BOX 459 Distribution Changes

Dear friends,

Over the last several years we have greatly reduced the distribution of the newsletter Box 459 in print format. Not unlike at other organizations, this transition began in 2020 largely due to the need to cut costs. Previously, we printed more than 100,000 copies of each issue and mailed more than 50,000 to members in service. Currently, about 3,000 copies per issue are printed and mailed to approximately 200 members in service. In addition, the total number of paid subscriptions has fallen to under 50. Due to escalating costs, the annual cost to print and mail four issues per year is nearly $35,000.

At its March 2024 meeting, the A.A. World Services Board voted to discontinue the print edition, effective immediately. This decision was made after a careful and thorough review of the costs related to printing and mailing, the current number of print subscribers, and our ongoing efforts to reduce expenses in addition to the broad reach of the digital version.

Making Box 459 more widely available digitally through email, subscribers,, and the Meeting Guide App has significantly expanded its reach and distribution. However, it remains essential to ensure members who prefer or rely on hard-copy materials can still access Box 459. We trust that those serving at the Group level are well-attuned to the needs of their members and will continue to provide hard copies as necessary. Please be assured that Box 459 will continue to be published digitally and can be accessed on Here, members can sign up to receive the newsletter via email. Each issue is also available in PDF format that you can print and share. If you're already receiving Box 459 via email, your subscription will continue without interruption, and there's no need to sign up again.

Those who have paid for print subscriptions for this year will be refunded. We will reach out to paid print subscribers in a separate communication with refund details.

We are also taking a fresh look at Box 459 to better serve the Fellowship and make the digital version more reader and mobile friendly. To this end, we received over 5,000 responses to the Box 459 reader survey and will be incorporating your feedback into future issues. Thank you for your continued support of this newsletter and we hope it continues to help you and your groups to carry out our primary purpose.


Carolyn W.                                                          Bob W.
Chair, AAWS Board                                            General Manager, GSO

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