District 10

District 10

Delaware County
DCM (District Committee Member):
Bill Y.


Group IDNameDistrictCityLast Updated
000034758Winter Street GroupDistrict 10Delaware9/9/21 10:33
000101228Del. Sunbury Sun Morn Bkfst GroupDistrict 10Sunbury9/9/21 10:33
000101242Delaware Wednesday 12 & 12 GrpDistrict 10Delaware9/9/21 10:33
000101238Friendship Fellowship GroupDistrict 10Delaware9/9/21 10:33
000031626Westerville Sat Morn Kiss GrpDistrict 10Westerville9/9/21 10:33
000024382Monday Night Big Book GroupDistrict 10Delaware9/9/21 10:33
000109587Happy To Be Sober GroupDistrict 10Delaware9/9/21 10:33
000074644Solution GroupDistrict 10Westerville9/9/21 10:33
000066335Seeds Of Sobriety Group (p)District 10Delaware9/9/21 10:33
000042589Zoo GroupDistrict 10Powell9/9/21 10:33
000024919Monday Night Stairway To Heaven GroupDistrict 10Powell9/9/21 10:33
000006127Think Before You Drink GroupDistrict 10Sunbury9/9/21 10:33
000031618Westerville Friday Night H.O.W. GroupDistrict 10Westerville9/9/21 10:33
000101237Delaware Dawn GroupDistrict 10Delaware9/9/21 10:33
000101240Delaware Sunrise GroupDistrict 10Delaware9/9/21 10:33
000093751Ashley Welcome Home GroupDistrict 10Ashley9/9/21 10:33
000031612Westerville Alcoholics Anonymous of A.A. GroupDistrict 10Westerville9/9/21 10:33
000083240Sunbury Friends Living Sober GroupDistrict 10Sunbury9/9/21 10:33
000010500Liberty Fireside GroupDistrict 10Delaware9/9/21 10:33
000083247Sunbury Safe Haven GroupDistrict 10Sunbury9/9/21 10:33
000083239Sunbury Footprints GroupDistrict 10Sunbury9/9/21 10:33
000083244Sunbury Men Living Sober GroupDistrict 10Sunbury9/9/21 10:33
000101239Delaware Square Foot GroupDistrict 10Delaware9/9/21 10:33
000031629Westerville Sunday Night Big Book In The Basement Group Of AADistrict 10Westerville9/9/21 10:33
000067959Serenity Inc. GroupDistrict 10Delaware9/9/21 10:33
000101241Delaware Trotters 12 & 12 GroupDistrict 10Delaware9/9/21 10:33
000095614Big Bird Big Book GroupDistrict 10Ashley9/9/21 10:33
000106496Friend Of Bill & Bob GroupDistrict 10Sunbury9/9/21 10:33
000032901New Hope GroupDistrict 10Delawere9/9/21 10:33
000035640Women's Freedom GroupDistrict 10Lewis Center9/13/21 7:27
000246108A Women's Way GroupDistrict 10Delaware9/9/21 10:33


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