District 14

District 14

Fairfield and Perry Counties
District 14 does not currently have a DCM (District Committee Member). If you are interested in becoming active in this district, please contact the DCMC (District Committee Member Chairperson).


Group information updates as of November 4, 2022 from Fellowship Connection.
Group IDNameDistrictCityLast Updated
000250853Canal Winchester Sobriety Checkpoint GroupDistrict 13/14Canal Winchester7/28/22
000367403Crooksville Park GroupDistrict 13/14Crooksville9/3/22
000007349Tuesday Open Lead GroupDistrict 13/14Lancaster9/9/21
000007348Lancaster Thursday Hilltop GrpDistrict 13/14Lancaster9/9/21
000083799Sunday Morning Breakfast GroupDistrict 13/14Lancaster9/9/21
000096736Bremen Friday Night GroupDistrict 13/14Bremen9/9/21
000094628Baltimore Open Disc GroupDistrict 13/14Baltimore4/3/22
000093722Asbury 12 & 12 Study GroupDistrict 13/14Canal Winchester9/9/21
000106423Friday Noon GroupDistrict 13/14Lancaster9/9/21
000007333Lancaster Hilltop GroupDistrict 13/14Lancaster9/9/21
000008333Thursday Nite Open Lead GroupDistrict 13/14Lancaster9/9/21
000106190Friday Night Pickerington GpDistrict 13/14Pickerington9/9/21
000105666Fri Night Late Happy Hour GrpDistrict 13/14Lancaster9/9/21
000051741Primary Purpose GruopDistrict 13/14Lancaster9/9/21
000006341Thornville Fri Night A.A. GrpDistrict 13/14Thornville9/9/21
000032423New Freedom Group (p)District 13/14Lancaster9/9/21
000110623Hocking Hills Study GroupDistrict 13/14Laurelville6/15/22
000049172Pickerington Thur Night Recovery GroupDistrict 13/14Pickerington9/9/21
000112050It's In The 12 & 12 GroupDistrict 13/14Lancaster9/9/21
000074899Somerset Open End Lead GroupDistrict 13/14Somerset9/9/21
000034609Hocking Hills Hope GroupDistrict 13/14Logan9/9/21
000025857We Shall Be Free GroupDistrict 13/14Lancaster9/9/21
000060195S.I.S. (Sister In Sobriety) GpDistrict 13/14Lancaster10/12/22
000023403Miracles Happen GroupDistrict 13/14Lancaster9/9/21
000006989Thursday Choice GroupDistrict 13/14Lancaster9/9/21
000007342Lancaster Thurs Night B/B Study Group Of A.A.District 13/14Lancaster9/9/21
000014187Logan Study GroupDistrict 13/14Logan9/9/21
000103623Grapevine GroupDistrict 13/14Lancaster9/9/21
000014190Logan Sunday Study GroupDistrict 13/14Logan9/28/21
000080858Stepping Out Group (p)District 13/14Nelsonville9/9/21
000111744Inside Straights Group (p)District 13/14Nelsonville9/9/21
000094690Bare Bones Study GroupDistrict 13/14Reynoldsburg9/9/21
000006342Ladies In New Recovery Group (p)District 13/14Lancaster9/9/21
000074904Somerset Rule 62 GroupDistrict 13/14Somerset5/20/22
000058593Rock Solid Group (p)District 13/14Lancaster9/9/21
000093715As Women See It GroupDistrict 13/14Pickerington9/9/21
000073495Sober Voices GroupDistrict 13/14New Lexington9/9/21
000084929Sunday Prestige GroupDistrict 13/14Lancaster9/9/21
000019823Men In Jail Group (P)District 13/14Lancaster9/9/21
000040500Ya Gotta Want It GroupDistrict 13/14Lancaster8/19/22
000093549As Bill Sees It GroupDistrict 13/14Lancaster9/9/21
000023117Millersport Tuesday Night BB GroupDistrict 13/14Millersport9/9/21
000049169Pickerington Study GroupDistrict 13/14Pickerington7/15/22
000105818Friday Happy Hour GroupDistrict 13/14Pickerington9/9/21
000107634Good Morning Sunshine GroupDistrict 13/14Columbus9/9/21
000041121Young & Sober GroupDistrict 13/14Lancaster9/9/21
000082013Stone City Sobriety GroupDistrict 13/14Lithopolis9/9/21
000094627Baltimore Monday Night Mens GroupDistrict 13/14Baltimore9/9/21
000100259Courage To Change GroupDistrict 13/14New Lexington9/9/21
000033694New Lexington GroupDistrict 13/14New Lexington9/9/21
000094266Back To Basic GroupDistrict 13/14Lancaster9/9/21
000112771Just The Girls GroupDistrict 13/14Pickerington9/9/21
000053666Putnam Prayer GroupDistrict 13/14Zanesville9/9/21
000100511Crooksville Back To Basics GroupDistrict 13/14Crooksville9/9/21
00022351111th Step Prayer & Meditation GroupDistrict 13/14Lancaster4/22/22


DCMs can update their district's information, including DCM contact information, district meeting location and time, and other activity taking place in their district.

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