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Registered Groups in Area 53

Group information updates as of February 13, 2023 from Fellowship Connection.
Group IDNameDistrictCityLast Updated
250071Newark Primary Purpose GroupDistrict 08/09Newark9/9/2021 10:33
250853Canal Winchester Sobriety Checkpoint GroupDistrict 13/14Canal Winchester7/28/2022 12:56
255024Scioto Darby 12 And 12 GroupDistrict 22Hilliard10/11/2022 11:40
260654Women Of Wisdom GroupDistrict 30Linworth9/9/2021 10:35
262773Hope Well GroupDistrict 26New Albany9/9/2021 10:35
283438A Vision For You GroupDistrict 02Marion9/27/2021 18:18
285069New Day Trinity GroupDistrict Unknown9/9/2021 10:33
295528Women's Recovery Network GroupDistrict 40Columbus9/9/2021 10:36
298623Grupo Solo Por HoyDistrict 34Columbus9/9/2021 10:35
309629Grace Beginners GroupDistrict Unknown9/9/2021 10:33
326320Design For Living GroupDistrict 26Columbus9/9/2022 19:43
338309Whitehall Beginners Living Sober GroupDistrict UnknownColumbus9/3/2022 23:10
341705Her Happy Destiny GroupDistrict Unknown9/9/2021 10:33
342875A New Life GroupDistrict UnknownDelaware9/3/2022 23:03
344300Swift & Efficient GroupDistrict 34Columbus9/3/2022 23:01
350861BYOC Morning SIP Fellowship GroupDistrict UnknownColumbus9/3/2022 23:05
350878Sober in Place Online Meeting GroupDistrict UnknownColumbus9/3/2022 23:04
354519Solution GroupDistrict 12Springfield9/3/2022 23:09
364319Serenity Now GroupDistrict 20Waverly9/3/2022 23:03
366735Primary Purpose GroupDistrict 18Chillicothe9/3/2022 23:03
367403Crooksville Park GroupDistrict 13/14Crooksville9/3/2022 22:59
370729Columbus 1728 GroupDistrict 37Columbus1/19/2023 15:04
372618Monday Miracles 12p12 GroupDistrict UnknownWesterville8/22/2022 13:21
380947Friends of Hillsboro GroupDistrict UnknownHillsboro2/1/2022 0:05
381167Coshocton Wednesday Noon GroupDistrict UnknownCoshocton2/1/2022 0:05
381177Big Book Meeting GroupDistrict UnknownLancaster9/3/2022 22:59
381625Noon on Main GroupDistrict Unknown12/1/2021 0:05
395119Downtown First Things First GroupDistrict UnknownColumbus3/1/2022 0:05
395738Addiction Anonymous GroupDistrict 07Dresden4/1/2022 0:06
398319The Spirit of Recovery GroupDistrict UnknownColumbus9/3/2022 23:05
400861A Hole in the Donut GroupDistrict UnknownLewis Center9/3/2022 23:06
404906Pataskala Grant Us The Serenity GroupDistrict UnknownPataskala9/28/2022 14:10
407345Women Walking Together GroupDistrict 26Westerville9/3/2022 23:07
408379The Whole Donut GroupDistrict UnknownLewis Center7/1/2022 0:06
409226Rule 62 GroupDistrict 21Wheelersburg9/3/2022 23:00
410875Welcome Back Live GroupDistrict UnknownColumbus7/1/2022 0:05
413288Real Sober Life of AA GroupDistrict 21Ironton9/3/2022 23:01
414842Honesty Hour GroupDistrict UnknownColumbus7/22/2022 9:28
419695Athens Odds & Ends GroupDistrict 16Athens10/1/2022 0:05
421925Sunlight Of The Spirit GroupDistrict 14New Lexington10/1/2022 0:06
424031Gathered Together for Sobriety GroupDistrict 08/09Newark10/1/2022 0:05
428227Sobriety Roundup GroupDistrict 2611/1/2022 0:05
428293Midnight at 6:45 GroupDistrict Unknown12/1/2022 0:05
429080Earthworks Fellowship GroupDistrict UnknownNewark11/1/2022 0:06
439833Keep it Simple GroupDistrict Unknown2/1/2023 0:07
440250We Have a Solution Too GroupDistrict UnknownBellefontaine2/1/2023 0:07
44395Open Door GroupDistrict 23Columbus9/9/2021 10:34
42486Zane State Friday Night GroupDistrict 07Zanesville9/9/2021 10:33
238229New Washington Monday Nite GrpDistrict 03New Washington10/28/2021 10:19
100614Crossties GroupDistrict 26Columbus9/9/2021 10:35
85192Sunday Variety GroupDistrict 15Marietta9/9/2021 10:34
95743Jaywalkers GroupDistrict 23Columbus9/9/2021 10:34
102056Drummers Gay & Lesbian GroupDistrict 33Columbus9/9/2021 10:35
35203Friday Little Red Book GroupDistrict 08/09Newark9/9/2021 10:33
92404After Hours GroupDistrict 28Columbus8/2/2022 16:19
23761Monday Midday GroupDistrict 26Whitehall9/9/2021 10:35
35230Big Book GroupDistrict 08/09Newark9/9/2021 10:33
94711Barnesville GroupDistrict 06Barnesville9/9/2021 10:33
11654Listening Post GroupDistrict 28Columbus1/14/2022 13:07
62145Sat Nite Mad River #i GroupDistrict 01Urbana12/2/2021 14:28
103875Fairway GroupDistrict 26Columbus9/9/2021 10:35
95309Bellefontaine GroupDistrict 01Bellefontaine9/9/2021 10:33
97286Buckeye Lake GroupDistrict 08/09Buckeye Lake2/24/2022 12:00
97308Bucyrus GroupDistrict 03Bucyrus9/9/2021 10:33
97747Cambridge GroupDistrict 06Cambridge9/9/2021 10:33
104408First Capital GroupDistrict 18Chillicothe11/22/2022 16:27
99176Circleville Friday Night GroupDistrict 18Circleville2/8/2023 9:04
101581Circleville Step GroupDistrict 18Circleville1/19/2023 16:31
95550Bexley Disc And Beginners GrpDistrict 33Columbus2/2/2023 11:26
101104Daytime Discussion GroupDistrict 41Columbus9/9/2021 10:36
102025Drexal Avenue A.A. GroupDistrict 33Columbus9/9/2021 10:35
106644Friendship GroupDistrict 26Columbus2/23/2022 10:02
107677Good Samaritan GroupDistrict 41Columbus10/28/2021 10:58
108756Groveport Sat. Open Discussion GroupDistrict 37Groveport9/9/2021 10:35
109621Harbor Lights GroupDistrict 34Columbus9/9/2021 10:35
110530Hilltop GroupDistrict 34Columbus9/9/2021 10:35
14325Tuesday Night Welcome GroupDistrict 23Columbus9/9/2021 10:34
38731North GroupDistrict 23Columbus9/9/2021 10:34
38396North American Sunday GroupDistrict 26Blacklick9/9/2021 10:35
42500Olive Branch GroupDistrict 34Columbus9/9/2021 10:35
49568Pioneer GroupDistrict 37Columbus12/27/2021 15:38
49553Poindexter GroupDistrict 33Columbus3/2/2022 8:56
50978Post Office GroupDistrict 30Columbus9/9/2021 10:35
55939Red Carpet GroupDistrict 28Columbus9/9/2021 10:35
62795Saturday Men's Discussion GroupDistrict 26Columbus11/30/2022 13:29
80878Stepping Stone GroupDistrict 26Columbus9/9/2021 10:35
83518Sunday Breakfast GroupDistrict 30Columbus9/9/2021 10:35
18117Upper Arlington Lytham Road GpDistrict 30Columbus9/9/2021 10:35
30800West Fifth Avenue GroupDistrict 30Columbus9/9/2021 10:35
100178Thursday Night GroupDistrict 05Coshocton7/14/2022 11:21
34758Winter Street GroupDistrict 10Delaware9/9/2021 10:33
101228Del. Sunbury Sun Morn Bkfst GroupDistrict 10Sunbury4/14/2022 9:01
101242Delaware Wednesday 12 & 12 GrpDistrict 10Delaware9/9/2021 10:33
