June Assembly Special Election

Last Updated on August 3, 2020 by Area 53 Web Team

At the Area 53 Assembly on June 7, 2015, there will a Special Election for the position of Alternate Treasurer.

These are the requirements from the Area 53 Guidelines:

a. Shall assume the duties of the Treasurer in his or her absence
b. Shall assist in the preparation of the quarterly and annual financial report
c. Shall review the bank reconciliations prepared by area treasurer monthly
d. Shall serve as treasurer for the Area 53 Mini-Conference Committee
e. Shall perform other duties as assigned by the Area Assembly

Please consider your willingness and availability to serve the Area. If you are interested contact Peggy A., Area 53 Chairperson at 614-512-7126 or at chair[at]area53aa[dot]org.

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