District 18

District 18

Pickaway and Ross Counties
District 18 does not currently have a DCM (District Committee Member). If you are interested in becoming active in this district, please contact the DCMC (District Committee Member Chairperson).

District 18 Meetings

District 18 is currently without a DCM, and not meeting at this time. If you would like more information about becoming a DCM or re-establishing District 18 meetings, please contact our DCM Chairperson (DCMC):

Nicholas B. |  614-843-0517 |


Group information updates as of November 4, 2022 from Fellowship Connection.
Group IDNameDistrictCityLast Updated
000366735Primary Purpose GroupDistrict 18Chillicothe9/3/22
000104408First Capital GroupDistrict 18Chillicothe9/9/21
000099176Circleville Friday Night GroupDistrict 18Circleville9/9/21
000101581Circleville Step GroupDistrict 18Circleville9/9/21
000038207Weekday Noon GroupDistrict 18Chillicothe9/9/21
00009027212 & 12 Big Book Study GroupDistrict 18Chillicothe9/9/21
000091458A Better Future Group (p)District 18Chillicothe9/9/21
00009046312 Steps C Unit Fri 2 P.M. Gp (p)District 18Orient9/9/21
000091975A.A. Steps & Traditions Group (p)District 18Orient9/9/21
000086904Grapevine Meeting GroupDistrict 18Chillicothe9/9/21
000041053You Gotta Want It GroupDistrict 18Chillicothe9/9/21
000058525Rock Bottom Group (p)District 18Orient9/9/21
000029724Serenity On Saturday GroupDistrict 18Chillicothe9/9/21
000099175Circleville Grapevine GroupDistrict 18Circleville9/9/21
000097628Ashville 3 Topic Open Discussion GroupDistrict 18Ashville9/9/21
000099177Circleville It Takes Two GroupDistrict 18Circleville9/9/21
000014743Circleville Tuesday Noon GroupDistrict 18Circleville9/9/21
000099181Circleville Roundtown Recovery GpDistrict 18Circleville2/28/22
000093754Ashville Tuesday 12 & 12 Big Book GroupDistrict 18Ashville9/9/21
000099180Circleville Mens GroupDistrict 18Circleville9/9/21
000112151Its In The Book GroupDistrict 18Chillicothe9/9/21
000099174Monday Night Big Book Study GroupDistrict 18Circleville3/25/22
000068108Serenity On Sunday GroupDistrict 18Chillicothe11/30/21
000063987Saturday Night Live GroupDistrict 18Chillicothe9/9/21
000099178Circleville Living Sober GroupDistrict 18Circleville9/9/21
000035562Women's Candlelight GroupDistrict 18Chillicothe9/9/21
000005552Kingston As Bill Sees It GroupDistrict 18Kingston9/9/21
000005565Kingston Saturday Night Live GroupDistrict 18Kingston9/9/21


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