr-12
District-33Columbus Central Group (120260)John YColumbus OHDec-15
District-37Columbus Southeast Side AA Group (705368)Lamont S (GSR)Columbus OHMar-17
District-37Columbus Workhouse Group (p) (154183)unknownDec-77
District-30Common Solution Group (687245)Rob W (GSR)Columbus OHJun-15
District-12Community Group (119952)David G (GSR)Springfield OHAug-16
District-13/14Courage To Change Group (719371)Meredith H (GSR)New Lexington OHMar-17
District-33Cowtown Daily Reflections Group (709096)Cindy CColumbus OHMar-17
District-07Crazy In Sobriety Group (627435)Vincent WZanesville OHMay-11
District-26Creekside Recovery Group (713894)Dominique M (GSR)Gahanna OHMar-17
District-03Crestline Wednesday Night Grp (132577)Richard SCrestline OHJan-95
District-13/14Crooksville Back To Basics Group (725537)Jon S (GSR)Crooksville OHOct-18
District-26Crossties Group (110825)Mike M (GSR)Columbus OHMay-15
District-06Daily Reflections Group (705210)James S (GSR)Steubenville OHFeb-15
District-34Daily Reprieve Group (706338)Doug DGrove City OHNov-12
District-03Day By Day Group (601637)Robert P (GSR)Bucyrus OHOct-94
District-41Daytime Discussion Group (111081)Larry CColumbus OHSep-77
District-10Del. Sunbury Sun Morn Bkfst Group (111152)Scott LSunbury OHMay-18
District-10Delaware Dawn Group (673352)Scott D (GSR)Delaware OHJan-08
District-10Delaware Square Foot Group (705578)Amber RDelaware OHAug-12
District-10Delaware Sunrise Group (677199)Thomas B (GSR)Delaware OHNov-13
District-10Delaware Trotters 12 & 12 Group (716071)Suzette PDelaware OHMar-17
District-10Delaware Wednesday 12 & 12 Grp (111153)Cindy T (GSR)Delaware OHFeb-17
District-26Diamonds In The Rough Group (127223)Joseph C (GSR)Gahanna OHFeb-15
District-23Dirty Dozen 12 & 12 Group (651455)Lori L R (GSR)Worthington OHAug-16
District-37Dogs Without A Roof Group (677085)Mike P (GSR)Columbus OHJul-07
District-34Don't Drink Today Group (685365)James J (GSR)Columbus OHDec-10
District-33Drexal Avenue A.A. Group (111084)Dave AColumbus OHNov-11
District-33Drummers Gay & Lesbian Group (110839)Julie P (GSR)Columbus OHMay-19
District-34Drunk On Hope Group (724303)Jeremy C. JColumbus OHJun-18
District-22Dublin Big Book Group (690950)Charles LDublin OHSep-09
District-22Dublin Downtown Group (127013)Tom B (GSR)Dublin OHSep-82
District-22Dublin Hope for Hurting Group (721224)Ted C (GSR)Dublin OHApr-17
District-22Dublin Miracle Group (676500)Amy H (GSR)Dublin OHNov-14
District-18Each Day A New Beginning Group (146336)Marilyn G (GSR)Chillicothe OHJan-88
District-23Early Bird Big Book Group (164603)Tommy O (GSR)Worthington OHNov-05
District-41Early Bird Discussion Group (133402)Dockery WColumbus OHJun-18
District-05Early Bird Tuesday Nite Group (122907)Carol RCoshocton OHSep-18
District-07Early Birds Group (653203)Steve BZanesville OHJun-11
District-28Early Evening Faith & Hope Grp (177834)Tim M (GSR)Columbus OHNov-17
District-18Early Evening Good Fellowship Group (146333)Raymond H (GSR)Chillicothe OHMay-17
District-01Early Group (724673)David D (GSR)Bellefontaine OHJun-18
District-20East Jackson Group (150457)Wesley W (GSR)Beaver OHDec-88
District-26East Side Big Book Study Group (640726)Judith L CColumbus OHJun-11
District-26East Side Late Night Group (180065)Scott RColumbus OHMar-11
District-28Easton Surrender Group (705743)Rebecca K (GSR)Columbus OHMar-17
District-37Eastside 10am Group (708904)Eric A T (GSR)Columbus OHMar-17
District-08/09Easy Does It Beginners Group (688296)Sara ESummit Station OHSep-17
District-37Environment Of Grace Group (725622)Kelley B (GSR)Columbus OHDec-18
District-34Eureka Avenue Group (674677)Tricia M (GSR)Columbus OHMar-11
District-42Expect A Miracle Group (609292)Kasie AColumbus OHSep-17
District-26Eyeopener Group (699036)Les HReynoldsburg OHJan-11
District-37EZ Group (681914)Marty GColumbus OHJun-08
District-26Fairway Group (110874)Dwight DColumbus OHMar-13
District-26Faith Hope And Serenity Group (652694)Becky MBerwick OHJun-12
District-28Faith, Hope And Love AA Group (710571)Beth TColumbus OHMar-17
District-07Feelings In A Can Group (705175)Jimmy L S (GSR)Zanesville OHSep-12
District-26Fellowship Hall Group (634482)Terri M (GSR)Whitehall OHMar-16
District-26Fieldhouse Sobriety Group (726489)Rudy S (GSR)Reynoldsburg OHJan-19
District-02Finding Restoring Choices Group (718893)Peggy M (GSR)Marion OHMar-17
District-26First 164 Step Group (163205)Rick RBlacklick OHMay-15
District-18First Capital Group (110949)James C (GSR)Chillicothe OHMay-17
District-08/09First Things First Group (652432)William G (GSR)Newark OHMar-17
District-12Flimsy Reed Group (646961)Blake BSpringfield OHMay-11
District-26Four Steppers Group (150544)Igor B (GSR)Gahanna OHJan-89
District-15Fourth Dimension Group (726595)Laureen D (GSR)Caldwell OHFeb-19
District-07Frazeysburg Tuesday Night Sobriety Group (721022)Glenn E BFrazeysburg OHApr-17
District-37Free And Independent Group (133764)Joe GColumbus OHMar-11
District-26Free At Last Group (708987)Alison B (GSR)Columbus OHMar-17
District-26Free From Friday 164 Group (628128)Shawn DColumbus OHMar-11
District-37Freedom For Today Group (p) (155600)unknownApr-87
District-19Freedom Group (129002)Dave J (GSR)Greenfield OHJan-13
District-34Freedom Thru Truth Group (684272)Janie B (GSR)Columbus OHDec-08
District-23Freethinkers Group (716055)Ed S (GSR)Worthington OHJul-17
District-13/14Fri Night Late Happy Hour Grp (151089)Maralynn MLancaster OHSep-04
District-26Friday Acceptance Group (145687)Don H (GSR)Columbus OHJun-12
District-04Friday Afternoon Drunkards Club Group (670305)Crystal G (GSR)Gambier OHFeb-11
District-13/14Friday Happy Hour Group (702005)Sheri MPickerington OHNov-11
District-08/09Friday Little Red Book Group (110842)Elizabet M (GSR)Newark OHMar-17
District-28Friday Men's Discussion Group (707775)Chris S (GSR)Columbus OHMar-17
District-08/09Friday Midnight Group (166824)Michael CNewark OHMar-17
District-16Friday Night 12 And 12 Group (161416)Carol D (GSR)Athens OHJan-08
District-26Friday Night Beginners Group (694696)James B (GSR)Westerville OHJun-11
