District 28

District 28

Clintonville, Oakland Park and OSU


North: Morse Road

South: Fifth Avenue to Stelzer Road

East: Stelzer Road

West: Olentangy River

DCM (District Committee Member):
Andy U.

District 28 Meetings

District 28 Meetings are held on the 1st Sunday of the month at 4:00 PM.


Crestview Presbyterian Church

350 Tulane Road

Columbus, OH 43202


DistrictGroup (Service Num)Primary ContactCommunityUpdated
District-2812 Steps For Newcomers Group (705697)Stanley H (GSR)Columbus OHAug-2012
District-28After Hours Group (110844)Mitch WColumbus OHFeb-2013
District-28Back To Basics Beginners Group (650502)John SColumbus OHJun-2002
District-28Boiled Owls Literature Group (665149)Ben O (GSR)Columbus OHMar-2011
District-28Ceased Fighting Group (709353)Kevin K (GSR)Columbus OHMar-2017
District-28Children Of Chaos Group (721504)Kerry M (GSR)Columbus OHMay-2017
District-28Clean Air Group (126872)Jim CColumbus OHFeb-2013
District-28Cliffside 12 and 12 Group (683749)Doug L (GSR)Columbus OHSep-2010
District-28Clintonville Big Book Group (147312)Chris J (GSR)Columbus OHMar-2014
District-28Clintonville Step Group (675660)Joe RColumbus OHMay-2007
District-28Early Evening Faith & Hope Grp (177834)Tim M (GSR)Columbus OHNov-2017
District-28Easton Surrender Group (705743)Rebecca K (GSR)Columbus OHMar-2017
District-28Faith, Hope And Love AA Group (710571)Beth TColumbus OHMar-2017
District-28Friday Men's Discussion Group (707775)Chris S (GSR)Columbus OHMar-2017
District-28Grant Us The Laughter Group (695439)Kayla K (GSR)Columbus OHNov-2014
District-28Grupo Conecta At Stop And Grow Group (720549)Miles TColumbus OHMar-2017
District-28Hope Group (117411)John H (GSR)Columbus OHApr-2009
District-28Indianola Ave B.B. Study Group (158484)Tim PColumbus OHSep-2010
District-28Just As I Am Group (690919)Noah F F (GSR)Columbus OHOct-2009
District-28Language Of The Heart Group (600679)Jason BColumbus OHMar-2008
District-28Listening Post Group (110850)Sean E. OColumbus OHMay-2014
District-28Lodestar Group (636628)Ian H (GSR)Columbus OHJun-2017
District-28Maple Grove Group (111092)Tom B (GSR)Columbus OHMar-2019
District-28Meditating Peacocks Group (664807)Mark H (GSR)Columbus OHMay-2019
District-28Plug-In-The-Jug Group (150113)Kelly C (GSR)Columbus OHDec-2012
District-28Red Carpet Group (111107)Paul HColumbus OHSep-1977
District-28Round Table Discussion Group (119186)Alec C (GSR)Columbus OHMar-2019
District-28Rule 62 Group (718662)Marty D (GSR)Columbus OHMar-2017
District-28Saturday Morning Seminar Group (719236)Terence J W (GSR)Columbus OHMar-2017
District-28Shivering Denizens Mens Group Of AA (710388)Adam DColumbus OHMar-2017
District-28Smiling Sallies Group (710686)Jennifer WColumbus OHOct-2015
District-28Stop 'N' Grow Midday Group (136913)Ian B (GSR)Columbus OHMay-2014
District-28Stop And Stay Stopped Group (161882)Julie J (GSR)Columbus OHJul-2015
District-28Storytime Group (722206)Annette PColumbus OHOct-2017
District-28Thursday Morning As Bill Sees It Group (723699)John MColumbus OHJun-2018
District-28Variety In Sobriety Group (674833)Eric UWesterville OHSep-2010
District-28Walking Through The 12&12 Grp (169879)Roger MColumbus OHOct-1994
District-28Wednesday Promises Group (657395)Peg S (GSR)Columbus OHMar-2011
District-28Women's Work In Progress Group (719361)Louisa A CColumbus OHMar-2017
District-28Womens Early Birds Gp (136293)Amy J (GSR)Columbus OHNov-2013
District-28Womens H.O.W. Group (140172)Pud BColumbus OHJan-2016
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