District 11

District 11

Madison and Union Counties
DCM (District Committee Member):
Mela K

District 11 Meetings

District 11 Meetings are held on the 1st Monday of the month at 6:00 PM.


First Presbyterian Church

210 West Fifth Street

Marysville, OH 43040



Group information updates as of January 1, 2024 from Fellowship Connection.
Group IDNameDistrictCityLast Updated
000451689The Forth Dimension GroupDistrict 118/10/2023 1:41 pm
000105987Friday Night Closed Disc GrpDistrict 11Marysville8/10/2023 5:06 pm
000014260London Fellowship GroupDistrict 11London8/10/2023 5:06 pm
000014274London Survival GroupDistrict 11London8/10/2023 5:06 pm
000014271London Surrender GroupDistrict 11London8/10/2023 5:06 pm
000110007Helping Hands Group (p)District 11London8/10/2023 5:06 pm
000097197Brown Baggers GrpDistrict 11Marysville8/10/2023 5:06 pm
000018144Marysville Fellowship GroupDistrict 11Marysville8/10/2023 5:06 pm
000096867Brighter Day Group (p)District 11London8/10/2023 5:06 pm
000079333Starting Over Group (p)District 11Marysville8/10/2023 5:06 pm
000011088Light House Group (p)District 11Marysville8/10/2023 5:06 pm
000049759Plain City GroupDistrict 11Plain City8/10/2023 5:06 pm
000018160Marysville Primary Purpose B/B GpDistrict 11Marysville8/10/2023 5:06 pm
000022995Milford Center Group Of A.A. GroupDistrict 11Milford Center8/10/2023 5:06 pm
000091961Rise And Shine GroupDistrict 11Marysville8/10/2023 5:06 pm
000025321Monday Noon Second Shifters GroupDistrict 11Marysville8/10/2023 5:06 pm
000031384New Beginnings Group Of A.A. (p)District 11Marysville8/10/2023 5:06 pm
000067806Serenity Group Of A.A. (p)District 11Marysville8/10/2023 5:06 pm
000110872Hope For All Group (p)District 11Marysville8/10/2023 5:06 pm
000005982L.O.C.I. Tuesday Night Journey To Live Group (p)District 11London8/10/2023 5:06 pm
000027495Mount Sterling Sunday Night Group Of A.A.District 11Mount Sterling8/10/2023 5:06 pm
000081706Stepsisters Women's Candelight GroupDistrict 11London8/10/2023 5:06 pm
000027497Mount Sterling Tuesday Night Group Of A.A.District 11Mount Sterling8/10/2023 5:06 pm
000057311Richwood GroupDistrict 11Richwood8/10/2023 5:06 pm
000110351Marysville Friday Noon 12 & 12 GroupDistrict 11Marysville8/10/2023 5:06 pm
000081072Stepping Up GroupDistrict 11London8/10/2023 5:06 pm
000028062Mt. Sterling Big Book Study GroupDistrict 11Mount Sterling8/10/2023 5:06 pm
000071116Sisters In Sobriety GroupDistrict 11London8/10/2023 5:06 pm
000224017Many Voices of Women GroupDistrict 11Marysville8/10/2023 5:06 pm
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