District-11Friday Night Closed Disc Grp (123597)Judy Y (GSR)Marysville OHDec-15
District-03Friday Night Faith & Hope Group (720138)Ron FMt. Gilead OHMar-17
District-04Friday Night Group (139617)David RMt. Vernon OHApr-11
District-13/14Friday Night Pickerington Gp (134938)Steve FPickerington OHSep-08
District-12Friday Night Serenity Group (163822)Ken L (GSR)Springfield OHMay-11
District-12Friday Nite Live Group (172488)Tim SSpringfield OHMay-11
District-02Friday Nite We Care Group (127807)Dustin M (GSR)Marion OHApr-18
District-08Friday Noon 12 & 12 Group (141091)Lindsay C (GSR)Newark OHJul-17
District-13/14Friday Noon Group (133153)Cherie S (GSR)Lancaster OHOct-95
District-07Friday Partiers Group (653202)Iva J (GSR)Zanesville OHDec-02
District-10Friend Of Bill & Bob Group (722815)Chuck W (GSR)Sunbury OHDec-17
District-37Friends Of Bill W Group (719659)Jim H (GSR)Columbus OHMar-17
District-10Friendship Fellowship Group (130111)Terry A (GSR)Delaware OHNov-13
District-26Friendship Group (111085)Rose AColumbus OHJun-12
District-37From The Heart Discussion Grp (164715)Ken J (GSR)Columbus OHJun-11
District-16G.I.R.L.S. Group (617756)Stephanie S (GSR)Athens OHMar-11
District-15G.P.S.(Gods Plan For Serenity) Group (705217)Heather R (altGSR)Belpre OHJan-15
District-26Gahanna Couples In Recovery Group (721277)Joe W (GSR)Gahanna OHDec-17
District-26Gahanna Early Bird Group (684876)David H (GSR)Gahanna OHJun-12
District-26Gahanna Gatehouse Group (128849)Thomas V (GSR)Gahanna OHMar-83
District-07Garage (Mens CD) Group (137998)Andy B (GSR)Zanesville OHMay-19
District-33Genesis Group (127388)Pam G (GSR)Columbus OHJun-18
District-34German Village Sat Twilight Gp (149773)Vonnie L (GSR)Columbus OHMar-11
District-34German Village Sun Brunch Grp (124522)Steve BColumbus OHMar-11
District-33German Village Sunday Night Group (716072)Kenny S (GSR)Columbus OHJun-15
District-26Get Back To Basics Group Of A.A. (662161)Ashleigh BReynoldsburg OHMar-11
District-16Gift Of Lasting Fellowship Grp (611751)Andrew SAthens OHAug-11
District-23Give It Away Group (717446)Tara M (GSR)Columbus OHMar-17
District-34Glass 1/2 Full Group (713501)Greg RColumbus OHMar-17
District-36Good Morning Breakfast Group (118743)Jim GColumbus OHMay-11
District-13/14Good Morning Sunshine Group (703077)Samantha Dobrin R (GSR)Columbus OHDec-11
District-26Good News Group (709980)Dominique MNew Albany OHDec-17
District-41Good Samaritan Group (111087)Valerie C (GSR)Columbus OHAug-15
District-16Good Shepard Group (161418)Jim C (GSR)Athens OHMar-90
District-30Grandview High Steppers Group (138356)Della S (altGSR)Columbus OHNov-11
District-28Grant Us The Laughter Group (695439)Kayla K (GSR)Columbus OHNov-14
District-08/09Granville 12 Step Group (165536)Chrisse E (altGSR)Granville OHMay-10
District-08/09Granville Alpha Group (123845)Shiela PGranville OHJul-81
District-08/09Granville Eye Opener Group (668909)Sheila K (GSR)Granville OHSep-18
District-13/14Grapevine Group (662835)Candace GLancaster OHAug-17
District-18Grapevine Meeting Group (161683)Mark D (GSR)Chillicothe OHOct-17
District-05Grapevine Meeting Open Discussion Gp (704919)John TCoshocton OHJul-12
District-08/09Gratefully Dedicated Group (143127)Cindy G (GSR)Granville OHMay-10
District-33Gratitude In Recovery Group (721361)Darryl M (GSR)Columbus OHApr-17
District-19Greenfield Open Lead Group (638017)Gary S (GSR)Greenfield OHMay-10
District-34Grove City Discussion Group (124245)Heather MGrove City OHApr-96
District-34Grove City Serenity Group (676097)Mike M (GSR)Grove City OHJan-08
District-37Groveport Sat. Open Discussion Group (111088)Steven SGroveport OHMar-11
District-28Grupo Conecta At Stop And Grow Group (720549)Miles TColumbus OHMar-17
District-34Grupo Esperanza Hispana (638232)Jose R (GSR)Columbus OHMar-11
District-30Grupo Fe Y Accion De Columbus (676704)Omar SColumbus OHSep-07
District-15H.O.W. Group (689673)Mike CMarietta OHMay-11
District-06H.U.L.P. For The Sunrisers Grp (146417)Julie S (GSR)Steubenville OHSep-14
District-15Hand In Hand Group (141507)Andrea H (GSR)Barlow OHMay-11
District-34Happy Hour Group (724610)John P PGalloway OHSep-18
District-18Happy Hour Group (699045)Lee M (GSR)Chillicothe OHMay-17
District-02Happy Inner Peace H.I.P Group (704748)Peggy M (GSR)Marion OHApr-12
District-10Happy To Be Sober Group (618379)Melanie V (GSR)Delaware OHNov-13
District-34Harbor Lights Group (111089)Larry RColumbus OHMar-11
District-16HCF Group (p) (155159)Marilyn FunknownJun-05
District-33Heart Of AA Group (716207)Rozanne S (GSR)Columbus OHMar-17
District-08/09Heath 24 Hour Group (111205)Joe G (GSR)Heath OHNov-08
District-11Helping Hands Group (p) (154193)Jim GunknownApr-12
District-09Here And Now Group (641396)Callie R (GSR)Granville OHMar-19
District-07High Noon Group (177750)JoAnn N (GSR)Zanesville OHSep-11
District-41High Noon Group (130982)Eric TColumbus OHNov-83
District-37Higher Powered Group (716562)Steve W (GSR)Columbus OHMar-17
District-37Highland House Open Discussion Group (688052)Mark T (GSR)Columbus OHMay-09
District-22Hilliard Big Book Group (129974)James JHilliard OHSep-18
District-22Hilliard Sobriety Group (631320)Steve C (GSR)Hilliard OHJul-14
District-19Hillsboro Ohio Y. P. In A.A. Gp (164834)Steve DHillsboro OHMay-10
District-19Hillsboro Tues Nite Closed Grp (129622)William S (GSR)Hillsboro OHJun-13
District-34Hilltop Group (111090)Jim SColumbus OHApr-13
District-13/14Hocking Hills Hope Group (643491)Laura LLogan OHJul-12
District-13/14Hocking Hills Study Group (608438)Michael SLaurelville OHSep-18
District-37Home Of The Stars Group (712644)Irvin FColumbus OHJul-14
District-12Honey Creek Closed Disc Group (118899)Tom D (GSR)New Carlisle OHJun-79
District-11Hope For All Group (p) (704616)Bill AMarysville OHMar-17
District-28Hope Group (117411)John H (GSR)Columbus OHApr-09
District-38Hope Is Found Here Group (162949)Kathleen SMarysville OHMar-18
District-18Hopewell Moonlighters Group (146335)Dee P (GSR)Chillicothe OHMay-17
