District 19 (Clinton, Fayette, Highland Counties)

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Active Groups

Area 53 Active Groups

DistrictGroup (Service Num)Primary ContactCommunityLast UpdatedData Added
District-19Freedom Group (129002)Dave J (GSR)Greenfield OH2013-Jan1983-Apr
District-19Greenfield Open Lead Group (638017)Gary S (GSR)Greenfield OH2010-May2000-Mar
District-19Hillsboro Beginners Group (168325)Russ G (GSR)Hillsboro OH2010-May1991-Aug
District-19Hillsboro Ohio Y. P. In A.A. Gp (164834)Steve DHillsboro OH2010-May1994-Aug
District-19Hillsboro Tues Nite Closed Grp (129622)William S (GSR)Hillsboro OH2013-Jun1994-Sep
District-19Jeffersonville Solution Group (700012)Karla B (GSR)Jeffersonville OH2017-Mar2011-Apr
District-19No Dogs Allowed WCHO Group (725369)Karla B (GSR)Washington Ct House OH2018-Nov2018-Oct
District-19Peace And Serenity Group (701909)Steve DHillsboro OH2012-Jun2011-Sep
District-19Put It Together Keep It Together Group (111439)Terry UWilmington OH2017-Feb1977-Sep
District-19Rainsboro Recovery Group (706808)Ron HGreenfield OH2013-Apr2012-Dec
District-19Reaching Hands Group (130657)John W (GSR)Washington Ct House OH1983-Oct1983-Oct
District-19Recovery On Friday Group (695858)Jimmy S (GSR)Blanchester OH2010-May2010-May
District-19Sabina Group (145848)Gordon B (GSR)Sabina OH2012-Jun1994-Oct
District-19Saturday Night Live Group (617159)Karla B (GSR)Washington Ct House OH2010-May1997-Apr
District-19Serenity Group (171493)Steve DHillsboro OH2004-Dec1992-Mar
District-19Sisters In Sobriety Group (693253)Joanne l L (GSR)Hillsboro OH2010-Jan2010-Jan
District-19Sometimes Quickly Sometimes Slowly Group (720315)Linda T (GSR)Blanchester OH2018-Sep2016-Dec
District-19Sunlight Of The Spirit Women's Group (695857)Nan LWilmington OH2012-Jun2010-May
District-19Sunshine Group (171265)Charles S (GSR)Hillsboro OH2005-Jul1992-Mar
District-19Thursday Night Jail House Group (p) (668863)Brian MWilmington OH2011-Jun2005-Dec
District-19Thursday Night Miracles Open Discussion Group (669795)Jamie P (GSR)Wilmington OH2011-Nov2006-Feb
District-19Washington Court House Group (111426)Karla B (GSR)Washington Ct House OH2011-Jun1949-Feb
District-19Washington Court House Noon Group (687982)Hilda B (GSR)Washington Ct House OH2010-May2009-Mar
District-19Wednesday Night Open Lead Group (725663)Paula JWilmington OH2018-Sep2018-Sep
District-19Wednesday Nite Live Group (146170)Karla B (GSR)Washington Ct House OH2017-May1987-Dec
District-19Wilmington Just Be There Group (614416)Ronald R (GSR)Wilmington OH2016-Jul1996-Oct
District-19Wilmington Out To Lunch Bunch Group (705429)Mike M (GSR)Wilmington OH2012-Jul2012-Jul
District-19Wilmington Tuesday Night Group (617270)Brian M (GSR)Wilmington OH2011-Sep1997-Apr
News about the District

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