10913Tri-County GroupDistrict 17Gallipolis9/9/2021 10:34
90760Heath 24 Hour GroupDistrict 08/09Heath9/13/2021 12:44
117087Hillsboro GroupDistrict 19Hillsboro3/14/2022 22:16
111958Ironton GroupDistrict 21Ironton1/31/2023 15:33
112192Jackson GroupDistrict 17Jackson9/9/2021 10:34
112398Johnstown GroupDistrict 08/09Johnstown9/9/2021 10:33
7349Tuesday Open Lead GroupDistrict 13/14Lancaster9/9/2021 10:34
7348Lancaster Thursday Hilltop GrpDistrict 13/14Lancaster9/9/2021 10:34
99656Colonial GroupDistrict 15Marietta10/28/2021 10:34
7710Thursday Night Marion A.A. GrpDistrict 02Marion9/9/2021 10:33
64455Saturday Night Special GroupDistrict 02Marion9/9/2021 10:33
118207Marysville GroupDistrict 11Marysville11/4/2021 21:05
28121Mt. Vernon Saturday Night GrpDistrict 04Mt. Vernon9/9/2021 10:33
13330Tuesday Moundbuilders GroupDistrict 08/09Newark9/9/2021 10:33
35220Newark Moundbuilders GroupDistrict 08/09Newark9/9/2021 10:33
69370Shawnee GroupDistrict 21New Boston1/31/2023 15:28
35530Newcomerstown GroupDistrict 05Newcomerstown9/9/2021 10:33
9029812 & 12 GroupDistrict 21Portsmouth1/31/2023 14:28
17110United GroupDistrict 21Portsmouth6/1/2022 10:35
21411Washington Court House GroupDistrict 19Washington Ct House9/9/2021 10:34
49270Pike County GroupDistrict 20Waverly9/9/2021 10:34
31620Westerville GroupDistrict 23Westerville1/4/2022 17:23
31637Westerville Workshop GroupDistrict 23Westerville9/9/2021 10:34
239544Put It Together Keep It Together GroupDistrict 19Wilmington12/14/2022 12:09
40146Worthington GroupDistrict 23Worthington10/31/2022 11:42
122702Wednesday Downtown A.A. GroupDistrict 07Zanesville10/28/2021 10:20
84570Sunday Night Northside GroupDistrict 07Zanesville9/9/2021 10:33
40421Y Bridge GroupDistrict 07Zanesville9/9/2021 10:33
110903Hope GroupDistrict 28Columbus11/1/2021 8:51
10795Life Line GroupDistrict 34Columbus9/9/2021 10:35
33826New Life GroupDistrict 34Columbus9/9/2021 10:35
18165Upper Room GroupDistrict 28Columbus9/9/2021 10:35
107599Good Morning Breakfast GroupDistrict 34Columbus8/30/2022 11:44
110814Honey Creek Closed Disc GroupDistrict 12New Carlisle9/9/2021 10:34
98152Capital Square GroupDistrict 33Columbus9/9/2021 10:35
97973Campus Turning Point GroupDistrict 30Columbus9/9/2021 10:35
59317Round Table Discussion GroupDistrict 28Columbus9/9/2021 10:35
10300Lexington 24 Hour GroupDistrict 03Lexington9/9/2021 10:33
64699Saturday Nite Live A.A. GroupDistrict 06Cambridge9/9/2021 10:33
99852Community GroupDistrict 12Springfield9/7/2022 12:15
50010Pleasant Valley GroupDistrict 17Point Pleasant9/9/2021 10:34
11374Trinity Noon Meeting GroupDistrict 30Columbus3/22/2022 14:38
47583Pataskala Monday GroupDistrict 08/09Pataskala3/28/2022 14:40
36267Nitty Gritty GroupDistrict 30Columbus9/9/2021 10:35
111654Indian Lake GroupDistrict 01Russells Point3/10/2022 16:07
27922Wednesday Night Discussion GrpDistrict 03Bucyrus9/9/2021 10:33
83799Sunday Morning Breakfast GroupDistrict 13/14Lancaster9/9/2021 10:34
102382Early Bird Tuesday Nite GroupDistrict 05Coshocton9/9/2021 10:33
2809212 + 12 = 24 GroupDistrict 04Mt. Vernon3/18/2022 10:14
11945Liv Laine GroupDistrict 26Columbus9/9/2021 10:35
105987Friday Night Closed Disc GrpDistrict 11Marysville9/9/2021 10:34
107896Granville Alpha GroupDistrict 08/09Granville9/9/2021 10:33
14260London Fellowship GroupDistrict 11London9/9/2021 10:33
53434Prospect GroupDistrict 02Prospect12/7/2022 12:53
108745Grove City Discussion GroupDistrict 34Grove City9/9/2021 10:35
107112German Village Sun Brunch GrpDistrict 34Columbus9/9/2021 10:35
61833Sat Morn Breakfast Disc GroupDistrict 01Urbana9/12/2022 9:06
95915Big Book Study GroupDistrict 15Marietta9/9/2021 10:34
96736Bremen Friday Night GroupDistrict 13/14Bremen9/9/2021 10:34
94628Baltimore Open Disc GroupDistrict 13/14Baltimore4/3/2022 16:49
39657Woodsfield GroupDistrict 15Woodsfield9/9/2021 10:34
22873Midland Ave Big Book Disc GrpDistrict 34Columbus4/18/2022 15:54
97080Brookside Discussion GroupDistrict 30Worthington10/28/2021 10:49
79847Step By Step GroupDistrict 23Worthington9/9/2021 10:34
90883347 GroupDistrict 34Columbus9/9/2021 10:35
8096Last Chance GroupDistrict 37Columbus9/9/2021 10:35
99294Clean Air GroupDistrict 28Columbus9/9/2021 10:35
102136Dublin Downtown GroupDistrict 30Columbus2/3/2022 18:13
30377Diamonds In The Rough GroupDistrict 26Gahanna9/9/2021 10:35
111161How It Works GroupDistrict 30Columbus9/9/2021 10:35
107064Genesis GroupDistrict 34Columbus1/26/2022 17:24
14274London Survival GroupDistrict 11London9/9/2021 10:33
24453Monday Night Buckeye GroupDistrict 16Nelsonville9/9/2021 10:34
106320Friday Nite We Care GroupDistrict 02Marion9/9/2021 10:33
84367Sunday Night Clean Air GroupDistrict 02Marion9/9/2021 10:33
32117Weekend Winners GroupDistrict 21Portsmouth9/9/2021 10:34
55324Rebos GroupDistrict 23Columbus9/9/2021 10:34
105351Freedom GroupDistrict 19Greenfield9/9/2021 10:34
93722Asbury 12 & 12 Study GroupDistrict 13/14Canal Winchester9/9/2021 10:34
95711Big Book Discussion GroupDistrict 07Zanesville9/9/2021 10:33
110510Hillsboro Tues Nite Closed GrpDistrict 19Hillsboro9/9/2021 10:34
21757Wave Three GroupDistrict 34Grove City9/9/2021 10:35
116977Hawks GroupDistrict 28Columbus8/18/2022 8:59
110492Hilliard Big Book GroupDistrict 22Hilliard9/9/2021 10:34
101238Friendship Fellowship GroupDistrict 10Delaware9/9/2021 10:33
14271London Surrender GroupDistrict 11London9/9/2021 10:33
85912Sunshine GroupDistrict 08/09Newark9/9/2021 10:33
54904Reaching Hands GroupDistrict 19Washington Ct House10/28/2021 10:47
95076Before During And After GroupDistrict 37Columbus9/9/2021 10:35
110231High Noon GroupDistrict 41Columbus9/9/2021 10:36
62792Saturday Mens Discussion GroupDistrict 08/09Newark9/9/2021 10:33
16410Twin City GroupDistrict 15Mcconnelsville11/2/2022 10:52
104186Rule 62 GroupDistrict 12Springfield9/9/2021 10:34
14482Tuesday Nite Big Book GroupDistrict 02Marion9/9/2021 10:33
100484Crestline Wednesday Night GrpDistrict 03Crestline9/9/2021 10:33
99389Clifton Ave GroupDistrict 33Columbus9/9/2021 10:35
84953Sunday Riverside Disc GroupDistrict 30Columbus10/28/2021 10:50
55795Recovery Road GroupDistrict 26Westerville10/28/2021 10:48