District-33House Of Hope Group (111091)Mike BColumbus OHSep-77
District-07How And Why 12 X 12 Group (650801)Glenn B (GSR)Zanesville OHJun-04
District-30How It Works Group (127296)Ken FColumbus OHOct-82
District-30Humble Beginnings Group (696801)Kip H (GSR)Columbus OHMar-15
District-08/09Humpday Group (713730)Donna R (GSR)Pickerington OHApr-17
District-30If We Work For Them Group (166878)Rick BColumbus OHMar-17
District-01Indian Lake Care Group (703363)John G (GSR)Russells Point OHJan-12
District-01Indian Lake Group (121610)Cyndi F (GSR)Russells Point OHMay-13
District-01Indian Lake Pier Group (705434)David C (GSR)Russells Point OHJul-12
District-28Indianola Ave B.B. Study Group (158484)Tim PColumbus OHSep-10
District-13/14Inside Straights Group (p) (668812)Robert ONelsonville OHDec-05
District-06Instrument Of Peace Group (610561)David C (GSR)Steubenville OHFeb-96
District-04Intensive Care Group (136376)Bill LMt. Vernon OHMay-85
District-12Into Action Group (609551)Michelle D (GSR)Springfield OHMay-19
District-07Into Action Group (640936)Zanesville OHJun-04
District-22Into Action Group (711738)Tyler G (GSR)Dublin OHJun-19
District-22Into The Solution Group (683260)Greg G (GSR)Hilliard OHJul-14
District-23Ironton Group (111214)Angie P (GSR)Ironton OHJan-19
District-Ironton Powerless Group (726461)Dean W (GSR)Ironton OHJul-19
District-06Island Creek Women's Group (724666)Julie M (GSR)Costonia OHJul-19
District-13/14It's In The 12 & 12 Group (628132)Dave ELancaster OHJun-12
District-41It's In The Book Group (687358)Gary BColumbus OHMar-09
District-08/09It's In The Book Group (661870)Brandy G (GSR)Newark OHMar-17
District-18Its In The Book Group (666640)Marilyn G (GSR)Chillicothe OHMay-17
District-17Jackson Group (111215)Jeremy B (GSR)Jackson OHAug-16
District-07Jail House Recovery Group (p) (671229)Rick C LZanesville OHMay-06
District-23Jaywalkers Group (110834)Kitty C (GSR)Columbus OHSep-14
District-08/09Johnstown Group (111217)Marcie CJohnstown OHSep-17
District-08/09Journey Home Group (669796)Robert K (GSR)Newark OHJan-08
District-26Journey To Sobriety Group (720330)Michael NNew Albany OHMar-17
District-28Just As I Am Group (690919)Noah F F (GSR)Columbus OHOct-09
District-12Just Do It Open Discussion Group (638553)William S (GSR)Springfield OHMay-11
District-34Just For Today Group (666576)Mike S (GSR)Grove City OHJan-08
District-06Just For Today Group (158942)Patti W (GSR)Wintersville OHJul-19
District-13/14Just The Girls Group (723972)Loretta FPickerington OHJun-18
District-18K.I.S.S. Group (616437)Rob C (GSR)Chillicothe OHMay-17
District-12Keep A.A. Alive Group (637823)Frank G (GSR)Springfield OHMar-12
District-23Keep It Simple Big Book Study Group (716763)Kris EWorthington OHMar-17
District-01Kenton A.A. Groups (631558)Tim C (GSR)Kenton OHMar-17
District-18Kingston As Bill Sees It Group (722042)Dee P (GSR)Kingston OHJun-17
District-18Kingston Saturday Night Live Group (722044)Dee P (GSR)Kingston OHJun-17
District-04Kokosing Valley Group (700045)Stan RHoward OHMay-11
District-11L.O.C.I. Tuesday Night Journey To Live Group (p) (704617)Nick BLondon OHMar-17
District-07Ladies Butterfly Group (177741)Cindle S (GSR)Zanesville OHAug-16
District-13/14Ladies In New Recovery Group (p) (672314)Maralyn MLancaster OHAug-06
District-07Ladies Sober Support Group (705598)Lisa DZanesville OHAug-12
District-13/14Lancaster Hilltop Group (133274)Michael HLancaster OHJun-84
District-13/14Lancaster Thurs Night B/B Study Group Of A.A. (659829)Kim HLancaster OHAug-06
District-13/14Lancaster Thursday Hilltop Grp (111231)Michael HLancaster OHSep-08
District-28Language Of The Heart Group (600679)Jason BColumbus OHMar-08
District-37Last Chance Group (126835)Shane mColumbus OHAug-82
District-33Last House On The Block Group (687482)Kim K (GSR)Columbus OHMar-09
District-07Learn To Listen Group (179658)Jo Ann N (GSR)Zanesville OHMay-11
District-08/09Learn To Listen Group (146915)David BNewark OHMay-10
District-07Learning About Sobriety Group (614869)Steve V (GSR)Zanesville OHJul-15
District-34Leg Up Group (647744)Chris C (GSR)Columbus OHJun-13
District-03Lexington 24 Hour Group (119678)Craig R (GSR)Lexington OHFeb-08
District-01Liberation Lunch Bunch Group (666644)Bill WKenton OHJan-08
District-10Liberty Fireside Group (703331)Annette NDelaware OHMar-17
District-30Life Begins At Forty Group (150619)Cindy Z (GSR)Columbus OHJan-15
District-34Life Line Group (117550)Georgianna N (GSR)Columbus OHMar-11
District-11Light House Group (p) (636052)Marysville OHNov-14
District-33Lincoln Literature Study Group (725640)Margie J (GSR)Columbus OHMar-19
District-28Listening Post Group (110850)Sean E. OColumbus OHMay-14
District-26Liv Laine Group (123279)Jim SColumbus OHJun-11
District-18Live For Recovery Group (723728)Teresa C (GSR)Circleville OHMar-18
District-08/09Living Sober Discussion Group (155983)Jeremiah P (GSR)Newark OHSep-18
District-17Living Sober Group (721862)Bob O (GSR)Mc Arthur OHOct-17
District-21Living Sober Group (712402)Kenneth P (GSR)Portsmouth OHFeb-19
District-37Livingston Group (722207)Johnny M (GSR)Columbus OHOct-17
District-28Lodestar Group (636628)Ian H (GSR)Columbus OHJun-17
District-13/14Logan Study Group (662790)Laura LLogan OHMay-18
District-13/14Logan Sunday Study Group (666650)Mark MLogan OHMar-16
District-11London Fellowship Group (123859)Ron OLondon OHApr-12
District-11London Surrender Group (130609)Ron OLondon OHApr-12
District-11London Survival Group (127477)Ron OLondon OHApr-12
District-Lost And Found Group (726073)Debbie H (GSR)Columbus OHNov-18
District-23Lucky 13 Group (696049)Brad S (GSR)Columbus OHAug-13
District-06Lunch Bunch Group (646515)Ron S (GSR)Cambridge OHOct-01
District-01Mad River Group (150951)Brenda P (GSR)Urbana OHNov-14
District-11Many Voices of Women Group (727508)Brenda BMarysville OHApr-19
District-28Maple Grove Group (111092)Tom B (GSR)Columbus OHMar-19
District-03Marengo Tuesday Night Step Group (662304)Alan D (GSR)Marengo OHJan-08
District-02Marion Noon Groups (160203)Carol BMarion OHJan-90
