District 2

District 2

Marion County
District 2 does not currently have a DCM (District Committee Member). If you are interested in becoming active in this district, please contact the DCMC (District Committee Member Chairperson).


Group information updates as of November 4, 2022 from Fellowship Connection.
Group IDNameDistrictCityLast Updated
000283438A Vision For You GroupDistrict 02Marion9/27/21
000007710Thursday Night Marion A.A. GrpDistrict 02Marion9/9/21
000064455Saturday Night Special GroupDistrict 02Marion9/9/21
000053434Prospect GroupDistrict 02Prospect9/9/21
000106320Friday Nite We Care GroupDistrict 02Marion9/9/21
000084367Sunday Night Clean Air GroupDistrict 02Marion9/9/21
000014482Tuesday Nite Big Book GroupDistrict 02Marion9/9/21
000017827Marion Noon GroupsDistrict 02Marion9/9/21
000122628We Care GroupDistrict 02Marion10/4/22
000100609Welcome Home GroupDistrict 02Marion9/9/21
000016578Two Doors Down Open Discussion GroupDistrict 02Marion9/9/21
000109529Inner Peace GroupDistrict 02Marion9/9/21
000242029Strong Recovering Women GroupDistrict 02Marion9/9/21


DCMs can update their district's information, including DCM contact information, district meeting location and time, and other activity taking place in their district.

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