106423Friday Noon GroupDistrict 13/14Lancaster9/9/2021 10:34
122885New Destiny GroupDistrict 34Columbus12/14/2022 10:36
7333Lancaster Hilltop GroupDistrict 13/14Lancaster9/9/2021 10:34
102305Early Bird Discussion GroupDistrict 41Columbus9/9/2021 10:36
83604Sunday Evening Smoke-Free GrpDistrict 12Springfield9/7/2022 11:11
105168Free And Independent GroupDistrict 37Columbus10/28/2021 10:57
240704Serenity GroupDistrict 15Marietta2/2/2022 16:42
8333Thursday Nite Open Lead GroupDistrict 13/14Lancaster9/9/2021 10:34
8386Thursday Nite Welcome GroupDistrict 28Columbus3/9/2022 11:46
92418After Work GroupDistrict 26Gahanna1/26/2022 17:57
106190Friday Night Pickerington GpDistrict 13/14Pickerington9/9/2021 10:34
37250No. Worthington Mid Week Open Disc GpDistrict 23Columbus9/9/2021 10:34
6966Thursday Brown Bag GroupDistrict 04Mount Vernon9/9/2021 10:33
92716Alive Again GroupDistrict 04Gambier9/9/2021 10:33
95914Big Book Study GroupDistrict 05Coshocton9/9/2021 10:33
38215Womens Early Birds GpDistrict 28Columbus9/9/2021 10:35
111767Intensive Care GroupDistrict 04Mt. Vernon9/9/2021 10:33
74304Sobrietys Lifeline & 11 Step GpDistrict 30Columbus9/9/2021 10:35
82149Stop 'N' Grow Midday GroupDistrict 28Columbus9/9/2021 10:35
38207Weekday Noon GroupDistrict 18Chillicothe9/9/2021 10:34
97740Cambridge Big Book GroupDistrict 06Cambridge9/9/2021 10:33
54854Re-Entry GroupDistrict 23Worthington9/9/2021 10:34
63926Saturday Night Linworth GroupDistrict 30Columbus9/9/2021 10:35
12155Tues Night Open Disc GroupDistrict 06Cambridge9/9/2021 10:33
84371Sunday Night Closed GroupDistrict 30Columbus9/9/2021 10:35
106876Garage (Mens CD) GroupDistrict 07Zanesville10/25/2022 15:25
50403Pomeroy Serenity GroupDistrict 17Pomeroy9/9/2021 10:34
107877Grandview High Steppers GroupDistrict 30Columbus9/9/2021 10:35
30060New Albany Sobriety Society GpDistrict 26New Albany7/8/2022 12:21
12807Tuesday Closed Discussion GroupDistrict 22Dublin9/9/2021 10:34
91301735 Post Office GroupDistrict 08/09Newark9/9/2021 10:33
87356The Dog Pound GroupDistrict 22Hillaird10/31/2022 12:15
16871Under New Management GroupDistrict 26Westerville9/9/2021 10:35
105664Friday Night GroupDistrict 04Mt. Vernon9/9/2021 10:33
76159Southside Discussion GroupDistrict 37Columbus9/9/2021 10:35
38456Womens H.O.W. GroupDistrict 28Columbus7/6/2022 12:51
106404Friday Noon 12 & 12 GroupDistrict 08Newark9/9/2021 10:33
9027212 & 12 Big Book Study GroupDistrict 18Chillicothe9/9/2021 10:34
121400Sunday Breakfast GroupDistrict 08/09Newark9/9/2021 10:33
84233Sunday Night 12 & 12 GroupDistrict 01Urbana7/26/2022 15:18
108055Gratefully Dedicated GroupDistrict 08/09Granville2/6/2023 11:27
13617Tuesday Night Closed Disc GpDistrict 08/09Johnstown9/9/2021 10:33
24468Monday Night Beginner's GroupDistrict 01Urbana9/9/2021 10:33
30955West Liberty GroupDistrict 01West Liberty9/9/2021 10:33
13519Tuesday Night Big Book GroupDistrict 01Urbana9/9/2021 10:33
74298Sobriety With Love GroupDistrict 37Obetz9/9/2021 10:35
38283Womens Freedom GroupDistrict 21Portsmouth9/9/2021 10:34
99382Cliffhangers GroupDistrict 30Columbus9/9/2021 10:35
43930One Step Closer 12 & 12 GroupDistrict 34Columbus9/9/2021 10:35
24823Monday Nite Non Smokers GroupDistrict 05Coshocton9/9/2021 10:33
100512Roseville/Crooksville Unity GroupDistrict 07Roseville9/9/2021 10:33
26457Wed Night Open Discussion GrpDistrict 06Cambridge9/9/2021 10:33
105739Friday Acceptance GroupDistrict 26Columbus9/9/2021 10:35
60439Sabina GroupDistrict 19Sabina9/9/2021 10:34
30056New Albany O.K To Feel GroupDistrict 26New Albany9/9/2021 10:35
61998Sat Night Big Book Disc GroupDistrict 23Westerville9/9/2021 10:34
21501Wednesday Nite Live GroupDistrict 19Washington Ct House9/9/2021 10:34
38835Womens Saturday Morning GroupDistrict 08/09Newark9/9/2021 10:33
9131Learn To Listen GroupDistrict 08/09Newark9/9/2021 10:33
6407Three Legacies GroupDistrict 34Columbus10/7/2021 11:31
99429Clintonville Big Book GroupDistrict 28Columbus9/9/2021 10:35
38875Womens Serenity GroupDistrict 30Columbus7/21/2022 14:50
20123Volunteer GroupDistrict 34Columbus12/27/2021 16:19
9027712 & 12 Discussion GroupDistrict 05Coshocton9/9/2021 10:33
25285Monday Noon GroupDistrict 08/09Newark9/9/2021 10:33
60346S.O.S. Save Our Sobriety GroupDistrict 05Coshocton9/9/2021 10:33
31626Westerville Sat Morn Kiss GrpDistrict 10Westerville12/1/2021 14:08
107113German Village Sat Twilight GpDistrict 34Columbus9/9/2021 10:35
50077Plug-In-The-Jug GroupDistrict 28Columbus11/3/2022 13:12
23730Portsmouth Nooners GroupDistrict 21Portsmouth1/31/2023 14:45
102680East Jackson GroupDistrict 20Beaver9/9/2021 10:34
10672Life Begins At Forty GroupDistrict 30Columbus9/9/2021 10:35
16270Mad River GroupDistrict 01Urbana9/9/2021 10:33
105666Fri Night Late Happy Hour GrpDistrict 13/14Lancaster9/9/2021 10:34
35195Newark Early Morn Sunrise GrpDistrict 08/09Newark9/9/2021 10:33
24382Monday Night Big Book GroupDistrict 10Delaware9/9/2021 10:33
99702Columbus Workhouse Group (p)District 37Columbus9/9/2021 10:35
110007Helping Hands Group (p)District 11London9/9/2021 10:34
109844HCF Group (p)District 16Nelsonville9/9/2021 10:34
92881Alpha Group (p)District 34Columbus9/9/2021 10:35
105302Freedom For Today Group (p)District 37Columbus9/9/2021 10:35
91458A Better Future Group (p)District 18Chillicothe9/9/2021 10:34
12970Living Sober Discussion GroupDistrict 08/09Newark1/18/2023 8:23
86672Tag 5 GroupDistrict 37Obetz9/9/2021 10:35
56953Restoration GroupDistrict 33Columbus8/24/2022 11:34
6610Thurman Avenue Step GroupDistrict 37Columbus9/9/2021 10:35
9046312 Steps C Unit Fri 2 P.M. Gp (p)District 18Orient9/9/2021 10:34
91975A.A. Steps & Traditions Group (p)District 18Orient9/9/2021 10:34
13474Tuesday Night Beginners GroupDistrict 06Steubenville9/9/2021 10:33
8425Thursday Noon Discussion GroupDistrict 08/09Newark9/9/2021 10:33
35179As Bill Sees It GroupDistrict 08/09Newark1/27/2023 9:18
7096Thursday Just Say No GroupDistrict 08/09Newark9/9/2021 10:33
93827Athens Monday Big Book GroupDistrict 16Athens12/9/2022 17:04
26791Wednesday Noon Swing Shift & Friends GpDistrict 08/09Newark9/9/2021 10:33
17827Marion Noon GroupsDistrict 02Marion9/9/2021 10:33
51741Primary Purpose GruopDistrict 13/14Lancaster9/9/2021 10:34