District-08/09Marne Meeting On-The-Curves Gp (641672)Wayne S K (GSR)Newark OHMar-18
District-11Marysville 12 & 12 Group (644299)Adam SMarysville OHMay-01
District-11Marysville Fellowship Group (606149)Joe HMarysville OHApr-12
District-11Marysville Friday Noon 12 & 12 Group (711727)Barbara P (GSR)Marysville OHApr-19
District-11Marysville Group (111264)Katie M (GSR)Marysville OHSep-19
District-11Marysville Primary Purpose B/B Gp (646514)Carl M (GSR)Marysville OHOct-18
District-11Marysville Women's Hope Is Found Here Gp (704621)Vanessa G (GSR)Marysville OHMar-18
District-15McConnelsville Ladies Group (708640)Renee LMcConnelsville OHMar-17
District-01Mechanicsburg Wednesday Hope Group (715710)Robert N (GSR)Mechanicsburg OHMar-17
District-28Meditating Peacocks Group (664807)Mark H (GSR)Columbus OHMay-19
District-23Mediterranean Group (725871)Elizabeth YColumbus OHDec-18
District-13/14Men In Jail Group (P) (682286)Don OLancaster OHDec-08
District-22Men In Recovery Group (717506)Kent P (GSR)Hilliard OHMar-17
District-04Mens Closed Discussion Group (171477)Ron FMt. Vernon OHNov-14
District-12Mid Morning Recovery Group (680385)Richard D (GSR)Springfield OHJun-17
District-34Midland Ave Big Book Disc Grp (126231)Melissa L (GSR)Columbus OHMar-11
District-11Milford Center Group Of A.A. Group (653376)Tony DMilford Center OHApr-14
District-13/14Millersport Tuesday Night BB Group (690769)Susan K, B (GSR)Millersport OHMar-17
District-23Minerva Pk Group (170863)Rob S (GSR)Columbus OHMar-11
District-21Minford Hope Group (666061)P. J. G (GSR)Minford OHApr-11
District-13/14Miracles Happen Group (653890)Ann KLancaster OHJan-08
District-21Mon-Fri Nooners Group (150456)Don C (GSR)Portsmouth OHDec-16
District-08/09Monday Meditation Group (718886)Tom E (GSR)Granville OHMay-16
District-26Monday Midday Group (110845)Patti HWhitehall OHAug-16
District-01Monday Night Beginner's Group (143219)Thurman FUrbana OHApr-11
District-10Monday Night Big Book Group (151321)Marsha LDelaware OHMar-89
District-34Monday Night Big Book Study Gp (632513)Dave T (GSR)Grove City OHNov-14
District-16Monday Night Buckeye Group (127693)Peggy F (GSR)Nelsonville OHSep-11
District-15Monday Night Group (618050)Bob R (GSR)Caldwell OHNov-14
District-06Monday Night Group (646459)Joe MCambridge OHOct-01
District-10Monday Night Stairway To Heaven Group (662303)Ken F (GSR)Powell OHJan-08
District-01Monday Night Womens A.A. Group (624840)Janet S SUrbana OHJan-08
District-05Monday Nite Non Smokers Group (144581)Ray HCoshocton OHJul-87
District-30Monday Nite Steps and Traditions Group (613598)Jeff B (GSR)Columbus OHMar-16
District-08/09Monday Noon Group (148186)Mark Allen P (GSR)Newark OHMay-88
District-11Monday Noon Second Shifters Group (682496)Dolly JMarysville OHApr-12
District-16Monday Twilight Group (161419)Paul LAthens OHJun-04
District-04Moody Blues Group (625331)Philip K (GSR)Mt. Vernon OHApr-11
District-11Mount Sterling Sunday Night Group Of A.A. (704618)Al FMount Sterling OHJun-12
District-11Mount Sterling Tuesday Night Group Of A.A. (704620)Ron VMount Sterling OHJun-12
District-03Mt. Gilead Noon Group (678403)John MMt. Gilead OHJan-08
District-03Mt. Gilead Wed Night A.A. Grp (179499)Alan D (GSR)Mt. Gilead OHJan-95
District-11Mt. Sterling Big Book Study Group (720136)Brett B (GSR)Mount Sterling OHMar-17
District-04Mt. Vernon Expect A Miracle Group (614215)Linda KMt. Vernon OHMar-13
District-04Mt. Vernon Saturday Night Grp (111286)Gary BMt. Vernon OHMar-09
District-33Mustard Seed Group (625776)Tina B (GSR)Columbus OHNov-11
District-12NC 12 & 12 Group (714962)Tom D (GSR)New Carlisle OHMar-17
District-12Neal Temple Group (111352)David C (GSR)Springfield OHNov-10
District-26New Albany O.K To Feel Group (145861)Larry B (GSR)New Albany OHMay-14
District-26New Albany Sobriety Society Gp (138392)David j R (GSR)New Albany OHFeb-19
District-22New Beginners Group (674837)Matthew ADublin OHJul-18
District-18New Beginners Group (161682)Ken M (GSR)Chillicothe OHMay-17
District-11New Beginnings For Y/P Group (157097)James G (GSR)Marysville OHApr-12
District-34New Beginnings Group (724609)Carol L (GSR)Columbus OHJun-18
District-11New Beginnings Group Of A.A. (p) (704614)Lindsey AMarysville OHMar-17
District-22New Freedom Group (666971)Diane A (GSR)Dublin OHNov-14
District-13/14New Freedom Group (p) (164097)Jim GunknownOct-90
District-10New Hope Group (725501)Dan K (GSR)Delawere OHOct-18
District-33New Inner City Group (664953)Wesley F (GSR)Columbus OHNov-11
District-13/14New Lexington Group (719742)Mark A F (GSR)New Lexington OHMar-17
District-07New Life Direction Group (649951)Rusty MZanesville OHMay-10
District-34New Life Group (117839)Renene P (GSR)Columbus OHNov-14
District-03New Washington Monday Nite Grp (110793)Jim KNew Washington OHFeb-07
District-01New Way New Beginning Group (712752)Lisa M (GSR)Bellefontaine OHJul-14
District-08/09Newark Circle Of Hope Group (614577)Hobie V (GSR)Newark OHApr-07
District-08/09Newark Early Morn Sunrise Grp (151267)Tim BNewark OHApr-13
District-08/09Newark Moundbuilders Group (111289)Tim H (GSR)Newark OHJan-08
District-08/09Newark Womens Sobriety & Serenity Meeting Group (714339)Donna A (GSR)Newark OHMar-17
District-08/09Newarks Westside Group (652488)Jolten P (GSR)Newark OHJun-16
District-05Newcomerstown Group (111293)Jeff DNewcomerstown OHSep-77
District-30Nitty Gritty Group (121467)Amy JColumbus OHOct-15
District-33No Change No Gain Women's Group (694487)Jackie MColumbus OHNov-11
District-34No Dogs Allowed Group (722747)Nichole H (GSR)Columbus OHDec-17
District-26No Name Group (Mens) (719764)Jason AGahanna OHMar-17
District-37No Saints Allowed Group (707836)Shawn M LColumbus OHMar-17
District-23No. Worthington Mid Week Open Disc Gp (135156)Eric LColumbus OHAug-18
District-33Noon 12 Step Group (695157)Gary B (GSR)Columbus OHFeb-18
District-34Noon Big Book Group (719807)Shirley HColumbus OHMar-17
District-01Noon Open Discussion Group (670641)Tony K (GSR)Urbana OHMar-08
