Area 53 Mini-Conference Committee

Area 53 Mini-Conference Committee
The Mini-Conference Committee oversees planning activities for the Area 53 annual mini-conference held in March. It conducts site selection and executes the smooth running of the conference.

2017 Mini-Conference Final Report (June 2017)

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The Committee
Chair: Stephen S.
Email: miniconference[at]area53aa[dot]org
Treasurer: Diann N.
Secretary: Marcia H.

Committee Members
Bill Y., Brenda B., Carol d., Dan H., Dan S., Dave C., Ed A., Frank G., John P., Kalen C.

2018 Conference Committee Chairs
not selected yet

Regular Committee Meeting
4th Wednesday of the month at 6:30 pm
Maize Manor United Methodist Church
3901 Maize Road, Columbus, OH 43224

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March 9-11, 2018
Salt Fork Lodge and Conference Center
14755 Cadiz Road, Lore City OH 43755
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Mini-Conference Committee Meeting Jan 24

The Area 53 Mini-Conference committee is meeting this coming Wednesday, Jan. 24, 6:30pm – 8:00pm. The committee meets at Maize Manor United Methodist Church, 3901 Maize Road, Columbus, OH 43224. The committee is in the final planning stage for the March mini-conference. Topics will include finalizing the service workshops, the program and conference committees, and …


Save the Date of 2018 Mini-Conference

Updated on Dec 11, 2017 with corrected price for Saturday banquet.


Area 53 – Mini-Conference Committee Meeting

Just a reminder that we meet this Wednesday at 6:30pm at the Maize Manor United Methodist Church, 3901 Maize Road, Columbus. The main purpose of the meeting will be a “final” review of 2017 mini-conference and planning for 2018. Subjects will include our financial condition, speakers, and sub-committee assignments. Beyond 2018, we will have a …


We are waiting for you …

The 2017 Area 53 Mini-Conference will officially open in about 24 hours, at 7:00pm on Friday, March 10.

Some of your Mini-Conference committee volunteers arrived on Thursday. They are setting up stuff – stuff like the onsite check-in and the hospitality room. There are 100 people pre-registered and that is very exciting for us. We expect more to walk-in and register onsite.

Onsite check-in starts at 2:00pm on Friday. We promise to have your nicely printed badge, your conference meal tickets (if you ordered in advance), the official mini-conference program and your randomly assigned conference committee background material. Just for you!

The hospitality room opens at 2:00pm on Friday. They will have the coffee brewed by time you get there (rooms 373-375 in A-Wing). Snacks and surprises will be available. Some of those that pre-registered generously donated over $270 to help with food and beverage expenses. Big “thank you!”

At 4:00pm there are two service workshops: a GSR School by Dan S., Group Services Chair, and a panel discussing “Having had a spiritual awakening…” moderated by Marcia H., DCM for District 26.

What else can we say? We are waiting for you… Hope you can show up.

Your Mini-Conference Committee


Mini-Conference Program

The 2017 Area 53 Mini-Conference program is final and has been printed in mass quantities. You can view the printable version of the program on the Mini-Conference homepage.

While your on our homepage, be sure to check out the rest of the useful information we have put together for members in Area 53:

1. Conference Committee topics that will be discussed Friday night and all day Saturday

2. Everything about conference meals and the hospitality room

3. Some common questions and answers about the mini-conference and its history in Area 53.


Your Mini-Conference Committee


Important Conference Terms

The 2017 Area 53 Mini-Conference committee and agenda topics have been determined by the Area 53 Delegate. You can preview them on the Mini-Conference homepage.

Agenda topics typically begin with a few special words. It will be useful to understand what is implied when you see them in conference materials or on the area website.

Consider … Where this word is used, a recommendation requiring a vote is probably indicated. When possible, a recommendation from the Committee as to whether they voted to approve or disapprove the action being considered should be forwarded to the full assembly as a motion, along with the actual vote count, both “for” and “against”

Discuss … Where this word is used a recommendation requiring a vote is probably not indicated, although exceptions may occur. Use common sense. If a vote is not indicated, then a brief overview of the Committee discussion should be given when reporting out.

