Area 53 Archivist Goes to Canada 2023 Archivist National Convention

I was privileged to attend the 26th

National AA Archives Workshop, September 7-10, 2023, in
Sudbury Canada. The area is known for being the most important mining center in Canada, rich in nickel, copper, silver platinum and gold. We got to see Sudbury’s smokestack, 1250ft, the tallest chimney in Canada and the Western Hemisphere. There were some glitches in my travels
such as lost luggage and delayed flights. I was pleased to find the Canadians were extremely helpful, polite, and friendly. I was amused to be asked many times in a curious manner “you’re American?”
Attendance was over 135, mostly District and Area Archivists, a good representative of our fellowship from America. Many Canadians spoke both French and English, a few attendees spoke only Spanish.


The weekend consisted of many informational presentations.
 Encouraging group and district histories
 Organize by People, Places, or Things.
 Get a signed “Deed of Gift,” when an item has great value.
 Some liked “M-DISC” with an external drive, longevity 1000y
 Importance of Provenance, story of the person, place, or item

It was stressed no matter how advanced or hi-tech you are, speak at a level that keeps the member’s interest and desire to learn.
I am pleased to announce that Area 53 Archives Committee did contribute to the 26th National Archives Workshop. The “archives bookmarks,” that Teri G. and the committee designed and printed were well received and were gobbled up quickly. I introduced the Pamphlet “History of AA in Central Ohio” produced by Mark C. and COGF. Linda P. Archivist of Area 84 and one of the presenters, appreciated the piece. She has a copy and will use it as an example of preserving or AA History in her presentation.


Profound moments for me
One of the sessions, was a recording of Bill W. speaking. What really hit me hard, Bill said “Ebby could not stay sober because he could not get the concept of giving.” (Without demanding in return}
The archivist room was a splendid display of artifacts from all over America and Canada. An endless supply of books, letters, pictures, and trinkets. All having a value of preserving our AA History. In the back of the room were many wooden framed 3’X 4’ pictures of the many early members that had an influence on AA. One Picture especially caught my eye, Henry P. (Hank) was essential in getting the Big Book Published, he was a very sharp looking man and brilliant in getting business matters accomplished. I was saddened to read his bio, after four years of
sobriety he went on a terrific bender and drank until his death. I pray that I NEVER FORGET, I will always be an alcoholic and the understanding “We work our solution on the spiritual as well as an altruistic plane.”

Alcoholics Anonymous, Area 53 and District 12 has allowed me to be of service all over Ohio, several different states and now Canada. Because of these experiences, I got an education in the human and Alcoholic condition. These opportunities have given me a great appreciation and
respect for our thirty-six principles and to be effective in passing on AA message.

Gratefully Submitted,
Frank G.
Area 53 Archivist

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