63907Saturday Night Knucklehead GrpDistrict 16Athens9/9/2021 10:34
105890Friday Night 12 And 12 GroupDistrict 16Athens3/3/2022 13:09
107680Good Shepard GroupDistrict 16Athens9/9/2021 10:34
25389Monday Twilight GroupDistrict 16Athens9/9/2021 10:34
83665Sunday Night Lead GroupDistrict 16Athens3/23/2022 10:54
86904Grapevine Meeting GroupDistrict 18Chillicothe9/9/2021 10:34
82150Stop And Stay Stopped GroupDistrict 28Columbus9/9/2021 10:35
110960Hope Is Found Here GroupDistrict 38Marysville9/9/2021 10:36
104398First 164 Step GroupDistrict 26Blacklick9/9/2021 10:35
106211Friday Night Serenity GroupDistrict 12Springfield9/9/2021 10:34
6341Thornville Fri Night A.A. GrpDistrict 13/14Thornville9/9/2021 10:34
32423New Freedom Group (p)District 13/14Lancaster9/9/2021 10:34
102298Early Bird Big Book GroupDistrict 23Worthington9/9/2021 10:34
106712From The Heart Discussion GrpDistrict 37Columbus9/9/2021 10:35
110506Hillsboro Ohio Y. P. In A.A. GpDistrict 19Hillsboro9/9/2021 10:34
107895Granville 12 Step GroupDistrict 08/09Granville9/9/2021 10:33
113239501 Step GroupDistrict 33Columbus9/9/2021 10:35
906872 For 1 GroupDistrict 15Marietta8/9/2022 11:18
105673Friday Midnight GroupDistrict 08/09Newark9/9/2021 10:33
20766Walking Through The 12&12 GrpDistrict 28Columbus9/9/2021 10:35
23240Minerva Pk GroupDistrict 23Columbus9/9/2021 10:34
85914Sunshine GroupDistrict 19Hillsboro1/11/2023 11:54
20229Mens Closed Discussion GroupDistrict 04Mt. Vernon9/9/2021 10:33
37857Women's Big Book Step Study GroupDistrict 04Mount Vernon9/29/2021 9:28
67345Serenity GroupDistrict 19Hillsboro9/9/2021 10:34
14736Tuesday Noon GroupDistrict 08/09Newark9/9/2021 10:33
95808Big Book On Tapes GroupDistrict 34Columbus9/9/2021 10:35
106356Friday Nite Live GroupDistrict 12Springfield9/9/2021 10:34
94178B.Y.O.B. Grp (Bring Your Own Book)District 33Columbus9/9/2021 10:35
41053You Gotta Want It GroupDistrict 18Chillicothe9/9/2021 10:34
84945Sunday Reflections GroupDistrict 30Columbus9/9/2021 10:35
70548Simply GroupDistrict 12Springfield10/29/2021 14:48
6305Ladies Butterfly GroupDistrict 07Zanesville9/9/2021 10:33
72251Sober 'N' Crazy Breakfast GpDistrict 07Zanesville9/9/2021 10:33
14951Tuesday Today GroupDistrict 07Zanesville9/9/2021 10:33
95547Beverly Sobriety GroupDistrict 15Beverly9/9/2021 10:34
102458Early Evening Faith & Hope GrpDistrict 28Columbus9/9/2021 10:35
33763Willingness GroupDistrict 30Columbus9/13/2021 12:44
64544Saturday Night Welcome GroupDistrict 28Columbus3/9/2022 11:46
27906Mt. Gilead Wed Night A.A. GrpDistrict 03Mt. Gilead9/9/2021 10:33
97197Brown Baggers GrpDistrict 11Marysville9/9/2021 10:34
84360Sunday Night Celebration GroupDistrict 06Steubenville9/9/2021 10:33
15268Turn Key Group (p)District 33Columbus12/27/2021 20:09
102733East Side Late Night GroupDistrict 26Columbus9/9/2021 10:35
72225SOA GroupDistrict 12Springfield9/9/2021 10:34
7512Language Of The Heart GroupDistrict 28Columbus9/9/2021 10:35
101046Day By Day GroupDistrict 03Bucyrus9/9/2021 10:33
97287Buckeye Lake Study GroupDistrict 08/09Buckeye Lake9/9/2021 10:33
18144Marysville Fellowship GroupDistrict 11Marysville9/9/2021 10:33
86568T.G.I.F. Serenity GroupDistrict 30Columbus9/9/2021 10:35
122628We Care GroupDistrict 02Marion10/4/2022 12:33
58525Rock Bottom Group (p)District 18Orient9/9/2021 10:34
96867Brighter Day Group (p)District 11London9/9/2021 10:34
22895Saturday Midnite GroupDistrict 08/09Newark9/9/2021 10:33
110623Hocking Hills Study GroupDistrict 13/14Laurelville6/15/2022 14:10
122588The Way Out GroupDistrict 34Columbus12/6/2022 15:55
103592Expect A Miracle GroupDistrict 42Columbus9/9/2021 10:36
111816Into Action GroupDistrict 12Springfield2/23/2022 11:24
49172Pickerington Thur Night Recovery GroupDistrict 13/14Pickerington9/9/2021 10:34
79333Starting Over Group (p)District 11Marysville9/9/2021 10:33
94340Back To Basics GroupDistrict 08/09Newark9/9/2021 10:33
107222Gift Of Lasting Fellowship Group (GOLF)District 16Athens3/31/2022 15:04
31634Westerville Women's Recovery GroupDistrict 26Westerville1/11/2023 10:31
23805Monday Nite Steps and Traditions GroupDistrict 30Columbus9/9/2021 10:35
7923Thursday Night Serenity GroupDistrict 16Nelsonville9/9/2021 10:34
28102Mt. Vernon Expect A Miracle GroupDistrict 04Mt. Vernon9/9/2021 10:33
33953Wilmington Just Be There GroupDistrict 19Wilmington9/9/2021 10:34
9016311th Step GroupDistrict 12Springfield9/7/2022 12:12
35186Newark Circle Of Hope GroupDistrict 08/09Newark9/9/2021 10:33
9157Learning About Sobriety GroupDistrict 07Zanesville9/9/2021 10:33
22671We Came To Live Sober GroupDistrict 16Athens6/14/2022 11:57
52652Principles Before Personalities GrpDistrict 37Columbus9/9/2021 10:35
90622164 Page Winners GroupDistrict 30Columbus2/7/2023 15:38
45575Our Last Chance GroupDistrict 34Columbus9/9/2021 10:35
63992Saturday Night Live GroupDistrict 19Washington Ct House9/9/2021 10:34
33964Wilmington Tuesday Night GroupDistrict 19Wilmington9/9/2021 10:34
38974Womens Sobriety & Serenity GrpDistrict 26Columbus1/26/2022 18:01
24563Monday Night GroupDistrict 15Caldwell9/9/2021 10:34
109587Happy To Be Sober GroupDistrict 10Delaware9/9/2021 10:33
83632Sunday Get Together Group (p)District 07Zanesville9/9/2021 10:33
25038Monday Night Womens A.A. GroupDistrict 01Urbana9/9/2021 10:33
40147Worthington Liberty GroupDistrict 23Worthington2/16/2022 13:48
45855Out Of Towners GroupDistrict 26Columbus9/9/2021 10:35
10395Tradition Three Happy Hour GpDistrict 30Columbus6/22/2022 12:25
26006Moody Blues GroupDistrict 04Mt. Vernon9/9/2021 10:33
26211Wed Freedom Fighters Group (p)District 07Zanesville9/9/2021 10:33
28542Mustard Seed GroupDistrict 33Columbus9/9/2021 10:35
71616Six O'Clock News GroupDistrict 30Columbus9/9/2021 10:35
100450Crazy In Sobriety GroupDistrict 07Zanesville9/9/2021 10:33
14563Tuesday Nite Keep It Simple GpDistrict 03Bucyrus11/18/2021 12:59
39205Womens Sunset GroupDistrict 30Columbus11/11/2022 13:47
105203Free From Friday 164 GroupDistrict 26Columbus9/9/2021 10:35
112050It's In The 12 & 12 GroupDistrict 13/14Lancaster9/9/2021 10:34
100609Welcome Home GroupDistrict 02Marion9/9/2021 10:33
94136B & D GroupDistrict 34Columbus9/9/2021 10:35