Review … The committee can decide whether this item requires a vote. If no vote is required, a brief overview of the Committee discussion may be given when reporting out.


MC Folder Party

The last planning meeting before the 2017 Area 53 Mini-Conference will be Monday, March 6 starting at 6:30pm. The committee will meet at the New Life Church, 3690 N Stygler Road, Gahanna Ohio 43230 for our annual “folder party.” This is when the committee will stuff the 120+ committee folders with the materials necessary for …


2017 Area 53 Mini-Conference Program

The program for the 2017 Area 53 Mini-Conference on March 10-12 at Salt Fork State Park promises a full weekend of A.A. events. Registration is still open and room reservations are still available.

The activities kick off with two workshops at 4 pm on Friday.

GSR School: Dan S, our Group Services Committee Chair, will present an abbreviated version of the GSR School that we offer in various districts throughout Area 53. This workshop has proven to be useful to help GSRs better understand their role and ways that they might more effectively represent their groups.

Service Panel: Marcia H. District 26 DCM, will chair a panel entitled “Having had a spiritual awakening…” The panelists will share their service experience – how they came to General Service and how it has impacted the quality of their sobriety.


Ohio’s AA Voice in March 2017

The voice of AA members in Ohio will be heard during the month of March 2017. Each of the four general service areas will be conducting their mini-conference so the four delegates will hear the Ohio group conscience on issues that matter.

What is the purpose of the Area 53 Mini-Conference?

The mini-conference is held to give the Area 53 Delegate the informed conscience of the groups in Central and Southeast Ohio on some of the agenda that will be addressed at the General Service Conference in New York. Groups can discuss possible issues and send their group’s conscience to the mini-conference via their GSR or other group representative. At the mini-conference, issues selected by the Area 53 Delegate are discussed by committees composed of AA’s from groups throughout the area. Using the committee system and voting procedures described in the AA Service Manual, a consensus is reached. This consensus will be taken to the General Service Conference by your delegate.

The mini-conference has displays and information by the Area 53 standing committees. There is a Saturday evening banquet followed by a speaker who is a staff member from the General Service Office. There are a variety of other ways for a GSR and interested AA’s to share with others who are committed to general service.

March 2017 Mini-Conferences

Area 55 in northwest Ohio will conduct their mini-conference on March 3-5 at the Holiday Inn French Quarter in Perrysburg, Ohio. (flier)

Area 53’s mini-conference is March 10-12 at Salt Fork Conference Center in Lore City, Ohio. Immediately after the mini-conference close on Sunday, the Area 53 Assembly will start at 10:00am. (online registration)

Area 56 in southwest Ohio will hold their mini-conference on March 17-18 at the Dayton Marriott. (flier)

Area 54 in northeast Ohio will have their mini-conference on March 31 – April 2 at the Holiday Inn – Strongville. (flier)


Hospitality Room at 2017 Mini-Conference

The Hospitality Room at the 2017 Area 53 Mini-Conference on March 10-12 at Salt Fork State Park will be open from Friday night to Sunday morning, whenever the Conference is not in session.

John P. and his hospitality committee will be offering coffee and snacks throughout the mini-conference. We do encourage all mini-conference attendees to visit and enjoy the coffee. Please drop by and load up on coffee before each meeting so we can minimize using Salt Fork’s very expensive coffee. The hospitality room, quite likely, will be better suited to folks like us.

