2023 East Central Region
Conference of Delegates Past and Present

About this

This conference was the brainchild of the late Jack Meagher who served as East Central Regional Trustee from 1971 to 1974. Having attended similar gatherings in other regions in the early seventies, Jack suggested that panel 21 and 22 delegates take the idea of a “Regional” conference back for discussion in their home areas. The response was enthusiastic with great support for the idea. Subsequently, in 1973, Jack proposed and East Central Region Delegates / Past Delegates Meeting.


Norman Adams, Panel 23 Delegate from Chicago area, volunteered quickly to host the first “regional” meeting in Evanston, Illinois in February 1974. The Conference has been held annually since then on the second weekend in February. The East Central Region Structure was adopted at the Delegates Conference in February 1980 at Kalamazoo, Michigan. “Trusted servants” were elected to serve on the Committee, and the “regional concept” had become a matter of written record. The structure provided that the Regional Trustee serve as Co-Chair of the committee during his or her tenure as Trustee, the other Co-Chair be elected for a two-year term. A secretary, a treasurer and a program/historian also were to be elected to two-year terms.

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