74899Somerset Open End Lead GroupDistrict 13/14Somerset9/9/2021 10:34
13386Tuesday Night 3rd Step GroupDistrict 12Springfield9/9/2021 10:34
62498Saturday Afternoon Live GroupDistrict 30Columbus8/17/2022 16:44
51746Primary Purpose GroupDistrict 34Columbus9/9/2021 10:35
42915On The Way Home GroupDistrict 26Whitehall9/9/2021 10:35
51230Practice Makes Progress GroupDistrict 23Columbus9/9/2021 10:34
81482Steps To Serenity GroupDistrict 07Zanesville9/9/2021 10:33
110493Hilliard Sobriety GroupDistrict 22Hilliard5/3/2022 15:17
5302Kenton A.A. GroupsDistrict 01Kenton9/9/2021 10:33
70773Singleness Of Purpose GroupDistrict 26Columbus9/9/2021 10:35
24422Monday Night Big Book Study GpDistrict 34Grove City9/9/2021 10:35
14825Tuesday Nooner GroupDistrict 12Springfield9/9/2021 10:34
29724Serenity On Saturday GroupDistrict 18Chillicothe9/9/2021 10:34
93550Reflections GroupDistrict 16Athens10/20/2022 16:27
104135Fellowship Hall GroupDistrict 26Whitehall10/3/2022 12:04
11088Light House Group (p)District 11Marysville9/9/2021 10:33
14095Lodestar GroupDistrict 28Columbus9/9/2021 10:35
76992Spiritual Life Is Not A Theory GpDistrict 37Pickerington9/9/2021 10:35
76703Spiritual Awakening GroupDistrict 23Worthington9/9/2021 10:34
4839Keep Alive GroupDistrict 12Springfield9/9/2021 10:34
108312Greenfield Open Lead GroupDistrict 19Greenfield12/12/2022 10:47
24188Grupo Esperanza HispanaDistrict 34Columbus6/14/2022 10:29
77469Just Do It Open Discussion GroupDistrict 12Springfield9/9/2021 10:34
900721:00 P.M. K.I.S.S. GroupDistrict 27Columbus9/9/2021 10:35
68079Serenity On Saturday GroupDistrict 41Columbus9/9/2021 10:36
93548As Bill Sees It GroupDistrict 12Springfield1/24/2023 16:44
38662Womens New Hope GroupDistrict 34Columbus3/7/2022 11:54
102721East Side Big Book Study GroupDistrict 26Columbus9/9/2021 10:35
72883Sober On Sunday GroupDistrict 17Mc Arthur9/9/2021 10:34
111815Into Action GroupDistrict 07Zanesville9/9/2021 10:33
110074Here And Now GroupDistrict 09Granville6/9/2022 13:05
17916Marne Meeting On-The-Curves GpDistrict 08/09Newark9/9/2021 10:33
74644Solution GroupDistrict 10Westerville9/9/2021 10:33
99175Circleville Grapevine GroupDistrict 18Circleville1/18/2023 14:25
49759Plain City GroupDistrict 11Plain City1/6/2023 17:30
34609Hocking Hills Hope GroupDistrict 13/14Logan9/9/2021 10:34
41829Ohio Pacific GroupDistrict 37Columbus9/9/2021 10:35
97628Ashville 3 Topic Open Discussion GroupDistrict 18Ashville9/9/2021 10:34
99177Circleville It Takes Two GroupDistrict 18Circleville9/9/2021 10:34
14743Circleville Tuesday Noon GroupDistrict 18Circleville9/9/2021 10:34
99181Circleville Roundtown Recovery GpDistrict 18Circleville2/28/2022 11:04
93754Ashville Tuesday 12 & 12 Big Book GroupDistrict 18Ashville9/9/2021 10:34
6807Thurs Noon Men Living Sober GpDistrict 30Columbus9/9/2021 10:35
13113Tuesday Mens GroupDistrict 30Columbus7/15/2022 13:08
24560Monday Night GroupDistrict 06Cambridge9/9/2021 10:33
18160Marysville Primary Purpose B/B GpDistrict 11Marysville9/9/2021 10:33
15574Lunch Bunch GroupDistrict 06Cambridge9/9/2021 10:33
104651Flimsy Reed GroupDistrict 12Springfield9/9/2021 10:34
66335Seeds Of Sobriety Group (p)District 10Delaware9/9/2021 10:33
42589Zoo GroupDistrict 10Powell9/9/2021 10:33
64993Saturday Serenity GroupDistrict 16Athens9/9/2021 10:34
9353Leg Up GroupDistrict 34Columbus9/9/2021 10:35
95243Begot GroupDistrict 34Columbus9/9/2021 10:35
25857We Shall Be Free GroupDistrict 13/14Lancaster9/9/2021 10:34
45880Out To Lunch Bunch GroupDistrict 17Point Pleasant9/9/2021 10:34
60195S.I.S. (Sister In Sobriety) GpDistrict 13/14Lancaster10/12/2022 9:28
85147Sunday Sunrise GroupDistrict 06Cambridge9/9/2021 10:33
34220New Life Direction GroupDistrict 07Zanesville9/9/2021 10:33
94289Back To Basics Beginners GroupDistrict 28Columbus9/9/2021 10:35
111099How And Why 12 X 12 GroupDistrict 07Zanesville9/9/2021 10:33
101548Dirty Dozen 12 & 12 GroupDistrict 23Worthington9/9/2021 10:34
104504First Things First GroupDistrict 08/09Newark9/9/2021 10:33
35237Newarks Westside GroupDistrict 08/09Newark9/9/2021 10:33
103910Faith Hope And Serenity GroupDistrict 26Berwick9/9/2021 10:35
106446Friday Partiers GroupDistrict 07Zanesville9/9/2021 10:33
102400Early Birds GroupDistrict 07Zanesville9/16/2021 11:19
22995Milford Center Group Of A.A. GroupDistrict 11Milford Center9/12/2022 9:15
23403Miracles Happen GroupDistrict 13/14Lancaster9/9/2021 10:34
75924Southeast Breakfast GroupDistrict 26Columbus11/14/2022 14:34
97609B.Y.O.B.B. GroupDistrict 12Springfield9/9/2021 10:34
76106Southside Breakfast GroupDistrict 37Columbus9/9/2021 10:35
78155St. Bernard Big Book GroupDistrict 03Saint Bernard9/9/2021 10:33
91961Rise And Shine GroupDistrict 11Marysville11/4/2022 9:48
71033Sisters In Serenity GroupDistrict 33Columbus9/9/2021 10:35
29132Wednesday Promises GroupDistrict 28Columbus9/9/2021 10:35
7090Thursday Hilltop A.A. GroupDistrict 06Belmont9/9/2021 10:33
99180Circleville Mens GroupDistrict 18Circleville9/9/2021 10:34
6989Thursday Choice GroupDistrict 13/14Lancaster9/9/2021 10:34
91510A Design For Living GroupDistrict 08/09Newark9/9/2021 10:33
93245Another Choice GroupDistrict 12New Carlisle9/9/2021 10:34
18382Urbana Mens Ratskeller GroupDistrict 01Urbana10/26/2022 14:04
7342Lancaster Thurs Night B/B Study Group Of A.A.District 13/14Lancaster9/9/2021 10:34
93874Attitude Adjustment GroupDistrict 16Athens9/9/2021 10:34
30253It's In The Book GroupDistrict 08/09Newark9/9/2021 10:33
107129Get Back To Basics Group Of A.A.District 26Reynoldsburg9/9/2021 10:35
24919Monday Night Stairway To Heaven GroupDistrict 10Powell9/9/2021 10:33
17553Marengo Tuesday Night Step GroupDistrict 03Marengo9/12/2022 11:16
6127Think Before You Drink GroupDistrict 10Sunbury9/9/2021 10:33
31618Westerville Friday Night H.O.W. GroupDistrict 10Westerville4/18/2022 9:25
14187Logan Study GroupDistrict 13/14Logan9/9/2021 10:34
910174th Dimension Group Of A.A.District 08/09Granville9/9/2021 10:33
103623Grapevine GroupDistrict 13/14Lancaster9/9/2021 10:34
95026Because We Can GroupDistrict 23Columbus9/9/2021 10:34
55379Rebos II GroupDistrict 23Columbus1/9/2023 14:59
48150Peace Serenity And Hope GroupDistrict 33Columbus9/9/2021 10:35
