Important Update — Group ID/Service Numbers

Consistent with the 2021, 71st General Service Conference theme “A.A. in a Time of Change”, the General Service Office (G.S.O.) has transitioned to the new enterprise resource planning (E.R.P.) software NetSuite created for Alcoholics Anonymous. The new modular software program integrates the G.S.O. Human Resources, Mail/Shipping, IT Services, Publishing, Finance and Accounting, Administrative Services, Archives, Inventories, Group Record-Keeping, and Email systems. Fellowship Connection (FC), the new portal for group record-keeping replaces the old Fellowship New Vision (FNV) system.


As a result, your group's Service Number has been changed from the six-digit FNV number to a new nine-digit Fellowship Connection Group ID Number. The Area 53 website has been updated to reflect this change.


To find your group's new Group ID Number please visit You can also find it on the Area 53 website's District pages at


Email  with any questions.


"We live in an era of change. Our Twelve Steps probably won’t change; the Traditions, not at all likely. But our manner of communication, our manner of organizing ourselves for function, for service—let us hope that this goes on changing for the better, forever."

Bill W.

1960 GSC talk.

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