District 1

District 1

Champaign, Hardin and Logan Counties
DCM (District Committee Member):
Stacey N.

District 1 Meetings

District 1 meetings are held every other (even months) 1st Saturday of the month at 10:00 AM.

440 South St. Paris Street
Bellefontaine OH 43311


Group information updates as of February 13, 2023 from Fellowship Connection.
Group IDNameDistrictCityLast Updated
62145Sat Nite Mad River #i GroupDistrict 01Urbana12/2/2021 14:28
95309Bellefontaine GroupDistrict 01Bellefontaine9/9/2021 10:33
111654Indian Lake GroupDistrict 01Russells Point3/10/2022 16:07
61833Sat Morn Breakfast Disc GroupDistrict 01Urbana9/12/2022 9:06
84233Sunday Night 12 & 12 GroupDistrict 01Urbana7/26/2022 15:18
24468Monday Night Beginner's GroupDistrict 01Urbana9/9/2021 10:33
30955West Liberty GroupDistrict 01West Liberty9/9/2021 10:33
13519Tuesday Night Big Book GroupDistrict 01Urbana9/9/2021 10:33
16270Mad River GroupDistrict 01Urbana9/9/2021 10:33
25038Monday Night Womens A.A. GroupDistrict 01Urbana9/9/2021 10:33
5302Kenton A.A. GroupsDistrict 01Kenton9/9/2021 10:33
18382Urbana Mens Ratskeller GroupDistrict 01Urbana10/26/2022 14:04
10433Liberation Lunch Bunch GroupDistrict 01Kenton9/9/2021 10:33
59214Rosewood Noon GroupDistrict 01Rosewood9/9/2021 10:33
97015Broken But Mending GroupDistrict 01Christiansburg9/9/2021 10:33
25317Noon Open Discussion GroupDistrict 01Urbana9/29/2021 7:25
97497By Now We Know Very Little GroupDistrict 01Urbana9/9/2021 10:33
92281Acceptance Is The Key GroupDistrict 01Saint Paris9/9/2021 10:33
111653Indian Lake Care GroupDistrict 01Russells Point9/9/2021 10:33
111656Indian Lake Pier GroupDistrict 01Russells Point9/9/2021 10:33
18378Urbana Friday Noon As Bill Sees It GroupDistrict 01Urbana9/9/2021 10:33
35001New Way New Beginning GroupDistrict 01Bellefontaine9/9/2021 10:33
18938Mechanicsburg Wednesday Hope GroupDistrict 01Mechanicsburg9/9/2021 10:33
94999Beautiful Women GroupDistrict 01Bellefontaine9/9/2021 10:33
95310Bellefontaine Saturday Evening 12 Step Beginners GrpDistrict 01Bellefontaine9/9/2021 10:33
102465Early GroupDistrict 01Bellefontaine9/9/2021 10:33
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