44260Open Big Book GroupDistrict 30Columbus9/9/2021 10:35
19099Meditating Peacocks GroupDistrict 28Columbus7/21/2022 11:08
33567New Inner City GroupDistrict 33Columbus9/9/2021 10:35
96350Boiled Owls Literature GroupDistrict 28Columbus9/9/2021 10:35
23241Minford Hope GroupDistrict 21Minford1/31/2023 14:52
112668Just For Today GroupDistrict 34Grove City9/9/2021 10:35
112151Its In The Book GroupDistrict 18Chillicothe9/9/2021 10:34
10433Liberation Lunch Bunch GroupDistrict 01Kenton9/9/2021 10:33
14190Logan Sunday Study GroupDistrict 13/14Logan9/28/2021 12:38
32193New Freedom GroupDistrict 22Dublin2/3/2022 14:51
59214Rosewood Noon GroupDistrict 01Rosewood9/9/2021 10:33
98309Carrying The Message GroupDistrict 41Columbus9/9/2021 10:36
80858Stepping Out Group (p)District 13/14Nelsonville9/9/2021 10:34
111744Inside Straights Group (p)District 13/14Nelsonville9/9/2021 10:34
7658Thursday Night Jail House Group (p)District 19Wilmington9/9/2021 10:34
107899Granville Eye Opener GroupDistrict 08/09Granville9/30/2021 15:13
17339Unity GroupDistrict 26Whitehall9/9/2021 10:35
97015Broken But Mending GroupDistrict 01Christiansburg9/9/2021 10:33
7832Thursday Night Miracles Open Discussion GroupDistrict 19Wilmington1/31/2023 10:49
112446Journey Home GroupDistrict 08/09Newark9/9/2021 10:33
99174Monday Night Big Book Study GroupDistrict 18Circleville1/19/2023 16:26
105743Friday Afternoon Drunkards Club GroupDistrict 04Gambier12/8/2021 17:25
25317Noon Open Discussion GroupDistrict 01Urbana9/29/2021 7:25
112220Jail House Recovery Group (p)District 07Zanesville9/9/2021 10:33
94690Bare Bones Study GroupDistrict 13/14Reynoldsburg9/9/2021 10:34
6342Ladies In New Recovery Group (p)District 13/14Lancaster9/9/2021 10:34
74904Somerset Rule 62 GroupDistrict 13/14Somerset5/20/2022 10:20
58593Rock Solid Group (p)District 13/14Lancaster9/9/2021 10:34
36799Women In The Solution GroupDistrict 15Caldwell9/9/2021 10:34
101237Delaware Dawn GroupDistrict 10Delaware9/9/2021 10:33
93715As Women See It GroupDistrict 13/14Pickerington9/9/2021 10:34
103486Eureka Avenue GroupDistrict 34Columbus9/9/2021 10:35
19775Variety In Sobriety GroupDistrict 28Westerville9/9/2021 10:35
30262New Beginners GroupDistrict 22Dublin8/8/2022 13:27
97497By Now We Know Very Little GroupDistrict 01Urbana9/9/2021 10:33
99430Clintonville Step GroupDistrict 28Columbus9/9/2021 10:35
82349Straight Up 12 Steps GroupDistrict 34Grove City1/6/2022 10:55
108747Grove City Serenity GroupDistrict 34Grove City9/9/2021 10:35
73495Sober Voices GroupDistrict 13/14New Lexington9/9/2021 10:34
13122Tuesday Mens Rope Holders GroupDistrict 23Columbus9/9/2021 10:34
102139Dublin Miracle GroupDistrict 22Dublin8/22/2022 14:54
98748Chapel GroupDistrict 23Worthington2/4/2022 13:48
24240Grupo Fe Y Accion De ColumbusDistrict 30Columbus9/9/2021 10:35
47587Pataskala Wednesday Evening Big Book GpDistrict 08/09Pataskala9/9/2021 10:33
101683Dogs Without A Roof GroupDistrict 37Columbus9/9/2021 10:35
75688South Ohio Speakers GroupDistrict 37Columbus9/9/2021 10:35
101240Delaware Sunrise GroupDistrict 10Delaware1/11/2022 11:51
54938Read & Glow GroupDistrict 33Columbus9/9/2021 10:35
27897Mt. Gilead Noon GroupDistrict 03Mt. Gilead9/9/2021 10:33
84929Sunday Prestige GroupDistrict 13/14Lancaster9/9/2021 10:34
21469Mid Morning Recovery GroupDistrict 12Springfield9/9/2021 10:34
97787Came To Believe GroupDistrict 12Springfield1/26/2023 15:08
25927We Think Not GroupDistrict 05Coshocton9/9/2021 10:33
57140Reynoldsburg Womens 12 & 12 GroupDistrict 26Reynoldsburg6/9/2022 15:03
55729Recovery Is Our Task (RIOT) GroupDistrict 06Wintersville9/9/2021 10:33
103796EZ GroupDistrict 37Columbus9/9/2021 10:35
19823Men In Jail Group (P)District 13/14Lancaster9/9/2021 10:34
25321Monday Noon Second Shifters GroupDistrict 11Marysville9/9/2021 10:33
39843Northsiders GroupDistrict 12Springfield8/3/2022 14:06
111909Into The Solution GroupDistrict 22Hilliard9/9/2021 10:34
99388Cliffside 12 and 12 GroupDistrict 28Columbus9/9/2021 10:35
94144B Women's GroupDistrict 30Columbus1/28/2022 15:27
105472Freedom Thru Truth GroupDistrict 34Columbus9/9/2021 10:35
68113Serenity On Sunday GroupDistrict 22Dublin9/9/2021 10:34
40500Ya Gotta Want It GroupDistrict 13/14Lancaster8/19/2022 9:41
93549As Bill Sees It GroupDistrict 13/14Lancaster9/9/2021 10:34
106842Gahanna Early Bird GroupDistrict 26Gahanna8/22/2022 13:19
93751Ashley Welcome Home GroupDistrict 10Ashley9/9/2021 10:33
101720Don't Drink Today GroupDistrict 34Columbus9/9/2021 10:35
93707As The Week Turns GroupDistrict 37Columbus9/9/2021 10:35
31182West Side Beginners GroupDistrict 16Athens9/9/2021 10:34
99804Common Solution GroupDistrict 30Columbus11/3/2021 13:15
112055It's In The Book GroupDistrict 41Columbus9/9/2021 10:36
31612Westerville Alcoholics Anonymous of A.A. GroupDistrict 10Westerville9/9/2021 10:33
21418Washington Court House Noon GroupDistrict 19Washington Ct House9/9/2021 10:34
110400Highland House Open Discussion GroupDistrict 37Columbus9/9/2021 10:36
102832Easy Does It Beginners GroupDistrict 08/09Summit Station9/9/2021 10:33
108919H.O.W. GroupDistrict 15Marietta9/9/2021 10:34
81250Steps Of Sobriety GroupDistrict 16Athens9/9/2021 10:34
23117Millersport Tuesday Night BB GroupDistrict 13/14Millersport9/9/2021 10:34
112624Just As I Am GroupDistrict 28Columbus9/9/2021 10:35
102134Dublin Big Book GroupDistrict 22Dublin9/9/2021 10:34
83240Sunbury Friends Living Sober GroupDistrict 10Sunbury9/9/2021 10:33
71119Sisters In Sobriety GroupDistrict 19Hillsboro10/14/2022 10:48
39388North Worthington Thursday GroupDistrict 23Worthington10/22/2021 13:15
70646Simply Sober GroupDistrict 30Columbus2/15/2022 15:31
36389No Change No Gain Women's GroupDistrict 33Columbus9/9/2021 10:35
105924Friday Night Beginners GroupDistrict 26Westerville9/9/2021 10:35
37448Noon 12 Step GroupDistrict 34Columbus12/27/2021 14:45
107889Grant Us The Laughter GroupDistrict 28Columbus9/9/2021 10:35
92281Acceptance Is The Key GroupDistrict 01Saint Paris9/9/2021 10:33
85388Sunlight Of The Spirit Women's GroupDistrict 19Wilmington2/3/2023 14:41
55752Recovery On Friday GroupDistrict 19Blanchester9/9/2021 10:34
15317Lucky 13 GroupDistrict 28Columbus1/6/2023 16:27
