District 13

District 13

Fairfield and Hocking Counties
DCM (District Committee Member):
Mike K.


DistrictGroup (Service Num)Primary ContactCommunityUpdated
District-13/14As Bill Sees It Group (684771)Eric O (altGSR)Lancaster OH8-Dec
District-13/14As Women See It Group (674335)Pam LPickerington OH8-Jan
District-13/14Asbury 12 & 12 Study Group (129360)Connie DCanal Winchester OH14-Oct
District-13/14Back To Basic Group (721849)Lori S (GSR)Lancaster OH17-Oct
District-13/14Baltimore Monday Night Mens Group (717061)Steven C (altGSR)Baltimore OH17-Mar
District-13/14Baltimore Open Disc Group (125782)Larry SBaltimore OH8-Sep
District-13/14Bare Bones Study Group (672276)Kevin WReynoldsburg OH18-Oct
District-13/14Bremen Friday Night Group (125765)James E HBremen OH8-Sep
District-13/14Courage To Change Group (719371)Meredith H (GSR)New Lexington OH17-Mar
District-13/14Crooksville Back To Basics Group (725537)Jon S (GSR)Crooksville OH18-Oct
District-13/14Fri Night Late Happy Hour Grp (151089)Maralynn MLancaster OH4-Sep
District-13/14Friday Happy Hour Group (702005)Sheri MPickerington OH11-Nov
District-13/14Friday Night Pickerington Gp (134938)Steve FPickerington OH8-Sep
District-13/14Friday Noon Group (133153)Cherie S (GSR)Lancaster OHOct-95
District-13/14Good Morning Sunshine Group (703077)Samantha Dobrin R (GSR)Columbus OH11-Dec
District-13/14Grapevine Group (662835)Candace GLancaster OH17-Aug
District-13/14Hocking Hills Hope Group (643491)Laura LLogan OH12-Jul
District-13/14Hocking Hills Study Group (608438)Michael SLaurelville OH18-Sep
District-13/14Inside Straights Group (p) (668812)Robert ONelsonville OH5-Dec
District-13/14It's In The 12 & 12 Group (628132)Dave ELancaster OH12-Jun
District-13/14Just The Girls Group (723972)Loretta FPickerington OH18-Jun
District-13/14Ladies In New Recovery Group (p) (672314)Maralyn MLancaster OH6-Aug
District-13/14Lancaster Hilltop Group (133274)Michael HLancaster OHJun-84
District-13/14Lancaster Thurs Night B/B Study Group Of A.A. (659829)Kim HLancaster OH6-Aug
District-13/14Lancaster Thursday Hilltop Grp (111231)Michael HLancaster OH8-Sep
District-13/14Logan Study Group (662790)Laura LLogan OH18-May
District-13/14Logan Sunday Study Group (666650)Mark MLogan OH16-Mar
District-13/14Men In Jail Group (P) (682286)Don OLancaster OH8-Dec
District-13/14Millersport Tuesday Night BB Group (690769)Susan K, B (GSR)Millersport OH17-Mar
District-13/14Miracles Happen Group (653890)Ann KLancaster OH8-Jan
District-13/14New Freedom Group (p) (164097)Jim GunknownOct-90
District-13/14New Lexington Group (719742)Mark A F (GSR)New Lexington OH17-Mar
District-13/14Pickerington Study Group of A.A. (702004)Tiffany FPickerington OH11-Nov
District-13/14Pickerington Thur Night Recovery Group (609635)Alan F (GSR)Pickerington OH10-Aug
District-13/14Primary Purpose Gruop (161058)Roger LLancaster OH8-Sep
District-13/14Putnam Prayer Group (725315)Jonathan S (GSR)Zanesville OH18-Oct
District-13/14Rock Solid Group (p) (672958)Mark R (GSR)Lancaster OH18-Jan
District-13/14S.I.S. (Sister In Sobriety) Gp (648794)Kim S (GSR)Lancaster OH17-May
District-13/14Sober Voices Group (676235)Tricia ONew Lexington OH7-Aug
District-13/14Somerset Open End Lead Group (629967)Roy M (GSR)Somerset OHJul-98
District-13/14Somerset Rule 62 Group (672427)William O (GSR)Somerset OH8-Jan
District-13/14Stepping Out Group (p) (668413)Charles JNelsonville OH5-Nov
District-13/14Stone City Sobriety Group (716848)Deb R (GSR)Lithopolis OH17-Mar
District-13/14Sunday Morning Breakfast Group (121634)Jim GLancaster OH6-Aug
District-13/14Sunday Prestige Group (678632)Tom C (GSR)Lancaster OH8-May
District-13/14Thornville Fri Night A.A. Grp (163937)Jashua N (GSR)Thornville OHSep-90
District-13/14Thursday Choice Group (658032)Jeffery RLancaster OH16-Apr
District-13/14Thursday Nite Open Lead Group (133924)Rosalynn OLancaster OH8-Sep
District-13/14Tuesday Open Lead Group (111230)Shirley Monk MLancaster OH8-Sep
District-13/14We Shall Be Free Group (648419)Cherl ALancaster OH17-Jun
District-13/14Ya Gotta Want It Group (684602)Connie D (GSR)Lancaster OH8-Dec
District-13/14Young & Sober Group (703430)Roger LLancaster OH13-Jun


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