District-26North American Sunday Group (111098)Laura R (GSR)Blacklick OHJul-15
District-23North Group (111096)Zach R (GSR)Columbus OHMar-13
District-23North Worthington Thursday Group (693456)Mike P (GSR)Worthington OHApr-10
District-26Northeast Discussion Group (705639)Marcia H (GSR)Columbus OHOct-18
District-12Northsiders Group (682872)Rocky R (GSR)Springfield OHMay-15
District-04Nothing Else Worked B.B. Study Group (727588)Mark GMt. Vernon OHApr-19
District-21Ohio Furnace Group (701290)John Lee B (GSR)Ironton OHApr-19
District-37Ohio Pacific Group (643868)Jeffrey G (GSR)Columbus OHMay-01
District-34Old COTA Group (712141)Kimberly F (GSR)Columbus OHMar-17
District-34Olive Branch Group (111102)Jim N (GSR)Columbus OHMar-11
District-26On The Way Home Group (630908)Ed AWhitehall OHMar-17
District-21One Day At A Time Group (717420)Lillie Darlene B (GSR)Portsmouth OHJun-16
District-20One Step At A Time Group (721841)Gerri P (GSR)Waverly OHOct-17
District-34One Step Closer 12 & 12 Group (144564)Kathy R (GSR)Columbus OHApr-13
District-30Open Big Book Group (664351)Jenny SColumbus OHJan-08
District-23Open Door Group (110783)Penny S (GSR)Columbus OHMar-11
District-34Our Last Chance Group (616925)Sam TColumbus OHMar-11
District-26Out Of Towners Group (625318)Julie W (GSR)Columbus OHMay-15
District-17Out To Lunch Bunch Group (648749)Marilyn D (GSR)Point Pleasant WVMay-10
District-37Parsons Ave Misfits Group Of AA (714150)Glenn FColumbus OHMar-17
District-08/09Pataskala Monday Group (121356)Mike L (GSR)Pataskala OHAug-80
District-08/09Pataskala Wednesday Evening Big Book Gp (677084)John S (GSR)Pataskala OHNov-14
District-06Pathway To Serenity Group (716073)Lorna WCadiz OHJun-15
District-19Peace And Serenity Group (701909)Steve DHillsboro OHJun-12
District-33Peace At Last Group (698776)Ray M (GSR)Columbus OHNov-11
District-21Peace Found Here Group (703065)Dennis O (GSR)Lucasville OHJan-12
District-33Peace Serenity And Hope Group (664334)Joseph C (GSR)Columbus OHNov-11
District-26Perfectly Broken Group (721263)Greg H (GSR)Columbus OHOct-17
District-13/14Pickerington Study Group of A.A. (702004)Tiffany FPickerington OHNov-11
District-13/14Pickerington Thur Night Recovery Group (609635)Alan F (GSR)Pickerington OHAug-10
District-20Pike County Group (111428)Barry H (GSR)Waverly OHOct-04
District-33Pioneer Group (111103)Eric NColumbus OHNov-14
District-11Plain City Group (643191)Charley P (GSR)Plain City OHNov-18
District-17Pleasant Valley Group (120291)Ryan C (GSR)Point Pleasant WVSep-17
District-28Plug-In-The-Jug Group (150113)Kelly C (GSR)Columbus OHDec-12
District-33Poindexter Group (111104)Gary B (GSR)Columbus OHNov-11
District-17Pomeroy Serenity Group (138270)Dave M (GSR)Pomeroy OHAug-16
District-21Portsmouth Men's Group (727814)Andrew W (GSR)Portsmouth OHApr-19
District-30Post Office Group (111105)Lorna W (GSR)Columbus OHNov-11
District-23Practice Makes Progress Group (630909)Jeremy WColumbus OHOct-98
District-34Primary Purpose Group (630648)Rick H (GSR)Columbus OHOct-16
District-13/14Primary Purpose Gruop (161058)Roger LLancaster OHSep-08
District-37Principles Before Personalities Grp (616836)Marty G (GSR)Columbus OHMar-97
District-02Prospect Group (123917)Megan G (GSR)Prospect OHAug-81
District-19Put It Together Keep It Together Group (111439)Patrick B (GSR)Wilmington OHApr-19
District-13/14Putnam Prayer Group (725315)Jonathan S (GSR)Zanesville OHOct-18
District-19Rainsboro Recovery Group (706808)Tony SGreenfield OHJan-19
District-23Re-Entry Group (137097)Patricia PWorthington OHJun-08
District-19Reaching Hands Group (130657)John W (GSR)Washington Ct House OHOct-83
District-33Read & Glow Group (678220)Blanche R (GSR)Columbus OHNov-11
District-33Real Women Are Heard Group (697081)Deborah SColumbus OHNov-11
District-23Rebos Group (128886)Kay CColumbus OHMar-11
District-23Rebos II Group (664333)Dick O (GSR)Columbus OHMar-11
District-06Recovery Is Our Task (RIOT) Group (681652)Brett H (altGSR)Wintersville OHApr-16
District-19Recovery On Friday Group (695858)Jimmy S (GSR)Blanchester OHMay-10
District-26Recovery Road Group (133110)Ross J (GSR)Westerville OHJun-11
District-28Red Carpet Group (111107)Paul HColumbus OHSep-77
District-16Reflections Group (633842)Bob S (GSR)Athens OHApr-15
District-33Restoration Group (156439)Steven D (GSR)Columbus OHMar-19
District-26Rey AA For Thought Group (714157)Angela BReynoldsburg OHMar-17
District-26Reynoldsburg Saturday Night Group (723251)Tom B (GSR)Columbus OHMar-18
District-26Reynoldsburg Womens 12 & 12 Group (681345)Cassandra D (GSR)Reynoldsburg OHJun-12
District-11Richwood Group (710452)Richard MRichwood OHMar-17
District-26Rise And Shine Group (699639)Blair C (GSR)Gahanna OHMar-11
District-06Riverside A.A. Group (150950)Tameka E (GSR)Toronto OHApr-19
District-22Road To Happy Destiny Group (712660)Mark K (GSR)Hilliard OHAug-16
District-26Rock Bottom 12 & 12 Group (716713)Michael S (GSR)Reynoldsburg OHMar-17
District-18Rock Bottom Group (p) (607485)Lamont SOrient OHMar-08
District-13/14Rock Solid Group (p) (672958)Mark R (GSR)Lancaster OHJan-18
District-07Roseville Candlelight Group (706083)Herold H (GSR)Roseville OHMar-17
District-07Roseville/Crooksville Unity Group (145411)Jaime W (GSR)Roseville OHJul-17
District-01Rosewood Noon Group (667771)Kimala CRosewood OHJan-08
District-28Round Table Discussion Group (119186)Alec C (GSR)Columbus OHMar-19
District-12Rule 62 Group (132134)Heather L (GSR)Springfield OHMay-12
District-28Rule 62 Group (718662)Marty D (GSR)Columbus OHMar-17
District-13/14S.I.S. (Sister In Sobriety) Gp (648794)Kim S (GSR)Lancaster OHMay-17
District-05S.O.S. Save Our Sobriety Group (149276)John TCoshocton OHJun-08
District-19Sabina Group (145848)Gordon B (GSR)Sabina OHJun-12
District-33Safe Haven Group (647914)Satoshi D (GSR)Columbus OHMar-19
District-01Sat Morn Breakfast Disc Group (125349)Doug M (GSR)Urbana OHFeb-82
District-23Sat Night Big Book Disc Group (146019)Todd D (GSR)Westerville OHMar-11
District-01Sat Nite Mad River #i Group (110872)Lin C (GSR)Urbana OHApr-78
