District 16

District 16

Athens County
DCM (District Committee Member):
Margie S.

District 16 Meetings

District 16 Meetings are held on the 1st Sunday of the month at 5:00 PM.


First United Methodist Church

2 South College Street

Athens, OH 45701


Group information updates as of February 13, 2023 from Fellowship Connection.
Group IDNameDistrictCityLast Updated
419695Athens Odds & Ends GroupDistrict 16Athens10/1/2022 0:05
24453Monday Night Buckeye GroupDistrict 16Nelsonville9/9/2021 10:34
109844HCF Group (p)District 16Nelsonville9/9/2021 10:34
93827Athens Monday Big Book GroupDistrict 16Athens12/9/2022 17:04
63907Saturday Night Knucklehead GrpDistrict 16Athens9/9/2021 10:34
105890Friday Night 12 And 12 GroupDistrict 16Athens3/3/2022 13:09
107680Good Shepard GroupDistrict 16Athens9/9/2021 10:34
25389Monday Twilight GroupDistrict 16Athens9/9/2021 10:34
83665Sunday Night Lead GroupDistrict 16Athens3/23/2022 10:54
107222Gift Of Lasting Fellowship Group (GOLF)District 16Athens3/31/2022 15:04
7923Thursday Night Serenity GroupDistrict 16Nelsonville9/9/2021 10:34
22671We Came To Live Sober GroupDistrict 16Athens6/14/2022 11:57
93550Reflections GroupDistrict 16Athens10/20/2022 16:27
64993Saturday Serenity GroupDistrict 16Athens9/9/2021 10:34
93874Attitude Adjustment GroupDistrict 16Athens9/9/2021 10:34
31182West Side Beginners GroupDistrict 16Athens9/9/2021 10:34
81250Steps Of Sobriety GroupDistrict 16Athens9/9/2021 10:34
28547Wednesday Night Women's GroupDistrict 16Athens9/9/2021 10:34
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