In addition to coffee and snacks, the hospitality room is offering full menus on a donation basis as a way of helping you save money. Planned menus for the weekend are:

  • Friday night: Hot Dogs, chips, beverages
  • Saturday breakfast: Omlettes (made to order), burrito wraps, breakfast sandwich, hotcakes, and sausage
  • Saturday lunch: Taco salad with Mexican side dishes
  • Saturday dinner: Spaghetti, penne pasta, and fettuccini alfredo with salad and dinner rolls
  • Sunday breakfast: Anything left from Saturday breakfast

We are anticipating a large turnout to help support our area delegate, Frank G., get prepared for his first General Service Conference in April 2017. If you haven’t done so, please register online and encourage others to join the area’s efforts to develop an informed group conscience about the issues that will determine our future.

Thanks for your commitment and your service,

Stephen S, Panel 67 Mini-Conference Committee Chair

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At the Area 53 Mini-Conference in 2015 I began to experience and learn how A.A. as a whole is able to reach its collective group conscience. I had the good fortune of participating on the Area 53 Mini-Conference Finance Committee, where as a group we reviewed and discussed specific topics that were scheduled to be taken up at the A.A. General Service Conference just a few weeks later. By reporting out the results of our Committee’s discussion, we were all part of building the bridge of communication from the individual A.A. member in our Area to the General Service Conference in New York.
Dan S.
From my very first AA meeting, I have felt the magic in the rooms- the spirit of carrying the message. My first Mini-Conference in 2005 I had just celebrated my first year anniversary. And at a time when I was experiencing a spiritual awaking, my exposure with a mass of seasoned AAers coming together for the future of AA only heightened my spiritual experience and compelled me more to becoming “I am responsible”.

The next year I went to my 2nd mini-conference and it was at Salt Fork. 6 of us shared a cabin and a bonding with my sponsor, service sponsor and fellow AAers began and a kinship developed- anchoring me to my homegroup and those friendships are today, family. A conference room full of strangers are now a room full of old friends I haven’t seen in forever. The excitement for me is very high. Coming up on my 11th mini-conference…I CAN’T WAIT!

My experience with attending the mini-conferences continues to open me up, more and more, to the splendor of AA. Not to mention being at a state park for the weekend is the perfect chance to recharge my batteries. The discussion panels make me feel like I am a part. The banquet makes me feel like a king. The hospitality room makes me feel down home. Lunch with friends is cherished and even spending time alone gratifies the soul.

The Area 53 Mini-Conference has added a level to my sobriety that I feel has been a stepping stone to service work and my commitment to AA. Making me “I am responsible”.
-Billy K.

Every Area in AA sponsors an annual mini-conference in which AA’s get an opportunity to hear, learn and discuss what is happening inside Alcoholics Anonymous. Personally, from these conferences, I’ve experienced the spirituality and fellowship that are at the heart of AA. I’ve been awed by the service and commitment of AA’s from all over the country and have left each conference with a renewed sense of responsibility and hope.
-Mike M.
I was humbled & in awe to play a small part in the service of alcoholics anonymous. I frequently hear at meetings that the folks sitting in a regular meeting are the most important members of AA. Its true! The voices of my home group members were heard at the mini-conference and all the committee members truly were the trusted servants of their groups. Can I ever be grateful enough?
Eileen L.
Attending mini-conference was my 1st real introduction to how AA works from the group level to our GSO and gave me an awesome feeling of being “plugged in” to AA. I was also given a sense of enormous pride and gratitude of what our fellowship truly means to so many and how painstakingly any changes or considerations for change are reviewed to ensure AA remains available and relevant for its fellowship and future generations of members. It is also a platform for wonderful fellowship, great food and most of all, FUN! I will certainly be at Deer Creek next March.
Dominique M.
There was seemingly non-stop something to do all the time. The Friday night AA lead by Rick B was funny and touching. The AA Trustee from the General Service Board gave a fact-filled report. Racy, from the General Service Office CPC desk, was very informative and inspiring. The Public Information committee I was assigned to put their heart into our Saturday group meetings. The AAs I met all weekend at Deer Creek really cared about carrying the message. The AA committee process is a fun and inclusive way to make decisions as a group.
Dave C.