District 13

District 13

Fairfield and Hocking Counties
District 13 does not currently have a DCM (District Committee Member). If you are interested in becoming active in this district, please contact the DCMC (District Committee Member Chairperson).


Group IDNameDistrictCityLast Updated
00022351111th Step Prayer & Meditation GroupDistrict 13/14Lancaster9/29/21 11:21
000093549As Bill Sees It GroupDistrict 13/14Lancaster9/9/21 10:34
000093715As Women See It GroupDistrict 13/14Pickerington9/9/21 10:34
000093722Asbury 12 & 12 Study GroupDistrict 13/14Canal Winchester9/9/21 10:34
000094266Back To Basic GroupDistrict 13/14Lancaster9/9/21 10:34
000094627Baltimore Monday Night Mens GroupDistrict 13/14Baltimore9/9/21 10:34
000094628Baltimore Open Disc GroupDistrict 13/14Baltimore9/9/21 10:34
000094690Bare Bones Study GroupDistrict 13/14Reynoldsburg9/9/21 10:34
000096736Bremen Friday Night GroupDistrict 13/14Bremen9/9/21 10:34
000250853Canal Winchester Sobriety Checkpoint GroupDistrict 13/14Canal Winchester9/9/21 10:34
000100259Courage To Change GroupDistrict 13/14New Lexington9/9/21 10:34
000100511Crooksville Back To Basics GroupDistrict 13/14Crooksville9/9/21 10:34
000367403Crooksville Park GroupDistrict 13/14Crooksville9/27/21 18:25
000105666Fri Night Late Happy Hour GrpDistrict 13/14Lancaster9/9/21 10:34
000105818Friday Happy Hour GroupDistrict 13/14Pickerington9/9/21 10:34
000106190Friday Night Pickerington GpDistrict 13/14Pickerington9/9/21 10:34
000106423Friday Noon GroupDistrict 13/14Lancaster9/9/21 10:34
000107634Good Morning Sunshine GroupDistrict 13/14Columbus9/9/21 10:34
000103623Grapevine GroupDistrict 13/14Lancaster9/9/21 10:34
000034609Hocking Hills Hope GroupDistrict 13/14Logan9/9/21 10:34
000110623Hocking Hills Study GroupDistrict 13/14Laurelville9/9/21 10:34
000111744Inside Straights Group (p)District 13/14Nelsonville9/9/21 10:34
000112050It's In The 12 & 12 GroupDistrict 13/14Lancaster9/9/21 10:34
000112771Just The Girls GroupDistrict 13/14Pickerington9/9/21 10:34
000006342Ladies In New Recovery Group (p)District 13/14Lancaster9/9/21 10:34
000007333Lancaster Hilltop GroupDistrict 13/14Lancaster9/9/21 10:34
000007342Lancaster Thurs Night B/B Study Group Of A.A.District 13/14Lancaster9/9/21 10:34
000007348Lancaster Thursday Hilltop GrpDistrict 13/14Lancaster9/9/21 10:34
000014187Logan Study GroupDistrict 13/14Logan9/9/21 10:34
000014190Logan Sunday Study GroupDistrict 13/14Logan9/28/21 12:38
000019823Men In Jail Group (P)District 13/14Lancaster9/9/21 10:34
000023117Millersport Tuesday Night BB GroupDistrict 13/14Millersport9/9/21 10:34
000023403Miracles Happen GroupDistrict 13/14Lancaster9/9/21 10:34
000032423New Freedom Group (p)District 13/14Lancaster9/9/21 10:34
000033694New Lexington GroupDistrict 13/14New Lexington9/9/21 10:34
000049169Pickerington Study Group of A.A.District 13/14Pickerington10/20/21 12:23
000049172Pickerington Thur Night Recovery GroupDistrict 13/14Pickerington9/9/21 10:34
000051741Primary Purpose GruopDistrict 13/14Lancaster9/9/21 10:34
000053666Putnam Prayer GroupDistrict 13/14Zanesville9/9/21 10:34
000058593Rock Solid Group (p)District 13/14Lancaster9/9/21 10:34
000060195S.I.S. (Sister In Sobriety) GpDistrict 13/14Lancaster9/9/21 10:34
000073495Sober Voices GroupDistrict 13/14New Lexington9/9/21 10:34
000074899Somerset Open End Lead GroupDistrict 13/14Somerset9/9/21 10:34
000074904Somerset Rule 62 GroupDistrict 13/14Somerset9/9/21 10:34
000080858Stepping Out Group (p)District 13/14Nelsonville9/9/21 10:34
000082013Stone City Sobriety GroupDistrict 13/14Lithopolis9/9/21 10:34
000083799Sunday Morning Breakfast GroupDistrict 13/14Lancaster9/9/21 10:34
000084929Sunday Prestige GroupDistrict 13/14Lancaster9/9/21 10:34
000006341Thornville Fri Night A.A. GrpDistrict 13/14Thornville9/9/21 10:34
000006989Thursday Choice GroupDistrict 13/14Lancaster9/9/21 10:34
000008333Thursday Nite Open Lead GroupDistrict 13/14Lancaster9/9/21 10:34
000007349Tuesday Open Lead GroupDistrict 13/14Lancaster9/9/21 10:34
000025857We Shall Be Free GroupDistrict 13/14Lancaster9/9/21 10:34
000040500Ya Gotta Want It GroupDistrict 13/14Lancaster9/9/21 10:34
000041121Young & Sober GroupDistrict 13/14Lancaster9/9/21 10:34


DCMs can update their district's information, including DCM contact information, district meeting location and time, and other activity taking place in their district.

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