District-30Saturday Afternoon Live Group (630307)Geese AColumbus OHDec-17
District-26Saturday Men's Discussion Group (111110)King SColumbus OHMay-15
District-08/09Saturday Mens Discussion Group (131111)Stephen E. H (GSR)Newark OHMar-13
District-08/09Saturday Midnite Group (607668)Michael CNewark OHAug-13
District-28Saturday Morning Seminar Group (719236)Terence J W (GSR)Columbus OHMar-17
District-16Saturday Night Knucklehead Grp (161410)Gordon S. F (GSR)Athens OHMar-90
District-30Saturday Night Linworth Group (137360)Linda D (GSR)Columbus OHMar-17
District-06Saturday Night Live Group (654721)Carmine L (GSR)Steubenville OHMar-03
District-19Saturday Night Live Group (617159)Karla B (GSR)Washington Ct House OHJul-19
District-18Saturday Night Live Group (721895)James C (GSR)Chillicothe OHOct-17
District-02Saturday Night Special Group (111262)John BMarion OHSep-77
District-23Saturday Night Welcome Group (179423)Jack L SColumbus OHMar-11
District-06Saturday Nite Live A.A. Group (119790)Shawn TCambridge OHNov-16
District-16Saturday Serenity Group (647526)Doug B (GSR)Athens OHSep-11
District-30Scioto View Serenity Group (148461)Tom B (GSR)Columbus OHMar-17
District-22Secular Sobriety AA Group (699693)Ed S (GSR)Dublin OHSep-16
District-10Seeds Of Sobriety Group (p) (647054)Marsha LDelaware OHNov-01
District-06Seekers Group (111358)Tammy M (GSR)Steubenville OHOct-13
District-12Serenity Box Group (149282)William SSpringfield OHJul-15
District-15Serenity Group (133799)Tim S (GSR)Marietta OHNov-18
District-19Serenity Group (171493)Steve DHillsboro OHDec-04
District-11Serenity Group Of A.A. (p) (704615)Tina GMarysville OHMar-17
District-10Serenity Inc. Group (712587)Verda E (GSR)Delaware OHJul-14
District-18Serenity On Saturday Group (633229)Bill M (GSR)Chillicothe OHMay-17
District-41Serenity On Saturday Group (639199)Tyrone KColumbus OHNov-14
District-22Serenity On Sunday Group (684281)Don SDublin OHDec-08
District-18Serenity On Sunday Group (721842)Barbara M (GSR)Chillicothe OHSep-17
District-21Shawnee Group (111291)Todd E (GSR)New Boston OHMay-17
District-28Shivering Denizens Mens Group Of AA (710388)Adam DColumbus OHMar-17
District-12Simply A.A. Group (177587)Alison FSpringfield OHMay-11
District-30Simply Sober Group (693703)Don L (GSR)Columbus OHDec-15
District-26Singleness Of Purpose Group (632500)Scott R (GSR)Columbus OHSep-17
District-33Sisters In Serenity Group (657168)Stacy C (GSR)Columbus OHNov-11
District-19Sisters In Sobriety Group (693253)Joanne l L (GSR)Hillsboro OHJan-10
District-Sisters In sobriety Group (726117)Kristina SLondon OHNov-18
District-30Six O'Clock News Group (626096)Debra R (GSR)Columbus OHNov-14
District-28Smiling Sallies Group (710686)Jennifer WColumbus OHOct-15
District-12SOA Group (600397)Kristy R (GSR)Springfield OHJul-06
District-07Sober 'N' Crazy Breakfast Gp (177753)Zanesville OHJun-11
District-37Sober House Group (717134)Johnny M (GSR)Columbus OHMar-17
District-17Sober On Sunday Group (640876)Robert OMc Arthur OHOct-00
District-34Sober On Sunday Morning Group (712661)Yvette T (GSR)Columbus OHJun-17
District-34Sober Sisters Group (725365)June NColumbus OHJan-19
District-13/14Sober Voices Group (676235)Tricia ONew Lexington OHAug-07
District-37Sobriety With Love Group (143770)Ralph A (GSR)Obetz OHApr-13
District-30Sobrietys Lifeline & 11 Step Gp (136573)Mark T (GSR)Columbus OHJun-12
District-10Solution Group (641836)Cheryl SWesterville OHJun-15
District-13/14Somerset Open End Lead Group (629967)Roy M (GSR)Somerset OHJul-98
District-13/14Somerset Rule 62 Group (672427)William O (GSR)Somerset OHJan-08
District-19Sometimes Quickly Sometimes Slowly Group (720315)Linda T (GSR)Blanchester OHSep-18
District-37South Ohio Speakers Group (677100)Chad M (GSR)Columbus OHMay-17
District-18South Side Serenity Group (674632)Barbara M (GSR)Chillicothe OHOct-17
District-26Southeast Breakfast Group (654097)Dion M (GSR)Columbus OHSep-19
District-37Southside Breakfast Group (655946)Brittany NColumbus OHJul-13
District-37Southside Discussion Group (139879)Gordon S (GSR)Columbus OHAug-07
District-37Southside Sunday Morning Group (721121)Leslie MColumbus OHApr-17
District-18Spiritual Awakening Breakfast Group (718392)Lynn M (GSR)Chillicothe OHMay-17
District-23Spiritual Awakening Group (637410)Ed CWorthington OHFeb-00
District-12Spiritual Gangsters Group (724492)Emily S (GSR)Dublin OHJul-18
District-37Spiritual Life Is Not A Theory Gp (637162)Andrew S. MPickerington OHJan-16
District-21Spiritually Fit Group (725267)Raymond D (GSR)Otway OHOct-18
District-26Spring Into Sobriety Group (723916)Jay G (GSR)Columbus OHJun-18
District-03St. Bernard Big Book Group (656670)Janet TSaint Bernard OHJun-07
District-12St. John's Group (110829)Tony MSpringfield OHMay-15
District-11Starting Over Group (p) (610427)Kk FunknownFeb-96
District-23Step By Step Group (126693)Anne PWorthington OHMay-11
District-13/14Stepping Out Group (p) (668413)Charles JNelsonville OHNov-05
District-26Stepping Stone Group (111114)Lily LColumbus OHJun-12
District-11Stepping Up Group (716156)Jean PLondon OHMar-17
District-16Steps Of Sobriety Group (690429)Jerry B (GSR)Athens OHAug-09
District-07Steps To Serenity Group (630911)VirginiaZanesville OHJun-05
District-11Stepsisters Women's Candelight Group (704619)Karen TLondon OHJun-12
District-06Steubenville West End Group (130475)Stu C (GSR)Steubenville OHSep-83
District-12Stick And Stay Group (701453)Micah H (GSR)Springfield OHOct-11
District-13/14Stone City Sobriety Group (716848)Deb R (GSR)Lithopolis OHMar-17
District-28Stop 'N' Grow Midday Group (136913)Ian B (GSR)Columbus OHMay-14
District-28Stop And Stay Stopped Group (161882)Julie J (GSR)Columbus OHJul-15
District-28Storytime Group (722206)Annette PColumbus OHOct-17
District-34Straight Up A.A. 12 Steps Group (675806)Hugh G (GSR)Grove City OHJan-19
District-30Straight Up A.A. North Group (722384)T. L. VColumbus OHOct-17
District-Strong Recovering Women Group (729027)Kathy D (GSR)Marion OHJul-19
