District 18

District 18

Pickaway and Ross Counties
DCM (District Committee Member):
Barbara M.

District 18 Meetings

District 18 is currently without a DCM, and not meeting at this time. If you would like more information about becoming a DCM or re-establishing District 18 meetings, please contact our DCM Chairperson (DCMC):

Nicholas B. |  614-843-0517 |


DistrictGroup (Service Num)Primary ContactCommunityUpdated
District-1812 & 12 Big Book Study Group (141112)Vikky R (GSR)Chillicothe OH17-May
District-1812 Steps C Unit Fri 2 P.M. Gp (p) (156947)Lamont SOrient OH14-Oct
District-18A Better Future Group (p) (155669)George TunknownOct-87
District-18A.A. Steps & Traditions Group (p) (157188)Lamont SOrient OHJun-89
District-18Ashville 3 Topic Open Discussion Group (644446)Jim W (GSR)Ashville OH17-May
District-18Ashville Tuesday 12 & 12 Big Book Group (644458)Jim W (GSR)Ashville OH17-May
District-18Beginners Group (716773)Kelly H (GSR)Circleville OH17-Mar
District-18Candlelight Group (161680)Bob H (GSR)Chillicothe OH17-May
District-18Chillicothe Sunday Closed Big Book Study Group (695184)Kristin W (GSR)Chillicothe OH17-Nov
District-18Circleville Big Book Study Group (670021)Jim W (GSR)Circleville OH11-May
District-18Circleville Friday Night Group (110990)Roger P (GSR)Circleville OH17-May
District-18Circleville Grapevine Group (642656)Homam Y (GSR)Circleville OH17-May
District-18Circleville It Takes Two Group (644447)Mike M (GSR)Circleville OH11-Jun
District-18Circleville Living Sober Group (721907)Rob E (GSR)Circleville OH17-Oct
District-18Circleville Mens Group (658001)John L (GSR)Circleville OH17-May
District-18Circleville Monday Lunch Group (156212)Mike MCircleville OH17-May
District-18Circleville Roundtown Recovery Gp (644456)Rob E (GSR)Circleville OH7-Mar
District-18Circleville Step Group (110991)Joe R (GSR)Circleville OH17-May
District-18Circleville Tuesday Noon Group (644454)Mike MCircleville OH17-May
District-18Each Day A New Beginning Group (146336)Marilyn G (GSR)Chillicothe OHJan-88
District-18Early Evening Good Fellowship Group (146333)Raymond H (GSR)Chillicothe OH17-May
District-18First Capital Group (110949)James C (GSR)Chillicothe OH17-May
District-18Grapevine Meeting Group (161683)Mark D (GSR)Chillicothe OH17-Oct
District-18Happy Hour Group (699045)Lee M (GSR)Chillicothe OH17-May
District-18Hopewell Moonlighters Group (146335)Dee P (GSR)Chillicothe OH17-May
District-18Its In The Book Group (666640)Marilyn G (GSR)Chillicothe OH17-May
District-18K.I.S.S. Group (616437)Rob C (GSR)Chillicothe OH17-May
District-18Kingston As Bill Sees It Group (722042)Dee P (GSR)Kingston OH17-Jun
District-18Kingston Saturday Night Live Group (722044)Dee P (GSR)Kingston OH17-Jun
District-18Live For Recovery Group (723728)Teresa C (GSR)Circleville OH18-Mar
District-18New Beginners Group (161682)Ken M (GSR)Chillicothe OH17-May
District-18Rock Bottom Group (p) (607485)Lamont SOrient OH8-Mar
District-18Saturday Night Live Group (721895)James C (GSR)Chillicothe OH17-Oct
District-18Serenity On Saturday Group (633229)Bill M (GSR)Chillicothe OH17-May
District-18Serenity On Sunday Group (721842)Barbara M (GSR)Chillicothe OH17-Sep
District-18South Side Serenity Group (674632)Barbara M (GSR)Chillicothe OH17-Oct
District-18Spiritual Awakening Breakfast Group (718392)Lynn M (GSR)Chillicothe OH17-May
District-18Weekday Noon Group (136985)Nancy D (GSR)Chillicothe OH13-Feb
District-18Women's Candlelight Group (721909)Ginny M (GSR)Chillicothe OH17-Oct
District-18You Gotta Want It Group (173648)Jim B (GSR)Chillicothe OH17-May


DCMs can update their district's information, including DCM contact information, district meeting location and time, and other activity taking place in their district.

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