District 33

District 33



North: Fifth Avenue

South: I-70

East: Stelzer/James Roads

West: Olentangy River

DCM (District Committee Member):
Nicholas B.


DistrictGroup (Service Num)Primary ContactCommunityUpdated
District-33501 Step Group (165921)Bill M (GSR)Columbus OH19-May
District-33B.Y.O.B. Grp (Bring Your Own Book) (173646)Reggie S (GSR)Columbus OH11-Nov
District-33Capital Square Group (119092)June RColumbus OH11-Nov
District-33Clifton Ave Group (132747)Mary HColumbus OH13-Apr
District-33Columbus Central Group (120260)John YColumbus OH15-Dec
District-33Cowtown Daily Reflections Group (709096)Cindy CColumbus OH17-Mar
District-33Drexal Avenue A.A. Group (111084)Dave AColumbus OH11-Nov
District-33Drummers Gay & Lesbian Group (110839)Julie P (GSR)Columbus OH19-May
District-33Genesis Group (127388)Pam G (GSR)Columbus OH18-Jun
District-33German Village Sunday Night Group (716072)Kenny S (GSR)Columbus OH15-Jun
District-33Gratitude In Recovery Group (721361)Darryl M (GSR)Columbus OH17-Apr
District-33Heart Of AA Group (716207)Rozanne S (GSR)Columbus OH17-Mar
District-33House Of Hope Group (111091)Mike BColumbus OHSep-77
District-33Last House On The Block Group (687482)Kim K (GSR)Columbus OH9-Mar
District-33Lincoln Literature Study Group (725640)Margie J (GSR)Columbus OH19-Mar
District-33Mustard Seed Group (625776)Tina B (GSR)Columbus OH11-Nov
District-33New Inner City Group (664953)Wesley F (GSR)Columbus OH11-Nov
District-33No Change No Gain Women's Group (694487)Jackie MColumbus OH11-Nov
District-33Noon 12 Step Group (695157)Gary B (GSR)Columbus OH18-Feb
District-33Peace At Last Group (698776)Ray M (GSR)Columbus OH11-Nov
District-33Peace Serenity And Hope Group (664334)Joseph C (GSR)Columbus OH11-Nov
District-33Pioneer Group (111103)Eric NColumbus OH14-Nov
District-33Poindexter Group (111104)Gary B (GSR)Columbus OH11-Nov
District-33Read & Glow Group (678220)Blanche R (GSR)Columbus OH11-Nov
District-33Real Women Are Heard Group (697081)Deborah SColumbus OH11-Nov
District-33Restoration Group (156439)Steven D (GSR)Columbus OH19-Mar
District-33Safe Haven Group (647914)Satoshi D (GSR)Columbus OH19-Mar
District-33Sisters In Serenity Group (657168)Stacy C (GSR)Columbus OH11-Nov
District-33Sunshine Group (709068)John W (GSR)Columbus OH17-Mar
District-33Turn Key Group (p) (179922)unknown11-Nov
District-33Upper Room Group (118451)Travis CColumbus OH14-Mar
District-33Volunteer Group (147690)Bob H (GSR)Columbus OH11-Nov
District-33Winner Group (161965)Kimberly BColumbus OH11-Nov
District-33Women Living Sober Group (715172)Cynthia RColumbus OH17-Mar
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