District-34Strong Women In Sobriety Group (714554)Susan M (GSR)Columbus OHMar-17
District-10Sunbury Footprints Group (704739)Katrina CSunbury OHMar-17
District-10Sunbury Friends Living Sober Group (691837)Chuck WSunbury OHMar-10
District-10Sunbury Men Living Sober Group (704837)Larry HSunbury OHMay-12
District-10Sunbury Safe Haven Group (704601)John B (GSR)Sunbury OHApr-12
District-30Sunday Breakfast Group (111115)Zac F (GSR)Columbus OHJul-15
District-08/08Sunday Breakfast Group (142286)Shawn F (GSR)Newark OHJul-19
District-12Sunday Evening Smoke-Free Grp (133489)Dwight M (GSR)Springfield OHNov-18
District-07Sunday Get Together Group (p) (618660)Jean MZanesville OHDec-14
District-06Sunday Morning Awareness Group (140366)AJ C (GSR)Steubenville OHNov-03
District-13/14Sunday Morning Breakfast Group (121634)Jim GLancaster OHAug-06
District-01Sunday Night 12 & 12 Group (142825)Ryan E (GSR)Urbana OHAug-16
District-12Sunday Night Big Book Study Gp (171281)Linda A PSpringfield OHNov-15
District-06Sunday Night Celebration Group (179776)Darrell B (GSR)Steubenville OHSep-16
District-02Sunday Night Clean Air Group (127901)Larry HMarion OHDec-82
District-30Sunday Night Closed Group (137903)Jim L (GSR)Columbus OHNov-85
District-06Sunday Night Group (721024)Jim R (GSR)Steubenville OHApr-17
District-16Sunday Night Lead Group (161420)Janalee S (GSR)Athens OHFeb-12
District-07Sunday Night Northside Group (111456)Courtney W (altGSR)Zanesville OHJan-19
District-13/14Sunday Prestige Group (678632)Tom C (GSR)Lancaster OHMay-08
District-30Sunday Reflections Group (175429)Matthew G C (GSR)Columbus OHApr-19
District-30Sunday Riverside Disc Group (132926)Alberta J A (GSR)Columbus OHJan-14
District-06Sunday Sunrise Group (649950)David M (GSR)Cambridge OHMay-02
District-15Sunday Variety Group (110828)Jack AMarietta OHSep-77
District-19Sunlight Of The Spirit Women's Group (695857)Nan LWilmington OHJun-12
District-26Sunny Side Of Sobriety Group (725100)Donn RColumbus OHSep-18
District-33Sunshine Group (709068)John W (GSR)Columbus OHMar-17
District-19Sunshine Group (171265)Charles S (GSR)Hillsboro OHJul-05
District-08/09Sunshine Group (130634)Andy N (GSR)Newark OHMay-14
District-22T.G.I.F (Thank God I'm Free) Group (714397)Mike CHilliard OHMar-17
District-30T.G.I.F. Serenity Group (606500)Jim GColumbus OHDec-14
District-37Tag 5 Group (156437)Andy KObetz OHApr-89
District-06Tell It Like It Is Group (163105)Pat A (GSR)Steubenville OHDec-17
District-22The Dog Pound Group (139183)Mark SHillaird OHNov-08
District-10Think Before You Drink Group (662305)Alex GSunbury OHJan-08
District-13/14Thornville Fri Night A.A. Grp (163937)Jashua N (GSR)Thornville OHSep-90
District-34Three Legacies Group (147227)R. Paul S (GSR)Columbus OHApr-15
District-37Thurman Avenue Step Group (156637)Becky T (altGSR)Columbus OHOct-94
District-30Thurs Noon Men Living Sober Gp (645209)Merrill MColumbus OHNov-11
District-04Thursday Brown Bag Group (135682)Belinda R (GSR)Mt. Vernon OHApr-12
District-13/14Thursday Choice Group (658032)Jeffery RLancaster OHApr-16
District-06Thursday Hilltop A.A. Group (657464)Steve WBelmont OHJan-08
District-08/09Thursday Just Say No Group (158482)John P (altGSR)Newark OHSep-89
District-28Thursday Morning As Bill Sees It Group (723699)John MColumbus OHJun-18
District-05Thursday Night A.A. Group (111128)Loran F (GSR)Coshocton OHMar-11
District-19Thursday Night Jail House Group (p) (668863)Brian MWilmington OHJun-11
District-02Thursday Night Marion A.A. Grp (111260)Devina BMarion OHFeb-04
District-19Thursday Night Miracles Open Discussion Group (669795)Jamie P (GSR)Wilmington OHNov-11
District-16Thursday Night Serenity Group (613687)Sam KNelsonville OHAug-96
District-13/14Thursday Nite Open Lead Group (133924)Rosalynn OLancaster OHSep-08
District-23Thursday Nite Welcome Group (134685)Terry W (GSR)Columbus OHMar-11
District-08/09Thursday Noon Discussion Group (157793)Lacey H (GSR)Newark OHJul-89
District-06Towers Big Book Study Group (701693)Kasey M (altGSR)Steubenville OHOct-13
District-30Tradition Three Happy Hour Gp (625321)Kirk P (GSR)Columbus OHMay-14
District-17Tri-County Group (111192)Joe P (GSR)Gallipolis OHMay-17
District-30Trinity Noon Meeting Group (121071)Kalen C (GSR)Columbus OHNov-11
District-30True Partnership Group (707130)Ed G (GSR)Columbus OHMar-17
District-08/09Try Gratitude It's Free (TGIF)Group (708982)Jodie WNewark OHMay-13
District-06Tues Night Open Disc Group (137524)Larry DCambridge OHFeb-12
District-22Tuesday Closed Discussion Group (138869)Michael V (GSR)Dublin OHFeb-05
District-30Tuesday Mens Group (645218)Jeff L (GSR)Columbus OHNov-11
District-23Tuesday Mens Rope Holders Group (676304)Mark P (GSR)Columbus OHDec-14
District-08/09Tuesday Moundbuilders Group (111288)Terrie L S (GSR)Newark OHJun-09
District-06Tuesday Night (Seekers Of Sobriety) Group (696854)John J V (GSR)Steubenville OHSep-18
District-12Tuesday Night 3rd Step Group (630039)Larry L (GSR)Springfield OHMay-11
District-06Tuesday Night Beginners Group (157344)Jason DSteubenville OHApr-04
District-01Tuesday Night Big Book Group (143716)David W (GSR)Urbana OHJul-19
District-08/09Tuesday Night Closed Disc Gp (143131)Marcie C (GSR)Johnstown OHSep-17
District-23Tuesday Night Welcome Group (111094)Marc W (GSR)Columbus OHMar-11
District-02Tuesday Nite Big Book Group (132569)Tim DMarion OHMar-12
District-03Tuesday Nite Keep It Simple Gp (627713)Dan C (GSR)Bucyrus OHDec-14
District-08/09Tuesday Noon Group (171730)Thomas C (GSR)Newark OHJun-16
District-12Tuesday Nooner Group (632662)John M (GSR)Springfield OHMay-11
District-13/14Tuesday Open Lead Group (111230)Shirley Monk MLancaster OHSep-08
District-07Tuesday Today Group (177754)Zanesville OHJun-11
District-33Turn Key Group (p) (179922)unknownNov-11
District-22Turning Point Group (706106)Todd W (GSR)Dublin OHJan-13
District-15Twin City Group (131569)Steve G (GSR)Mcconnelsville OHApr-12
District-02Two Doors Down Open Discussion Group (700461)Gene HMarion OHApr-11
