Area 53 CPC-PI Committee

Cooperation with Professional Community/Public Information
The Area 53 Cooperation with the Professional Community/Public Information (CPC-PI) Committee reaches the alcoholic by informing both the general public about the AA program and “the third person” whose work involves the active alcoholic.

The committee also keeps the fellowship well informed so members and groups can carry the message more effectively.

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Committee Chair: Dave C.
Email: cpcpichair[at]area53aa[dot]org

Secretary: Cheryl S.
Treasurer: Nita S.

First Sunday of the month at 2:00 pm
Maple Grove United Methodist Church
7 W. Henderson Road, Columbus, OH 43214

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CPC-PI Feb 4 meeting CANCELLED

The Sunday, February 4th, meeting of the CPC-PI committee is cancelled. If you have any questions, contact the CPC-PI committee chairperson.


CPC-PI Minutes for Sep and Oct 2017

We hope to see you at the Sunday, December 3rd CPC-PI meeting at 2:00pm. Links to committee meeting minutes from September and October are below. Visit our committee webpage for more information on committee service work. In gratitude, Cheryl S., CPC-PI Secretary October 1, 2017 minutes September 3, 2017 minutes


CPC-PI Staffs Job Fair on September 30

Your Area 53 CPC-PI committee will join over 50 business and health, legal and community service organizations September 30 at Hope Works 2017 at the Greater Columbus Convention Center. CPC-PI was invited by Peace Lutheran for the job fair which is co-sponsored by The Allen Foundation.

An AA CPC-PI committee informs the public-at-large and the professionals who provide services to or employ persons with an alcohol problem. The committee uses the flyer “Information on Alcoholics Anonymous” and as many as 32 other conference approved literature to inform the public and professionals about what AA does and doesn’t do and how to contact AA for help.

Maureen T., Teri G., Dan S. and Dave C. will be CPC-PI volunteers answering questions and reaching out from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm Saturday.

For more information about CPC-PI contact Dave C. at cpcpi[at]area53aa[dot]org.

Please visit our Committee Page


CPC-PI Reaches Out In August

The Area 53 CPC-PI committee reached out to approximately 1000 professionals at the 2017 Addiction Studies Institute (ASI) held August 2-4 at the Greater Columbus Convention Center. Over the three day period, our information table volunteers signed up 32 professionals to subscriptions to the General Service Office (GSO) quarterly newsletter, “About A.A,” and to additional …


CPC-PI Committee Minutes

We hope to see you at the Sunday, Aug. 6, 2:00 pm CPC-PI meeting! Meeting minutes from May and July are attached, there was no June meeting. We are grateful to those who helped us get to the fellowship, and appreciate the privilege of passing it on. In gratitude, Cheryl S., Secretary CPC-PI May 7, …