District 6

District 6

Belmont, Guernsey, Harrison and Jefferson Counties
DCM (District Committee Member):
Jeff N.

District 6 Meetings

District 6 Meetings are held on the 1st Thursday of the month at 6:30 PM.


Starkdale Presbyterian Church

4600 Sunset Boulevard

Wintersville, OH 43953


DistrictGroup (Service Num)Primary ContactCommunityUpdated
District-06417 Group (717216)Jenna P (GSR)Bergholz OHMar-17
District-06Barnesville Group (110848)Paul F (GSR)Barnesville OHMay-17
District-06Cadiz Group (127003)Richard BCadiz OHSep-82
District-06Cambridge Big Book Group (136996)James D (GSR)Cambridge OHAug-85
District-06Cambridge Group (110933)Donald TCambridge OHFeb-04
District-06Daily Reflections Group (705210)James S (GSR)Steubenville OHFeb-15
District-06H.U.L.P. For The Sunrisers Grp (146417)Julie S (GSR)Steubenville OHSep-14
District-06Instrument Of Peace Group (610561)David C (GSR)Steubenville OHFeb-96
District-06Island Creek Women's Group (724666)Julie M (GSR)Costonia OHJul-19
District-06Just For Today Group (158942)Patti W (GSR)Wintersville OHJul-19
District-06Lunch Bunch Group (646515)Ron S (GSR)Cambridge OHOct-01
District-06Monday Night Group (646459)Joe MCambridge OHOct-01
District-06Pathway To Serenity Group (716073)Lorna WCadiz OHJun-15
District-06Recovery Is Our Task (RIOT) Group (681652)Brett H (altGSR)Wintersville OHApr-16
District-06Riverside A.A. Group (150950)Tameka E (GSR)Toronto OHApr-19
District-06Saturday Night Live Group (654721)Carmine L (GSR)Steubenville OHMar-03
District-06Saturday Nite Live A.A. Group (119790)Shawn TCambridge OHNov-16
District-06Seekers Group (111358)Tammy M (GSR)Steubenville OHOct-13
District-06Steubenville West End Group (130475)Stu C (GSR)Steubenville OHSep-83
District-06Sunday Morning Awareness Group (140366)AJ C (GSR)Steubenville OHNov-03
District-06Sunday Night Celebration Group (179776)Darrell B (GSR)Steubenville OHSep-16
District-06Sunday Night Group (721024)Jim R (GSR)Steubenville OHApr-17
District-06Sunday Sunrise Group (649950)David M (GSR)Cambridge OHMay-02
District-06Tell It Like It Is Group (163105)Pat A (GSR)Steubenville OHDec-17
District-06Thursday Hilltop A.A. Group (657464)Steve WBelmont OHJan-08
District-06Towers Big Book Study Group (701693)Kasey M (altGSR)Steubenville OHOct-13
District-06Tues Night Open Disc Group (137524)Larry DCambridge OHFeb-12
District-06Tuesday Night (Seekers Of Sobriety) Group (696854)John J V (GSR)Steubenville OHSep-18
District-06Tuesday Night Beginners Group (157344)Jason DSteubenville OHApr-04
District-06Wed Night Open Discussion Grp (145587)Tom M (GSR)Cambridge OHNov-87
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