District 30

District 30

Grandview Heights and Upper Arlington


North: Franklin-Delaware County line

South: I-670

East: Olentangy River

West: Scioto River (to the confluence)

DCM (District Committee Member):
David F.

District 30 Meetings

District 30 Meetings are held on the 1st Wednesday of the month at 6:00 PM.


Panera Bread

875 Bethel Road

Columbus, OH 43214


DistrictGroup (Service Num)Primary ContactCommunityUpdated
District-30164 Page Winners Group (616838)Joyce C (GSR)Columbus OHMay-15
District-30B Women's Group (684264)Judy W (GSR)Columbus OHMar-17
District-30Brookside Discussion Group (126371)Sue B (GSR)Worthington OHMar-17
District-30By The Book Group (716217)Dana F (GSR)Columbus OHMar-17
District-30Campus Turning Point Group (119115)Joseph M (GSR)Columbus OHApr-13
District-30Cliffhangers Group (144269)Jackie MColumbus OHMar-18
District-30Common Solution Group (687245)Rob W (GSR)Columbus OHJun-15
District-30Grandview High Steppers Group (138356)Della S (altGSR)Columbus OHNov-11
District-30Grupo Fe Y Accion De Columbus (676704)Omar SColumbus OHSep-07
District-30How It Works Group (127296)Ken FColumbus OHOct-82
District-30Humble Beginnings Group (696801)Kip H (GSR)Columbus OHMar-15
District-30If We Work For Them Group (166878)Rick BColumbus OHMar-17
District-30Life Begins At Forty Group (150619)Cindy Z (GSR)Columbus OHJan-15
District-30Monday Nite Steps and Traditions Group (613598)Jeff B (GSR)Columbus OHMar-16
District-30Nitty Gritty Group (121467)Amy JColumbus OHOct-15
District-30Open Big Book Group (664351)Jenny SColumbus OHJan-08
District-30Post Office Group (111105)Lorna W (GSR)Columbus OHNov-11
District-30Saturday Afternoon Live Group (630307)Geese AColumbus OHDec-17
District-30Saturday Night Linworth Group (137360)Linda D (GSR)Columbus OHMar-17
District-30Scioto View Serenity Group (148461)Tom B (GSR)Columbus OHMar-17
District-30Simply Sober Group (693703)Don L (GSR)Columbus OHDec-15
District-30Six O'Clock News Group (626096)Debra R (GSR)Columbus OHNov-14
District-30Sobrietys Lifeline & 11 Step Gp (136573)Mark T (GSR)Columbus OHJun-12
District-30Straight Up A.A. North Group (722384)T. L. VColumbus OHOct-17
District-30Sunday Breakfast Group (111115)Zac F (GSR)Columbus OHJul-15
District-30Sunday Night Closed Group (137903)Jim L (GSR)Columbus OHNov-85
District-30Sunday Reflections Group (175429)Matthew G C (GSR)Columbus OHApr-19
District-30Sunday Riverside Disc Group (132926)Alberta J A (GSR)Columbus OHJan-14
District-30T.G.I.F. Serenity Group (606500)Jim GColumbus OHDec-14
District-30Thurs Noon Men Living Sober Gp (645209)Merrill MColumbus OHNov-11
District-30Tradition Three Happy Hour Gp (625321)Kirk P (GSR)Columbus OHMay-14
District-30Trinity Noon Meeting Group (121071)Kalen C (GSR)Columbus OHNov-11
District-30True Partnership Group (707130)Ed G (GSR)Columbus OHMar-17
District-30Tuesday Mens Group (645218)Jeff L (GSR)Columbus OHNov-11
District-30Upper Arlington Lytham Road Gp (111118)Joseph O (GSR)Columbus OHMay-19
District-30West Fifth Avenue Group (111120)Matt W (GSR)Columbus OHNov-11
District-30Willingness Group (179265)Tom KColumbus OHMar-17
District-30Womens Serenity Group (147313)Liz L (GSR)Columbus OHAug-07
District-30Womens Sunset Group (628038)Jo Ann B (GSR)Columbus OHMar-98
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