111350Humble Beginnings GroupDistrict 30Columbus9/9/2021 10:35
55096Real Women Are Heard GroupDistrict 33Columbus9/9/2021 10:35
48039Peace At Last GroupDistrict 33Columbus9/9/2021 10:35
103785Eyeopener GroupDistrict 26Reynoldsburg9/9/2021 10:35
57670Rise And Shine GroupDistrict 26Gahanna5/18/2022 11:06
5792Kokosing Valley GroupDistrict 04Howard9/9/2021 10:33
16578Two Doors Down Open Discussion GroupDistrict 02Marion9/9/2021 10:33
41827Ohio Furnace GroupDistrict 21Ironton9/9/2021 10:34
49169Pickerington Study GroupDistrict 13/14Pickerington1/11/2023 13:13
105818Friday Happy Hour GroupDistrict 13/14Pickerington9/9/2021 10:34
48052Peace Found Here GroupDistrict 21Lucasville9/9/2021 10:34
107634Good Morning Sunshine GroupDistrict 13/14Columbus9/9/2021 10:34
10500Liberty Fireside GroupDistrict 10Delaware5/26/2022 11:59
111653Indian Lake Care GroupDistrict 01Russells Point9/9/2021 10:33
41121Young & Sober GroupDistrict 13/14Lancaster9/9/2021 10:34
83247Sunbury Safe Haven GroupDistrict 10Sunbury9/9/2021 10:33
92759All About Recovery In A.A. GroupDistrict 23Columbus9/9/2021 10:34
31384New Beginnings Group Of A.A. (p)District 11Marysville9/9/2021 10:33
67806Serenity Group Of A.A. (p)District 11Marysville9/9/2021 10:33
110872Hope For All Group (p)District 11Marysville9/9/2021 10:34
5982L.O.C.I. Tuesday Night Journey To Live Group (p)District 11London9/9/2021 10:33
27495Mount Sterling Sunday Night Group Of A.A.District 11Mount Sterling9/9/2021 10:33
81706Stepsisters Women's Candelight GroupDistrict 11London9/9/2021 10:33
27497Mount Sterling Tuesday Night Group Of A.A.District 11Mount Sterling9/9/2021 10:33
83239Sunbury Footprints GroupDistrict 10Sunbury9/9/2021 10:33
109529Inner Peace GroupDistrict 02Marion9/9/2021 10:33
83244Sunbury Men Living Sober GroupDistrict 10Sunbury9/9/2021 10:33
107975Grapevine Meeting Open Discussion GpDistrict 05Coshocton9/9/2021 10:33
104066Feelings In A Can GroupDistrict 07Zanesville9/9/2021 10:33
100781Daily Reflections GroupDistrict 06Steubenville9/9/2021 10:33
106832G.P.S.(Gods Plan For Serenity) GroupDistrict 15Belpre9/9/2021 10:34
99701Columbus Southeast Side AA GroupDistrict 37Columbus9/9/2021 10:35
33956Wilmington Out To Lunch Bunch GroupDistrict 19Wilmington9/9/2021 10:34
111656Indian Lake Pier GroupDistrict 01Russells Point9/9/2021 10:33
101239Delaware Square Foot GroupDistrict 10Delaware9/9/2021 10:33
6457Ladies Sober Support GroupDistrict 07Zanesville9/9/2021 10:33
93524As Bill Sees It East GroupDistrict 26Pickerington9/9/2021 10:35
39452Northeast Discussion GroupDistrict 26Columbus9/9/2021 10:35
9046912 Steps For Newcomers GroupDistrict 28Columbus9/9/2021 10:35
102777Easton Surrender GroupDistrict 28Columbus9/9/2021 10:35
59193Roseville Candlelight GroupDistrict 07Roseville9/9/2021 10:33
15393Turning Point GroupDistrict 22Dublin9/9/2021 10:34
96201Blanchester Friday Night GroupDistrict 19Blanchester12/28/2022 14:55
100845Daily Reprieve GroupDistrict 34Grove City9/9/2021 10:35
54422Rainsboro Recovery GroupDistrict 19Greenfield9/9/2021 10:34
37100Women Of McKinley GroupDistrict 34Columbus9/9/2021 10:35
11714True Partnership GroupDistrict 30Columbus9/9/2021 10:35
105837Friday Men's Discussion GroupDistrict 28Columbus9/9/2021 10:35
37132No Saints Allowed GroupDistrict 37Columbus9/9/2021 10:35
18772McConnelsville Ladies GroupDistrict 15McConnelsville9/9/2021 10:34
102783Eastside 10am GroupDistrict 37Columbus9/9/2021 10:35
11840Try Gratitude It's Free (TGIF)GroupDistrict 08/09Newark9/9/2021 10:33
105171Free At Last GroupDistrict 26Columbus9/29/2021 9:23
25574We Do Recover GroupDistrict 34Columbus9/9/2021 10:35
85916Sunshine GroupDistrict 23Columbus12/27/2021 16:00
18378Urbana Friday Noon As Bill Sees It GroupDistrict 01Urbana9/9/2021 10:33
100395Cowtown Daily Reflections GroupDistrict 33Columbus9/9/2021 10:35
33667Willing To Change AA GroupDistrict 37Columbus9/9/2021 10:35
98462Ceased Fighting GroupDistrict 28Columbus9/9/2021 10:35
21943Way Out GroupDistrict 11Marysville11/4/2021 20:53
107644Good News GroupDistrict 26New Albany9/9/2021 10:35
69823Shivering Denizens Mens Group Of AADistrict 28Columbus9/9/2021 10:35
57311Richwood GroupDistrict 11Richwood9/9/2021 10:33
28547Wednesday Night Women's GroupDistrict 16Athens9/9/2021 10:34
103928Faith, Hope And Love AA GroupDistrict 28Columbus9/9/2021 10:35
909824th & Gates 12 X 12 GroupDistrict 37Columbus9/9/2021 10:35
97104Brothers And Sisters In Sobriety GroupDistrict 37Columbus9/9/2021 10:35
110351Marysville Friday Noon 12 & 12 GroupDistrict 11Marysville9/9/2021 10:34
117319Into Action GroupDistrict 22Dublin9/7/2022 12:02
31629Westerville Sunday Night Big Book In The Basement Group Of AADistrict 10Westerville9/9/2021 10:33
92205Abundantly Free GroupDistrict 37Columbus9/9/2021 10:35
41977Old COTA GroupDistrict 34Columbus12/29/2022 9:04
13107Living Sober GroupDistrict 21Portsmouth9/9/2021 10:34
67959Serenity Inc. GroupDistrict 10Delaware9/9/2021 10:33
110745Home Of The Stars GroupDistrict 37Columbus9/9/2021 10:36
58122Road To Happy Destiny GroupDistrict 22Hilliard4/8/2022 11:56
72907Sober On Sunday Morning GroupDistrict 34Columbus11/4/2021 11:13
35001New Way New Beginning GroupDistrict 01Bellefontaine9/9/2021 10:33
20514Wake Up Into Action GroupDistrict 26Westerville1/26/2022 17:58
107317Glass 1/2 Full GroupDistrict 34Columbus9/9/2021 10:35
111376Humpday GroupDistrict 08/09Pickerington9/9/2021 10:33
38534Womens Hope Is In The Book GroupDistrict 22Dublin9/9/2021 10:34
100460Creekside Recovery GroupDistrict 26Gahanna9/9/2021 10:35
30936West Lafayette Group Of Alcoholics AnonymousDistrict 05West Lafayette9/9/2021 10:33
47226Parsons Ave Misfits Group Of AADistrict 37Columbus9/9/2021 10:35
57129Rey AA For Thought GroupDistrict 26Reynoldsburg9/9/2021 10:35
35238Newark Womens Sobriety & Serenity Meeting GroupDistrict 08/09Newark9/9/2021 10:33
86461T.G.I.F (Thank God I'm Free) GroupDistrict 22Hilliard9/9/2021 10:34
82578Strong Women In Sobriety GroupDistrict 34Columbus9/9/2021 10:35
36908Women Living Sober GroupDistrict 33Columbus9/9/2021 10:35
22637We Believe GroupDistrict 12Springfield9/9/2021 10:34
18938Mechanicsburg Wednesday Hope GroupDistrict 01Mechanicsburg9/9/2021 10:33
