Information Segment: How do we maintain singleness of purpose?

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At the September 8, 2013 assembly, Peggy A., Alternate Delegate spoke on the topic of “How do we maintain singleness of purpose and still reach the newcomer (including the dually addicted)?” Below is her talk.

In the Language of the Heart: Bill W’S Grapevine Writings in the chapter “Problems Other Than Alcohol” on page 222 written in 1958 Bill W answers these questions.

While acknowledging that the withdrawal from drug addiction is horrible, and racks a person’s body and that it stirs our deep interest and sympathy, these are some important facts stated in this article.

We have to take a good look at the AA traditions and experience. The first duty as a society is to insure our survival, having to avoid distractions and multi purpose activity. Freedom from alcohol through teaching and practicing the twelve steps is the sole purpose of AA groups. We can invite addicts to attend open meetings; however there is no way of making non-alcoholic addicts into AA members.

Bill states we cannot give AA membership to non-alcoholics. They should be able to attend certain open meetings if the groups are willing. While the group has strict limits, the individual AA does not. Remembering to observe traditions of anonymity and non endorsement the AA member can carry AA message into every troubled area.

  1. Encourage the drug addict and dually addicted to attend open meetings and keep a open mind about their alcohol use.
  2. Love and tolerance.
  3. Take time to talk to them perhaps explaining our singleness of purpose.
  4. Opportunity for service.

Respectfully submitted,
Peggy A., Alt. Delegate
Area53, Panel 63 (2013-14)

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