District-26Under New Management Group (139512)Amy A (GSR)Westerville OHJun-12
District-26Unity Group (669049)Jamilah S (GSR)Whitehall OHMay-15
District-Upper Arlington As Bill Sees It Group (727404)Jessica L (GSR)Columbus OHMar-19
District-30Upper Arlington Lytham Road Gp (111118)Joseph O (GSR)Columbus OHMay-19
District-33Upper Room Group (118451)Travis CColumbus OHMar-14
District-01Urbana Friday Noon As Bill Sees It Group (709086)Paula M P (GSR)Urbana OHMay-13
District-01Urbana Mens Ratskeller Group (659728)Thurman FUrbana OHApr-11
District-28Variety In Sobriety Group (674833)Eric UWesterville OHSep-10
District-33Volunteer Group (147690)Bob H (GSR)Columbus OHNov-11
District-26Wake Up Into Action Group (713093)Jason S (GSR)Westerville OHAug-14
District-28Walking Through The 12&12 Grp (169879)Roger MColumbus OHOct-94
District-19Washington Court House Group (111426)Karla B (GSR)Washington Ct House OHJun-11
District-19Washington Court House Noon Group (687982)Hilda B (GSR)Washington Ct House OHMay-10
District-34Wave Three Group (129650)Dana JGrove City OHMay-17
District-11Way Out Group (709405)Julie R (GSR)Marysville OHJul-13
District-12We Believe Group (715611)Mary CSpringfield OHMar-17
District-16We Came To Live Sober Group (616171)Phil M (GSR)Athens OHJul-09
District-34We Do Recover Group (709014)Tosha G (GSR)Columbus OHMar-17
District-13/14We Shall Be Free Group (648419)Cherl ALancaster OHJun-17
District-05We Think Not Group (681344)David G (GSR)Coshocton OHJun-08
District-07Wed Freedom Fighters Group (p) (625415)Jean MZanesville OHOct-97
District-06Wed Night Open Discussion Grp (145587)Tom M (GSR)Cambridge OHNov-87
District-07Wednesday Downtown A.A. Group (111455)Ashley R (GSR)Zanesville OHJun-19
District-03Wednesday Night Discussion Grp (121611)Mel S (GSR)Bucyrus OHSep-80
District-19Wednesday Night Open Lead Group (725663)Paula JWilmington OHSep-18
District-16Wednesday Night Women's Group (710492)Nancy R (GSR)Athens OHMay-18
District-19Wednesday Nite Live Group (146170)Daniel B (GSR)Washington Ct House OHApr-19
District-08/09Wednesday Noon Swing Shift & Friends Gp (159696)Hobie V (GSR)Newark OHMar-96
District-28Wednesday Promises Group (657395)Peg S (GSR)Columbus OHMar-11
District-18Weekday Noon Group (136985)Nancy D (GSR)Chillicothe OHFeb-13
District-21Weekend Winners Group (128760)Jesse M (GSR)Portsmouth OHFeb-19
District-02Welcome Home Group (629963)Carol B (GSR)Marion OHApr-19
District-30West Fifth Avenue Group (111120)Matt W (GSR)Columbus OHNov-11
District-05West Lafayette Group Of Alcoholics Anonymous (714016)Rick T (GSR)West Lafayette OHApr-15
District-01West Liberty Group (143545)Diana DWest Liberty OHApr-87
District-16West Side Beginners Group (687121)David D (GSR)Athens OHOct-18
District-23Westerville 12 Step Group (138787)John S (GSR)Westerville OHMar-11
District-10Westerville Alcoholics Anonymous of A.A. Group (687877)Brian U (GSR)Westerville OHFeb-09
District-10Westerville Friday Night H.O.W. Group (662701)Harold EWesterville OHMar-15
District-23Westerville Group (111429)Mark G (GSR)Westerville OHMar-11
District-10Westerville Sat Morn Kiss Grp (149532)Art DWesterville OHFeb-15
District-10Westerville Sunday Night Big Book In The Basement Group Of AA (711949)Karen S (GSR)Westerville OHFeb-15
District-26Westerville Women's Recovery Group (613251)Candace R (GSR)Westerville OHSep-17
District-23Westerville Workshop Group (111430)Scott TWesterville OHMar-11
District-34Westside Hope Dealers Group (719344)John G (GSR)Columbus OHMar-17
District-37Willing To Change AA Group (709125)Omer A JColumbus OHMar-17
District-30Willingness Group (179265)Tom KColumbus OHMar-17
District-19Wilmington Just Be There Group (614416)Tim F (GSR)Wilmington OHMay-19
District-19Wilmington Out To Lunch Bunch Group (705429)Mike M (GSR)Wilmington OHJul-12
District-19Wilmington Tuesday Night Group (617270)Brian M (GSR)Wilmington OHSep-11
District-37Winchester Freedom Group (717454)Heather I (GSR)Columbus OHMar-17
District-33Winner Group (161965)Kimberly BColumbus OHNov-11
District-10Winter Street Group (111151)Dan D (GSR)Delaware OHJan-14
District-15Women In The Solution Group (673188)Kathy S (GSR)Caldwell OHJan-08
District-33Women Living Sober Group (715172)Cynthia RColumbus OHMar-17
District-34Women Of McKinley Group (706999)Columbus OHMar-17
District-18Women's Candlelight Group (721909)Ginny M (GSR)Chillicothe OHOct-17
District-10Women's Freedom Group (725564)Emily B (GSR)Lewis Center OHOct-18
District-28Women's Work In Progress Group (719361)Louisa A CColumbus OHMar-17
District-04Womens Big Book Step Study Gp (171478)Rosie UMt. Vernon OHJul-15
District-28Womens Early Birds Gp (136293)Amy J (GSR)Columbus OHNov-13
District-21Womens Freedom Group (144233)Amanda C (GSR)Portsmouth OHMar-14
District-28Womens H.O.W. Group (140172)Pud BColumbus OHJan-16
District-22Womens Hope Is In The Book Group (713818)Kellie S (GSR)Dublin OHAug-17
District-34Womens New Hope Group (640696)Pam R (GSR)Columbus OHMar-14
District-08/09Womens Saturday Morning Group (146836)Dawn W (GSR)Newark OHJun-19
District-30Womens Serenity Group (147313)Liz L (GSR)Columbus OHAug-07
District-26Womens Sobriety & Serenity Grp (618047)Andrea J (GSR)Columbus OHMar-16
District-30Womens Sunset Group (628038)Jo Ann B (GSR)Columbus OHMar-98
District-15Woodsfield Group (126156)Jonathon C (GSR)Woodsfield OHJun-15
District-23Worthington Group (111441)Melanie P (GSR)Worthington OHAug-16
District-23Worthington Liberty Group (625316)Kimberly WWorthington OHMay-11
District-07Y Bridge Group (111457)Vincent WZanesville OHMar-11
District-13/14Ya Gotta Want It Group (684602)Connie D (GSR)Lancaster OHDec-08
District-26You Are My Sunshine Group (725099)Donn RColumbus OHSep-18
District-18You Gotta Want It Group (173648)Jim B (GSR)Chillicothe OHMay-17
District-13/14Young & Sober Group (703430)Roger LLancaster OHJun-13
District-07Zane State Friday Night Group (110785)Mark SZanesville OHJun-04
District-10Zoo Group (647492)Rod T (GSR)Powell OHMar-17

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