101241Delaware Trotters 12 & 12 GroupDistrict 10Delaware9/9/2021 10:33
107114German Village Sunday Night GroupDistrict 37Columbus12/27/2021 13:43
81072Stepping Up GroupDistrict 11London9/9/2021 10:33
109904Heart Of AA GroupDistrict 33Columbus9/9/2021 10:35
97516By The Book GroupDistrict 30Columbus9/9/2021 10:35
110380Higher Powered GroupDistrict 37Columbus9/9/2021 10:36
97596Byesville Bring Your Book GroupDistrict 15Byesville12/29/2022 11:38
58489Rock Bottom 12 & 12 GroupDistrict 26Reynoldsburg9/9/2021 10:35
4923Keep It Simple Big Book Study GroupDistrict 23Worthington1/26/2022 17:29
82013Stone City Sobriety GroupDistrict 13/14Lithopolis9/9/2021 10:34
97927Camp Fire GroupDistrict 37Columbus9/9/2021 10:35
94627Baltimore Monday Night Mens GroupDistrict 13/14Baltimore9/9/2021 10:34
72620Sober House GroupDistrict 37Columbus9/9/2021 10:35
43106One Day At A Time GroupDistrict 21Portsmouth9/9/2021 10:34
107290Give It Away GroupDistrict 23Columbus9/9/2021 10:34
34091Winchester Freedom GroupDistrict 37Columbus9/9/2021 10:35
94999Beautiful Women GroupDistrict 01Bellefontaine9/9/2021 10:33
19831Men In Recovery GroupDistrict 22Hilliard9/9/2021 10:34
63389Saturday Morning Seminar GroupDistrict 28Columbus9/9/2021 10:35
31999Westside Hope Dealers GroupDistrict 34Columbus9/9/2021 10:35
36139Women's Work In Progress GroupDistrict 28Columbus9/9/2021 10:35
100259Courage To Change GroupDistrict 13/14New Lexington9/9/2021 10:34
106573Friends Of Bill W GroupDistrict 37Columbus9/9/2021 10:35
33694New Lexington GroupDistrict 13/14New Lexington9/9/2021 10:34
36892No Name Group (Mens)District 26Gahanna9/9/2021 10:35
95614Big Bird Big Book GroupDistrict 10Ashley9/9/2021 10:33
37530Noon Big Book GroupDistrict 34Columbus9/9/2021 10:35
28062Mt. Sterling Big Book Study GroupDistrict 11Mount Sterling9/9/2021 10:33
106007Friday Night Faith & Hope GroupDistrict 03Mt. Gilead9/9/2021 10:33
74967Sometimes Quickly Sometimes Slowly GroupDistrict 19Blanchester9/9/2021 10:34
112469Journey To Sobriety GroupDistrict 26New Albany9/9/2021 10:35
23737Grupo Conecta At Stop And Grow GroupDistrict 28Columbus9/9/2021 10:35
105147Frazeysburg Tuesday Night Sobriety GroupDistrict 07Frazeysburg9/9/2021 10:33
76199Southside Sunday Morning GroupDistrict 37Columbus9/9/2021 10:35
102138Dublin Hope for Hurting GroupDistrict 22Dublin4/25/2022 15:13
48625Perfectly Broken GroupDistrict 26Columbus9/9/2021 10:35
106841Gahanna Couples In Recovery GroupDistrict 26Gahanna11/23/2021 11:45
108135Gratitude In Recovery GroupDistrict 26Columbus12/27/2021 14:15
98996Children Of Chaos GroupDistrict 28Columbus2/8/2022 10:59
92638Alcoholic Of Sorts GroupDistrict 21Portsmouth9/9/2021 10:34
68108Serenity On Sunday GroupDistrict 18Chillicothe11/30/2021 11:30
94266Back To Basic GroupDistrict 13/14Lancaster9/9/2021 10:34
13101Living Sober GroupDistrict 17Mc Arthur9/9/2021 10:34
63987Saturday Night Live GroupDistrict 18Chillicothe9/9/2021 10:34
99178Circleville Living Sober GroupDistrict 18Circleville9/9/2021 10:34
35562Women's Candlelight GroupDistrict 18Chillicothe9/9/2021 10:34
9048212 Steps To A New Life GroupDistrict 20Waverly9/9/2021 10:34
5552Kingston As Bill Sees It GroupDistrict 18Kingston9/9/2021 10:34
5565Kingston Saturday Night Live GroupDistrict 18Kingston9/9/2021 10:34
82222Storytime GroupDistrict 28Columbus9/9/2021 10:35
13963Livingston GroupDistrict 37Columbus9/9/2021 10:35
82354Straight Up A.A. North GroupDistrict 30Columbus9/9/2021 10:35
91901A.A. Gameday GroupDistrict 07Duncan Fall9/9/2021 10:33
36409No Dogs Allowed GroupDistrict 34Columbus9/9/2021 10:35
106496Friend Of Bill & Bob GroupDistrict 10Sunbury9/9/2021 10:33
57135Reynoldsburg Saturday Night GroupDistrict 26Columbus9/9/2021 10:35
95523Better Together Group Of AADistrict 34Grove City9/9/2021 10:35
7174Thursday Morning As Bill Sees It GroupDistrict 28Columbus9/9/2021 10:35
77396Spring Into Sobriety GroupDistrict 26Columbus9/9/2021 10:35
112771Just The Girls GroupDistrict 13/14Pickerington9/9/2021 10:34
102059Drunk On Hope GroupDistrict 34Columbus9/9/2021 10:35
76900Spiritual Gangsters GroupDistrict 22Dublin9/9/2021 10:34
30827New Beginnings GroupDistrict 34Columbus9/9/2021 10:35
109292Happy Hour GroupDistrict 34Galloway9/9/2021 10:35
911115460 GroupDistrict 23Columbus9/9/2021 10:34
95310Bellefontaine Saturday Evening 12 Step Beginners GrpDistrict 01Bellefontaine9/9/2021 10:33
102465Early GroupDistrict 01Bellefontaine9/9/2021 10:33
40915You Are My Sunshine GroupDistrict 26Columbus9/9/2021 10:35
85421Sunny Side Of Sobriety GroupDistrict 26Columbus5/9/2022 10:26
77232Spiritually Fit GroupDistrict 21Portsmouth9/9/2021 10:34
53666Putnam Prayer GroupDistrict 13/14Zanesville9/9/2021 10:34
36915Sober Sisters GroupDistrict 34Columbus9/9/2021 10:35
32901New Hope GroupDistrict 10Delawere9/9/2021 10:33
100511Crooksville Back To Basics GroupDistrict 13/14Crooksville9/9/2021 10:34
35640Women's Freedom GroupDistrict 10Lewis Center9/13/2021 7:27
103379Environment Of Grace GroupDistrict 37Columbus9/9/2021 10:35
11377Lincoln Literature Study GroupDistrict 33Columbus9/9/2021 10:35
28334Wednesday Night Open Lead GroupDistrict 19Wilmington9/9/2021 10:34
19166Mediterranean GroupDistrict 23Columbus9/9/2021 10:34
91660A Night At The Mediterranean GroupDistrict 23Columbus9/9/2021 10:34
14780Lost And Found GroupDistrict 28Columbus9/9/2021 10:35
71116Sisters In Sobriety GroupDistrict 11London9/9/2021 10:33
22351111th Step Prayer & Meditation GroupDistrict 13/14Lancaster4/22/2022 11:25
223953Ironton Powerless GroupDistrict 21Ironton9/9/2021 10:34
223656Fieldhouse Sobriety GroupDistrict UnknownReynoldsburg10/28/2021 10:58
223664Fourth Dimension GroupDistrict 15Caldwell10/28/2021 10:36
224017Many Voices of Women GroupDistrict 11Marysville9/9/2021 10:34
224051Nothing Else Worked B.B. Study GroupDistrict 04Mt. Vernon9/9/2021 10:33
224079Portsmouth Men's GroupDistrict 21Portsmouth9/9/2021 10:34
223782Breakfast Club GroupDistrict 07Zanesville9/9/2021 10:33
246108A Women's Way GroupDistrict 10Delaware9/9/2021 10:33
242029Strong Recovering Women GroupDistrict 02Marion9/9/2021 10:33
255227Came To Believe GroupDistrict 34Columbus9/9/2021 10:35
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