Purposed Area 53 Guideline Change

Proposed Guideline Changes brought to the Assembly on June 2nd. To be considered at September Assembly


Proposed Changes brought by the AdHoc Communications Committee


Remove Web Administrator and Alt Web Administrator Positions
and Establish Area 53 Communication Services Committee as Standing Committee


Rationale: This series of Guidelines Changes is being proposed with the intent of removing the Web Administrator and Alternate Web Administrator from the list of Area 53 Officers and reassigning duties previously assigned those officers to an Area 53 Communication Services
Committee (CSC) which would be a standing committee of Area 53. This committee’s Chair would then become a member of the Area 53 Committee with a budget and responsibilities to participate in the Area Committee and report to the Area Assembly. Certain duties of the registrar and DCMC have also been edited out where they overlap those of the newly established committee..

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