District 26

District 26

Gahanna, New Albany, Reynoldsburg, Westerville and Whitehall


North: Franklin-Delaware County line

South: I-70

East: Franklin-Licking County line

West: Alum Creek to Morse Road and Stelzer Road to I-70

DCM (District Committee Member):
Deborah P.

District 26 Meetings

District 26 Meetings are held on the 3rd Saturday of the month at 9:30 AM via Zoom.

Meeting ID: 834 7435 4101

Password: 797257


Group IDNameDistrictCityLast Updated
000092418After Work GroupDistrict 26Gahanna9/9/21 10:35
000093524As Bill Sees It East GroupDistrict 26Pickerington9/9/21 10:35
000099082Chosen Few GroupDistrict 26Columbus9/9/21 10:35
000100460Creekside Recovery GroupDistrict 26Gahanna9/9/21 10:35
000100614Crossties GroupDistrict 26Columbus9/9/21 10:35
000030377Diamonds In The Rough GroupDistrict 26Gahanna9/9/21 10:35
000102721East Side Big Book Study GroupDistrict 26Columbus9/9/21 10:35
000102733East Side Late Night GroupDistrict 26Columbus9/9/21 10:35
000103785Eyeopener GroupDistrict 26Reynoldsburg9/9/21 10:35
000103875Fairway GroupDistrict 26Columbus9/9/21 10:35
000103910Faith Hope And Serenity GroupDistrict 26Berwick9/9/21 10:35
000104135Fellowship Hall GroupDistrict 26Whitehall9/9/21 10:35
000104398First 164 Step GroupDistrict 26Blacklick9/9/21 10:35
000105171Free At Last GroupDistrict 26Columbus9/29/21 9:23
000105203Free From Friday 164 GroupDistrict 26Columbus9/9/21 10:35
000105739Friday Acceptance GroupDistrict 26Columbus9/9/21 10:35
000105924Friday Night Beginners GroupDistrict 26Westerville9/9/21 10:35
000106644Friendship GroupDistrict 26Columbus9/9/21 10:35
000106841Gahanna Couples In Recovery GroupDistrict 26Gahanna9/9/21 10:35
000106842Gahanna Early Bird GroupDistrict 26Gahanna9/9/21 10:35
000106843Gahanna Gatehouse GroupDistrict 26Gahanna9/9/21 10:35
000107129Get Back To Basics Group Of A.A.District 26Reynoldsburg9/9/21 10:35
000107644Good News GroupDistrict 26New Albany9/9/21 10:35
000262773Hope Well GroupDistrict 26New Albany9/9/21 10:35
000112469Journey To Sobriety GroupDistrict 26New Albany9/9/21 10:35
000011945Liv Laine GroupDistrict 26Columbus9/9/21 10:35
000023761Monday Midday GroupDistrict 26Whitehall9/9/21 10:35
000030056New Albany O.K To Feel GroupDistrict 26New Albany9/9/21 10:35
000030060New Albany Sobriety Society GpDistrict 26New Albany9/9/21 10:35
000036892No Name Group (Mens)District 26Gahanna9/9/21 10:35
000038396North American Sunday GroupDistrict 26Blacklick9/9/21 10:35
000039452Northeast Discussion GroupDistrict 26Columbus9/9/21 10:35
000042915On The Way Home GroupDistrict 26Whitehall9/9/21 10:35
000045855Out Of Towners GroupDistrict 26Columbus9/9/21 10:35
000048625Perfectly Broken GroupDistrict 26Columbus9/9/21 10:35
000055795Recovery Road GroupDistrict 26Westerville10/28/21 10:48
000057129Rey AA For Thought GroupDistrict 26Reynoldsburg9/9/21 10:35
000057135Reynoldsburg Saturday Night GroupDistrict 26Columbus9/9/21 10:35
000057140Reynoldsburg Womens 12 & 12 GroupDistrict 26Reynoldsburg9/27/21 10:52
000057670Rise And Shine GroupDistrict 26Gahanna9/9/21 10:35
000058489Rock Bottom 12 & 12 GroupDistrict 26Reynoldsburg9/9/21 10:35
000062795Saturday Men's Discussion GroupDistrict 26Columbus10/31/21 10:36
000070773Singleness Of Purpose GroupDistrict 26Columbus9/9/21 10:35
000075924Southeast Breakfast GroupDistrict 26Columbus9/9/21 10:35
000077396Spring Into Sobriety GroupDistrict 26Columbus9/9/21 10:35
000080878Stepping Stone GroupDistrict 26Columbus9/9/21 10:35
000085421Sunny Side Of Sobriety GroupDistrict 26Columbus9/9/21 10:35
000016871Under New Management GroupDistrict 26Westerville9/9/21 10:35
000017339Unity GroupDistrict 26Whitehall9/9/21 10:35
000020514Wake Up Into Action GroupDistrict 26Westerville9/9/21 10:35
000031634Westerville Women's Recovery GroupDistrict 26Westerville9/9/21 10:35
000038974Womens Sobriety & Serenity GrpDistrict 26Columbus9/9/21 10:35
000040915You Are My Sunshine GroupDistrict 26Columbus9/9/21 10:35


DCMs can update their district's information, including DCM contact information, district meeting location and time, and other activity taking place in their district.

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