District 22

District 22

Dublin and Hilliard


North: Franklin-Delaware County line

South: I-70

East: Scioto River

West: Madison County line

DCM (District Committee Member):
Jillena R.

District 22 Meetings

District 22 Meetings are held on the 1st Sunday of the month at 10:30 AM.


Columbus Springs Dublin

7625 Hospital Drive

Dublin, OH 43016


DistrictGroup (Service Num)Primary ContactCommunityUpdated
District-22Dublin Big Book Group (690950)Charles LDublin OHSep-09
District-22Dublin Downtown Group (127013)Tom B (GSR)Dublin OHSep-82
District-22Dublin Hope for Hurting Group (721224)Ted C (GSR)Dublin OHApr-17
District-22Dublin Miracle Group (676500)Amy H (GSR)Dublin OHNov-14
District-22Hilliard Big Book Group (129974)James JHilliard OHSep-18
District-22Hilliard Sobriety Group (631320)Steve C (GSR)Hilliard OHJul-14
District-22Into Action Group (711738)Tyler G (GSR)Dublin OHJun-19
District-22Into The Solution Group (683260)Greg G (GSR)Hilliard OHJul-14
District-22Men In Recovery Group (717506)Kent P (GSR)Hilliard OHMar-17
District-22New Beginners Group (674837)Matthew ADublin OHJul-18
District-22New Freedom Group (666971)Diane A (GSR)Dublin OHNov-14
District-22Road To Happy Destiny Group (712660)Mark K (GSR)Hilliard OHAug-16
District-22Secular Sobriety AA Group (699693)Ed S (GSR)Dublin OHSep-16
District-22Serenity On Sunday Group (684281)Don SDublin OHDec-08
District-22T.G.I.F (Thank God I'm Free) Group (714397)Mike CHilliard OHMar-17
District-22The Dog Pound Group (139183)Mark SHillaird OHNov-08
District-22Tuesday Closed Discussion Group (138869)Michael V (GSR)Dublin OHFeb-05
District-22Turning Point Group (706106)Todd W (GSR)Dublin OHJan-13
District-22Womens Hope Is In The Book Group (713818)Kellie S (GSR)Dublin OHAug-17
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