District 11

District 11

Madison and Union Counties
DCM (District Committee Member):
Julie R.

District 11 Meetings

District 11 Meetings are held on the 1st Monday of the month at 6:00 PM.

January & September Meeting Date Change
      District 11 will meet on Jan 8th 2024 @6:00

Return to regular scheduled meetings in Feburary.

      And Spetember 11th 2023 @6:00PM and return to normal in October.


First Presbyterian Church

210 West Fifth Street

Marysville, OH 43040



Group information updates as of January 1, 2024 from Fellowship Connection.
Group IDNameDistrictCityLast Updated
000451689The Forth Dimension GroupDistrict 118/10/2023 1:41 pm
000105987Friday Night Closed Disc GrpDistrict 11Marysville8/10/2023 5:06 pm
000014260London Fellowship GroupDistrict 11London8/10/2023 5:06 pm
000014274London Survival GroupDistrict 11London8/10/2023 5:06 pm
000014271London Surrender GroupDistrict 11London8/10/2023 5:06 pm
000110007Helping Hands Group (p)District 11London8/10/2023 5:06 pm
000097197Brown Baggers GrpDistrict 11Marysville8/10/2023 5:06 pm
000018144Marysville Fellowship GroupDistrict 11Marysville8/10/2023 5:06 pm
000096867Brighter Day Group (p)District 11London8/10/2023 5:06 pm
000079333Starting Over Group (p)District 11Marysville8/10/2023 5:06 pm
000011088Light House Group (p)District 11Marysville8/10/2023 5:06 pm
000049759Plain City GroupDistrict 11Plain City8/10/2023 5:06 pm
000018160Marysville Primary Purpose B/B GpDistrict 11Marysville8/10/2023 5:06 pm
000022995Milford Center Group Of A.A. GroupDistrict 11Milford Center8/10/2023 5:06 pm
000091961Rise And Shine GroupDistrict 11Marysville8/10/2023 5:06 pm
000025321Monday Noon Second Shifters GroupDistrict 11Marysville8/10/2023 5:06 pm
000031384New Beginnings Group Of A.A. (p)District 11Marysville8/10/2023 5:06 pm
000067806Serenity Group Of A.A. (p)District 11Marysville8/10/2023 5:06 pm
000110872Hope For All Group (p)District 11Marysville8/10/2023 5:06 pm
000005982L.O.C.I. Tuesday Night Journey To Live Group (p)District 11London8/10/2023 5:06 pm
000027495Mount Sterling Sunday Night Group Of A.A.District 11Mount Sterling8/10/2023 5:06 pm
000081706Stepsisters Women's Candelight GroupDistrict 11London8/10/2023 5:06 pm
000027497Mount Sterling Tuesday Night Group Of A.A.District 11Mount Sterling8/10/2023 5:06 pm
000057311Richwood GroupDistrict 11Richwood8/10/2023 5:06 pm
000110351Marysville Friday Noon 12 & 12 GroupDistrict 11Marysville8/10/2023 5:06 pm
000081072Stepping Up GroupDistrict 11London8/10/2023 5:06 pm
000028062Mt. Sterling Big Book Study GroupDistrict 11Mount Sterling8/10/2023 5:06 pm
000071116Sisters In Sobriety GroupDistrict 11London8/10/2023 5:06 pm
000224017Many Voices of Women GroupDistrict 11Marysville8/10/2023 5:06 pm
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