Upcoming Area 53 Elections

Greetings Trusted Servants:
At the June 2, 2024, Assembly, one of the items under New Business will be a discussion of the upcoming elections for the Area Delegate, Alternate Delegate and Area Officers at our September Area 53 Assembly. The term of service for these individuals will be for two years and will begin on
January 1, 2025.
Attached are the Duties of the Officers based on the Area 53 Guidelines and the Area Officers Qualifications based on The A.A. Service Manual. Please review the documents and come with your questions about the positions.

The current officers will be happy to provide you with their experience, strength and hope to allow you to have a better understanding of the role. We encourage you to have the willingness to stand for a position at the September elections!

Duties of Officers 

Area Officers Qualifications


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